Monday, January 18, 2016

More Proof That Self-Deportation Works

Much was said about Mitt Romney's claim that millions of illegal aliens will self-deport when they realize that they will eventually be arrested.  No surprise since it worked during Operation Wetback, and it works every time rumors of immigration enforcement make their rounds.

More evidence that is true have appeared again. [Maryland Says Immigrant Students Staying Home From School Following ICE Raids, Fox News Latino, January 15, 2016]

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – There is a disturbing trend in Prince George’s County schools that has officials there concerned. At issue is dropping attendance among Latino students that is fueled by fears over possible deportation raids by the federal government.
The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) launched a new effort in 2016 to step up deportation efforts against people who have broken the law and entered the country illegally. News of these deportation raids are spreading.
According to a letter from Prince George’s County Public Schools CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell, principals are reporting a drop off in attendance by Latino students.
School administrators believe unfounded rumors are leading students with questionable legal status of being in the United States fearing they could be detained or deported just by attending school.
“We have seen a decrease in attendance at some of our schools,” said Prince George’s County Public Schools spokesperson Sherrie Johnson. “It's not widespread, but we have seen somewhat of a decrease at some of our schools. It's important to note that we want all students to come to school and we understand it's a very difficult time. This is a scary time.”

Now, imagine if there were real immigration raids nation-wide?  The effect would be enormous given that rumors related to arrest nation-wide of a mere 120 or so illegal aliens already ordered deported? The Trump Deportation Force would be able to scare into self-deportation 10,000 illegal aliens for every illegal alien arrested. 

Sounds like a plan!

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Anonymous said...

Nice, well written article. Thank you. I also read the story about a decline in student population due to threats of deportation raids, but without specific numbers i.e, did 5 students not show up or 500, the article is not informative, or specific enough.

On a related note, deporting " a hundred or so" illegals, is nothing, if not a false flag, orchestrated by Obama and meant to be used by Hillary to show the voters, she is "appalled" that anyone would think of deporting illegals. Useful for her campaign, to protest the " inhumanness" of deportations, but the issue of deporting a hundred or so illegals is pointless for legal citizens whose work, communities and quality of life is being severely and negatively impacted by illegals.

Deportation in the millions... now we're talking