Monday, June 29, 2015

TiSA—A Cheap Labor Giveaway, Negotiated While You Weren’t Looking

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While the Main Stream Media celebrates the “progressive” triumph of gay marriage and the war on the Confederate flag, the Obama Administration is quietly putting together a breathtakingly regressive corporate giveaway as part of the new international Trade in Services Agreement [TiSA]. TiSA, currently being negotiated alongside the infamous Trans Pacific Partnership, represents nothing less than a new way for the economic elite to replace American workers. But that’s not a huge departure, merely an international ratification of the Obama Regime’s continuing Administrative Amnesty.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fox Hunt Of Naked Officials And The Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty

The Obama Regime has finally found another illegal alien that it wants to deport.  The last alien it wanted to deport was an anti-communist hero of the War in Central America in the United States legally, Jose Guillermo Garcia, former Defense Minister of El Salvador under the democratic administration of Jose Duarte.  In this case it is a naked official, Yang Xiuzhu, using the United States and other Western nations to hide her stolen wealth, and using political asylum to shield her from deportation.

The Diplomat June 12, 2015 by Shannon Tiezzi
China’s ‘Most Wanted’ Fugitive Nears Deportation From US
China’s “most wanted” economic fugitive appeared in a U.S. immigration court on Tuesday, bringing her one step closer to repatriation and trial in China.
Yang Xiuzhu, the former vice mayor of Wenzhou city in Zhejiang Province, is accused of accepting 253 million RMB ($41 million) in bribes. She fled China in 2003, soon after authorities began investigating her. In May 2014, Yang was detained in the Netherlands, which was preparing to send her back to China. Yang managed to escape and tried to make her way to the United States. She was detained again, this time by U.S. immigration officers, in June 2014, reportedly while trying to enter the U.S. from Canada using a fake passport. Chinese media reports say Chinese law enforcement tipped off U.S. officers about Yang’s travel plans.

And Yang, and many other Chinese officials, are claiming political asylum as protection.

That doesn’t mean Yang is guaranteed to win her asylum bid – a similar ploy failed in the Netherlands. But it will make her repatriation a drawn-out legal affair. A Xinhua article spoke of Chinese suspects in the West using “complex regulations on extradition and jurisdiction to their advantage” and called for “more international cooperation” on corruption cases. Xinhua was mostly upbeat, however: “Despite cross-border coordination difficulties, the [possible] deportation from the U.S. of the woman who tops China’s 100 most wanted list speaks volumes of the success of international collaboration on eradicating corruption.”
Yang is not the only Chinese fugitive facing legal action in the United States. Qiao Jianjun, who comes in at number three on China’s most wanted list, entered the United States in 2011 along with his former wife, Zhao Shilian. Zhao has since been detained on charges of lying on her visa application with an intent to launder money. Qiao, though indicted on the same charges, escaped arrest and his whereabouts are unknown.
Qiu Gengmin, another name from China’s 100 most wanted list, is facing trial in the United States for money laundering. His lawyer told the New York Times that Qiu is being persecuted by the Chinese government for leading a pro-democracy movement. He is seeking political asylum.

This article might be optimistic, as Yang is facing only her first hearing in a drawn out asylum system that the Obama Regime is currently also using to shield Central American illegal aliens from deportation.  Approvals of asylum claims have skyrocketed under the Obama Regime and China may yet be disappointed in its fox hunt for their corrupt bureaucrats.  And more will be coming as the Obama Regime lessens security at the borders and at American diplomatic posts in China issuing visas to the naked officials.  On one had the Obama Regime giveth and the other might taketh away, but the end result is many more Red Chinese living in the United States illegally but entering with a visa.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Kritarchs Attack Immigration Detention

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Will Obama-Appointed Kritarch Dolly Gee Destroy Detention For Illegals?
The anti-democratic Cultural Marxist Left is looking to a radical kritarch, a judge who thinks she is a political ruler, one Dolly Gee of the United States District Court for the District of Central California, for its next onslaught on America. Gee, the daughter of Chinese immigrants and an Obama nominee, has a long history of mandating benefits for illegal aliens, including ordering free lawyers for illegal aliens, something specifically banned by an Act of Congress...

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Stuck On Stupid, Libertarians In Modern America

What is it with libertarians and the so-called libertarian-conservatives?  Do have have their brains removed occasionally, then set themselves to write a column about which they know nothing nor bother to think for a minute?  House Williamson has again written something so stupid that kanly demands House Federale respond.  Regular readers will know that there have been a few run-ins with Williamson, who since then has mostly avoided the immigration issue, or turned rightward on that issue.  However, when he ventures into the immigration area, he must be watched for left-deviationism, as Ann Coulter has explained, if you are wrong on that, nothing else matters, as it's hasta luego for the nation, republican government, the Republican Party, gun rights, and whatever else one holds dear.

In this case of incipient leftism, Williamson goes full Ron Paul on the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

National Review June 2, 2015, by Kevin Williamson 
Sign You’re Doing Something Wrong: Front Companies
This doesn’t look shady at all. 
WASHINGTON (AP) — The FBI is operating a small air force with scores of low-flying planes across the country carrying video and, at times, cellphone surveillance technology – all hidden behind fictitious companies that are fronts for the government, The Associated Press has learned. The planes’ surveillance equipment is generally used without a judge’s approval, and the FBI said the flights are used for specific, ongoing investigations. The FBI said it uses front companies to protect the safety of the pilots and aircraft. It also shields the identity of the aircraft so that suspects on the ground don’t know they’re being watched by the FBI. 
And it’s not just cameras. 
Evolving technology can record higher-quality video from long distances, even at night, and can capture certain identifying information from cellphones using a device known as a “cell-site simulator” – or Stingray, to use one of the product’s brand names. These can trick pinpointed cellphones into revealing identification numbers of subscribers, including those not suspected of a crime. 
So . . . warrantless, invasive surveillance (“The FBI does not generally obtain warrants to record video from its planes”) over American cities, generally with no judicial oversight, conducted through phony front companies set up specifically for the purpose of camouflaging FBI activities.
How is that legal? How is it permissible? 
CIA setting up front companies to hide covert operations abroad? Business as usual, no objections, that’s what spooks do, and one hopes (alas . . .) that, given the splendid budgets and resources with which we provide them, they’d do it well enough to avoid detection by a couple of AP reporters. (Seriously: Nice work, AP!) That’s fine for spies. Domestic law enforcement doing the same thing at home? That is deeply worrisome. Any time a law-enforcement agency engages in a campaign of mass public deception, it’s almost certainly doing something wrong. Any time the cops feel the need to set up a phony front company, they should stop and take a deep breath, and maybe ask somebody: “What the hell are we up to, here, exactly?”

So, let's just go through this stupidity point-by-point:

First, warrantless surveillance.  News flash Williamson, no law enforcement agency has ever needed a warrant to conduct surveillance of people.  Every day, law enforcement agencies big and small conduct surveillance of suspects without a warrant, because no warrant to follow or photograph a person in public is needed.  The police, the FBI, or the sheriff deputies can follow you all day long and not need a warrant.  They can even take photographs of you all day long as well.  The principle in Constitutional law is "right to be, right to see."

Besides aircraft, law enforcement agencies use boats, cars, and trucks to conduct their surveillance. Some of those vehicles are unmarked and do not have government license plates.  Secret surveillance of criminal suspects by government agents is an important tool in law enforcement.  Doing such surveillance from cars marked FBI or with government license plates would be foolish, warning the suspect of the surveillance.  For that reason the FBI, other Federal law enforcement agencies, as well as State and local agencies conduct that surveillance from unmarked cars with regular license plates.

Perhaps Williamson wants the FBI surveillance teams assigned to follow terrorists or drug dealers in cars with G-ride with these plates? God only knows why.  You're either for or against criminals.

Nor is there a Constitutional right to know you are a suspect in an investigation.   In most cases, that would be the end of the investigation, as the suspects would go underground, flee the country, or destroy evidence of their crime. Besides deterring crime in general, we want our law enforcement agencies to solve crimes that have been committed.  As part of that process agencies don't notify suspects, and surveillance, even from the air, is an invaluable tool.

And to add to Williamson's fears, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) also maintains a secret air force of surveillance planes that aren't readily identifiable as DEA planes. U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Office of Air and Marine, also maintains a large air fleet for surveillance, both domestic and international, as does the U.S. Coast Guard. While generally marked as government airplanes, both use cameras to spy on Americans, and aliens, usually those actively involved in a crime in progress, like crossing the border with bundles of drugs, but often also used for other investigative surveillance of American and foreign criminals in America.  Just as the FBI, DEA, Secret Service, ICE SVU, and U.S. Marshals use cars and foot to surveil suspects, and take photographs from cars.

And it's legal!  See Florida v. Riley Comrade Williamson!

As most people know, all planes in the United States have an identifying number painted in large letters and numbers on the side and sometimes the wings as well, commonly called the N-number, required by the Federal Aviation Administration.  These numbers are a matter of easily available public record, unlike vehicle license plates, which most States will not release upon inquiry except for a legal reason.  By using the N-number, drug cartels, Al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, or any other criminal organization could track planes registered to the FBI or DEA, so both use front companies to hide their air fleet, both of which use still cameras and live video as part of their surveillance work. That is why the FBI and DEA lease their planes through front companies, not only to save on maintenance costs, but to hide their identity from counter-surveillance by cartels, criminals, and terrorists.

So, in answer to Williamson's burning question, “What the hell are we up to, here, exactly?”  The surveillance of suspects in criminal, counter-terrorism, and intelligence investigations.  Pretty simple answer, but not for the paranoid libertarian who ridicules border fences.

As an aside, a Stingray device can be used on planes, vehicles, or on foot.  In its general use, the Stingray device is used merely to find the location of a cell phone.  While it can be used to obtain metadata, it is not used to obtain privacy protected data, such as internet use, texts, and voice communications, unless so enabled and used in compliance with Title III intercepts, which the FBI already uses extensively, with appropriate warrants.

So, Williamson, no one from the Bureau is listening in on you or anyone else unless they have a warrant or a legal excpetion to the warrant requirement, but they won't be using planes or Stingrays, but other technology.  So, let's not get stuck on stupid.

More Proof Legal And Illegal Aliens Voting

Another study is in showing that aliens, both legal and illegal, are registering and voting in American elections.  While in some small jurisdictions, legal permanent residents may vote in local elections, for the most part it is illegal for all aliens to either register to vote or vote.

The Daily Signal June 2, 2015 by Hans Von Spakovsky
Poll Shows Noncitizens Can Shape Elections
A poll by John McLaughlin confirms again we may have a significant problem with noncitizens participating illegally in our elections. Based on a sample survey of 800 Hispanics in 2013, McLaughlin found that of foreign-born respondents who were registered voters, 13 percent admitted they were not United States citizens...
In 2014, a study released by three professors at Old Dominion University and George Mason University, based on survey data from the Cooperative Congressional Election Study, estimated 6.4 percent of noncitizens voted illegally in the 2008 presidential election and 2.2 percent voted in the 2010 midterm congressional elections.

This should come as no surprise given that the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton want illegals to vote or oppose efforts to secure the ballot box from fraud.

One problem with this story is that use of the vague term "noncitizens."  Not only is it missing a hyphen, but why not just use the correct term, "alien" or "illegal alien."  There's been a war on the term "illegal alien," but recent events show that it is the most correct legal term as well as being the most common usage to describe non-citizens who are not nationals of the United States, those American nationals born on American Samoa and the Swains Islands, who are not U.S. citizens.