Sunday, August 23, 2015

Obama Plans To Bring Al Queda Terrorists To The United States

Barack Hussein Obama is not content with bringing Central American gangbangers to the United States as part of his Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.  He is now planning to close Gitmo and bring the last terrorist prisoners there to the United States, and eventually give them green cards, as this writer predicted in 2009.

Roll Call by Meg Scully August 17, 2015
Kansas Delegation Balks at Plans to Move Gitmo Detainees to Leavenworth
Pentagon officials traveled last week to Fort Leavenworth in Kansas, home to the military’s only domestic maximum-security prison, to evaluate it as a potential alternative to the detention facility at Guantánamo Bay, a Defense Department spokesman said Monday.
The Naval Consolidated Brig in Charleston, S.C., is the only other military base department officials are considering as they prepare to send Congress a detailed proposal to shutter Guantánamo, which the Obama administration has tried and failed to close since 2009. Non-military sites are also in play, but spokesman Navy Capt. Jeff Davis declined to provide specific locations.
The backlash from elected officials has been fierce as lawmakers jockey to keep detainees out of their states and districts.
Already, Kansas Republican Sen. Pat Roberts has threatened to hold up the nomination for the next Army secretary if the administration moves forward with any plans to move the detainees to Leavenworth. In 2009, Roberts held up the nomination of outgoing Army Secretary John M. McHugh amid similar concerns.

But will RINOs impeach Obama for this illegal action?  Undoubtedly so a kritarch like Dolly Gee will order them released and given green cards. And that's a feature, not a bug.

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