Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hispanic Vote Fraud In Texas Continues

Hispanic vote fraud continues in Texas, as undoubtedly else where as well, but Texas, especially the Rio Grande Valley, lead the news in such immigrant based crime, thanks most likely to an aggressive Republican Attorney General.

In the first case, the long running saga of the Weslaco City Commission election and Hispanic Democrat Lupe Rivera Sr. was indicted for vote fraud, something common enough in Mexico, and the colonized areas of the Rio Grande Valley, the epicenter for the surge of illegals this and last summer. October 15, 2015 by Kenric Ward
Democratic Party Boss Takes A Hit In Texas Vote-Fraud Case
A client of Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa is facing 16 criminal charges of rigging votes in a Rio Grande Valley election.
Lupe Rivera Sr. illegally handled ballots and envelopes in his closely contested Weslaco City Commission race, according to the state attorney general’s office. Rivera won the 2013 election by 16 votes, but a court ruled that 30 ballots were illegally cast.
Rivera is set to be arraigned on Nov. 18 — 15 days after he squares off again against Letty Lopez in a scheduled rematch.
While Rivera remains innocent until proven guilty, the criminal charges against him are a blow to Hinojosa, who has relentlessly criticized Texas’ photo ID law and downplays the potential for election fraud.
Lopez’s attorney, Jerad Najvar, said the Weslaco case “sets a legal precedent that voting residency requirements and the mail-in ballot rules that protect elderly voters from coercion will be enforced.
“This is a critical victory that helps fight election fraud across the Rio Grande Valley.”
Two courts determined Rivera’s re-election was aided by a string of forgeries, false addresses and “flexible residencies.”

The second story is from further north in Texas, but still Hispanic.  In this case, the voter is a legal alien, a legal permanent resident who has not yet been naturalized.

Attorney General's Office, State of Texas Press Release, November 9, 2015
Texas Attorney General’s Office and Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office Arrest Tarrant County Resident for Voter Fraud
The Texas Attorney General’s Office has arrested Tarrant County resident Rosa Maria Ortega for two counts of illegal voting, a second degree felony. The case is being prosecuted by the Criminal Prosecutions Division with assistance from Tarrant County District Attorney Sharen Wilson’s Office.
“Protecting the integrity of elections is essential to our democracy and a top priority of my administration,” said Attorney General Paxton. “As long as there are criminals seeking to exploit our system of elections, we stand ready to investigate, prosecute and restore confidence that the will of the people of Texas is heard.”
Ortega is not a United States citizen and is identified as a legal resident and a citizen of Mexico. Upon discovery of the possible illegal voting offense, Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office referred the illegal voting allegations to the Texas Attorney General’s Office.

Also of note, is that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Special Victims Unit, ICE SVU, was not involved and did not enforce a Federal statute that makes aliens who vote subject to criminal prosecution and deportation.

Both these cases occurred as the Obama Regime is fighting the Texas voter identification statute in an effort to encourage more Hispanics, legal or illegal, to vote.  It does however expose a loophole in the Texas Voter ID statute, as a driver's license or identification card are valid identification to vote, and legal permanent residents are eligible for both.  Clearly an voter ID statute must include either a unique identification card, as in Mexico, or a unique addition to a driver's license or identification card indicating U.S. citizenship.

The larger problem is both legal and illegal immigration that have created a Brown Run Border, corruption levels akin to that in Mexico, and a population alienated from the Historic American Nation.

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