Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Confirmation That #Blacks Are Planning A Race War With Donald Trump The Primary Target

This writer reported that the radical left is planning a race war on whites and Donald Trump is one of their of their primary targets. Besides @twitter, it appears Facebook is also in on the race war against whites by the Alien and Alienated.

Here's the proof:

Note that this black terrorist has not been interviewed or arrested by the FBI or U.S. Secret Service. It also appears that both organizations will be taking the side of blacks on the war.

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Big Bill said...

Aww, she's just some cute hi-yalla gal. She's what? Quadroon? Octaroon?

As the bruthas and siestas say, "she light, bright, almos' white".

These gals know they aren't really black, and it makes them insecure. So they overcompensate and be all ultra-bad to get street cred with the bruthas and siestas.

They love to talk about all the oppression they face "as a black woman", and the bruthas and siestas just laugh in their faces.