Sunday, April 24, 2016

Contra Derb And His Listener On E-Verify

Recently John Derbyshire enlightened readers on the problems with the current E-Verify system brought to his attention by one of his multitude of listeners.  The gist of the problem with E-Verify is that corrupt employers can game the E-Verify system to extend employment for illegal aliens who have Tentative Non-Conformation (TNC) of their right to work in the United States.

The E-Verify system is a computer based employment verification system for employers who want to avoid the legal liability of employing illegal aliens.  It is based on matching names, dates of birth, photographs, and social security numbers, as well as Alien Registration Numbers, commonly called Alien Numbers or A#s by those in the business, from those presented by an employment applicant to the records held by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Social Security Administration (SSA), and the Department of State (DOS). Besides access to information held by the Federal government, E-Verify is supplemented by the Records and Information from DMVs for E-Verify (RIDE) program that provides DHS access to driver's license photographs to supplement access to passport photographs and photographs of aliens held by DHS.

It is not a perfect system, and the claim of the supporters of illegal immigration is that it will result in denying American citizens, and to a lesser extent, legal aliens, employment.  Such claims are not born out by the record, which is ever increasing accuracy in both the identification of illegal aliens and the verification of those legally authorized to work, both U.S. citizens and legal aliens.

From the 2012 report on E-Verify, Evaluation Of The Accuracy Of E-Verify Findings:

The erroneous Tentative Non-Confirmation (TNC) rate for E-Verify in FY 2009 was 0.3 percent and has been declining over time.
The erroneous TNC rate declined from 0.7 to 0.3 between April through June 2005 and April through June 2010.
The overall accuracy of E-Verify for employment-authorized workers, as measured by the FNC accuracy rate, was approximately 94 percent. It is estimated that 94 percent of FNCs were accurately issued to unauthorized workers and 6 percent were inaccurately issued to employment-authorized workers.
Erroneous TNC rates in FY 2009 were markedly higher for permanent residents and other employment-authorized noncitizens than for U.S. citizens. In FY 2009, the erroneous TNC rate was 0.2 percent for U.S. citizens compared to 0.7 percent for permanent residents and 4.2 percent for other employment-authorized noncitizens.
The rate for all noncitizens was 1.5 percent.
The erroneous TNC rate for U.S. citizens has decreased over time; however, the rate for noncitizens has not decreased. The erroneous TNC rate for U.S. citizens decreased from 0.6 percent in April through June 2005 to 0.2 percent in April through June 2010. The erroneous TNC rate for noncitizens in April through June 2005 was 1.5 percent, and in April through June 2010 it was 2.0 percent, with considerable fluctuations in the rates during the intermediate period.

Now Derb and his listener are concerned with those who will try and game the system once it is made mandatory.  Currently, E-Verify is generally not mandatory, but is mandated in certain cases where an employer settles a case of illegal employment with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  However, the E-Verify system starts out with requiring employers to post a notice that E-Verify is used, which in itself discourages illegals, conveniently en Espanol as well.  Usually this is enough to dissuade most illegal aliens.

One of the great things about E-Verify system is that employers are required to create a "paper trail" of what they do with their employers and what steps they take if there is a TNC with a new employee. Derb and his reader are greatly concerned that during the process where an employee gets a TNC, the employee remains employed, which is correct.  Now both the E-Verify manual and Derb's listener emphasize that the employee cannot be terminated during the employment verification process, however that is not a correct interpretation of the law, as the prohibition is actually only on taking action solely based on a TNC.  An employer is always free to take any action based on information that comes to their attention, and is prohibited from employing any alien they reasonably believe may not be authorized to work.  Nor are employers required to allow an employee with a TNC to start work.  An employer is free to wait until the end of the process to start employment.

But, of course, we are dealing with those employers who don't care about the immigration laws and will be gaming the system.  But that is actually where E-Verify is strong, as it creates a record of both the initial hiring and the process the employee must go through to fix their TNC.  For instance the employee must go to the SSA to fix a TNC based on their name or Social Security Number (SSN), or go to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to fix problems with employment authorization for aliens.  In this paper trail, if the employer is gaming the system, they simultaneously create a record of their participation in any illegal scheme to deceive the E-Verify system, there-by creating knowledge of the crime of employing illegal aliens, a violation of Title 8 United States Code Section 1324a, Unlawful Employment of Aliens. And this knowledge fulfils the mens rea or intent requirement in criminal prosecution. Something independent attorneys and corporate counsels advise their clients and employers to avoid.  Add to the paper trail compelled by a mandatory E-Verify system with the no-match letters from the SSA, and a air-tight case of criminal liability is created for the offending employer, something not recommended if one wants to maintain one's liberty.

So, while E-Verify is not perfect, it is a very strong tool against the hiring of illegal aliens by unscrupulous and other employers.  So rather than doomsay on the issue, welcome it as one more tool that President Trump can aggressively use against illegal immigration, because, in the end, E-Verify is only as good at the President behind it.  It won't work during the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.

But the best argument in favor of E-Verify is that the Treason Bar hates it and thinks it's racist.

As a gentle aside to Derb on an unrelated issue, how about some attribution here from this?

Tale Of Two Deportations

The Obama Regime claims that Congress only appropriates sufficient funds to deport 400,000 illegal aliens from the interior of the United States each year.  That, of course, is a lie.  A lie in that there is no maximum number of illegal aliens that can be deported under current or past budgets and a lie in that the Obama Regime is deporting the maximum number of illegal aliens.  We know that the number of illegal aliens deported from the interior declined precipitously in Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 while the budget for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), the component of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) charged with removing aliens from the interior, has remained constant.  But more importantly, ICE ERO, at the direction of the Obama Regime, refuses to implement Expedited Removal (ER) and other programs and polices that would easily increase deportations from the interior to over 1 million a year, such as reinstatement of deportation and using ER on criminal aliens

The lack of vigor that is behind the decline in deportations of illegal aliens from the interior of the United States was highlighted recently by two cases of illegal aliens.  One, a Salvadoran criminal illegal alien who entered the United States and the other a criminal alien who entered Mexico.  In one case it took over a year to remove an illegal alien with a criminal record, and an American criminal alien who entered Mexico.  In one case it took about a year to deport the alien, in the other it took less than 30 days.  In each case there was no administrative removal, as should be in the United States, and is the norm in Mexico.

First, the convoluted removal of a criminal alien Aristides Inoc Juarez-Villalobos, a gangbanger from the notorious MS-13 gang in El Salvador.

Agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) deported a Salvadoran MS-13 gang member who is wanted in his home country for violent crimes.
Aristides Inoc Juarez-Villalobos, 21, an MS-13 gang member, was arrested on January 26, 2015, by officials with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) after he illegally entered the U.S. He was transferred to a detention facility in Pearsall, Texas in February 2015 to await deportation. Juarez-Villalobos was the subject of an Interpol “Red Notice” for violent crimes in his home country of El Salvador. Those alleged crimes include extortion and illegally moving firearms. The weapons charge came about after he allegedly participated in a meeting where an execution of a resident of his hometown was scheduled. Juarez-Villalobos is from Chinameca y Lolotique del Departamento de San Miguel, a statement from ICE obtained by Breitbart Texas revealed.
[ICE Deports MS-13 Gang Member Wanted for Violent Crimes inEl Salvador, by Bob Price, Breitbart, April 13, 2016]

Salvadoran Gangbanger Aristides Inoc Juarez-Villalobos

Now, there was no reason for it to take a year to deport Juarez-Villalobos.  However, the Obama Regime has interfered with the use of ER on illegal aliens, especially those from Central America, including and especially criminal aliens.  Juarez-Villalobos was arrested by the U.S. Border Patrol, and the Obama Regime policy is to not ER any alien encountered at the southern border, unless they are Mexican nationals, especially not Central Americans juveniles and the adults who accompany them.  The Juarez-Villalobos case is symptomatic of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty as it related to Central Americans who enter the U.S. illegally.  Those aliens involved in this surge should be immediately removed using ER, and returned not to Central America, but over the border they crossed. But the Obama Regime is interfering with the execution of the immigration laws of the United States.

This is in comparison to the case of the affluenza teen Ethan Couch who murdered four people in Texas, then fled to Mexico with his mother when he violated his parole. In his case, his mother, Tonya Couch, was immediately deported from Mexico without any hearing and he was deported within 30 days even with a hearing.

Both initially contested their extradition from Mexico but Tonya was returned to the US in early January with Couch following on the 28th...
Couch was reported missing just days later when he missed a probation hearing. He was captured with his mother on December 28 in Puerto Vallarta.
Tonya did not attempt to fight deportation and within days was back in Texas where she posted bail of $75,000 and is now awaiting trial for hindering the apprehension of a felon.
Meanwhile, Couch launched an appeal against deportation and stayed in Mexico for over a month after being captured in December.
['You're not getting out of jail today!' Judge orders Affluenza teen Ethan Couch, who killed four in drunk car crash, stay in jail for TWO YEARS, by Ben Ashford, Daily Mail, April 13, 2016]

Clearly, one of the reasons that ICE ERO isn't deporting 1 million illegal aliens a year is that it is not fully implementing ER, and instead placing immediately deportable illegal aliens in removal proceedings that take over a year and cost much more than immediate deportation.  This contrasts with the government of Mexico which quickly removes illegal aliens, even when they chose to use the limited appeal process in Mexican law.  Mexico quite wisely holds all illegal aliens in custody during the removal appeal process, which undoubtedly was behind the Couches decision to withdraw their appeals as the Mexican prison system is horrific, unless you are a major drug dealer.  However, American prisons are much too comfortable for many illegal aliens like Juarez-Villalobos.  In many cases though custody does encourage illegal aliens to agree to be deported, but those are run-of-the-mill illegal aliens, not hardened gangsters who enjoy three hots and a cot.  But for the Obama Regime the appeal process is part of their sabotage campaign directed against immigration enforcement.

This writer has been blogging on the issue of ER and the Obama Regime sabotage program since 2009.  Time for the #cucks in Congress to do something about this.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

More Immigrant Treason

The press is always filled with the immigrant success story.  But if there is a failure by an immigrant, the press always brushes it off.  In an unusual departure from the vague description given to either black criminals or immigrant spies/murders/rapists usually involving "man" and the city or state the "man" was from, the New York Times was up front about an immigrant failure story, or more accurately, an immigrant treason story.  And, no surprise, it involved a naturalized Chinese citizen, as so often it is, who committed that treason and espionage.

WASHINGTON — The Navy is weighing charges of espionage against an officer who is a naturalized American citizen and has been under investigation since last year on suspicion of providing secret information to China and Taiwan, United States officials said.
The allegations against the officer, Lt. Cmdr. Edward C. Lin, 39, who was born in Taiwan, are part of a secretive espionage case in which Commander Lin is also accused of visiting a prostitute. United States officials, who were not authorized to speak publicly because the investigation into the officer is continuing, said Navy investigators believed that Commander Lin provided secret information to a Chinese girlfriend.
[Navy May Charge Officer With Giving China and Taiwan Secrets, by Matthew Rosenberg and Helene Cooper, NYT, April 11, 2016]
And Lin was poster child for immigrant success in America and the military.
For Commander Lin, who moved to the United States as a teenager, the allegations represent a huge reversal. The Navy had held him up as an example of what immigrants can achieve in the United States and in the military.
The Navy featured his personal story in December 2008 in a public affairs report on his naturalization ceremony, which took place in the United States District Court in Honolulu.

Edward Lin, Posterboy For Racial Loyalty, Multiculturalism, Treason, and Espionage

The Chinese are conspicuous in treason and espionage, much like the mysterious an Eastern Tennessean "man" arrested for nuclear espionage, but not the only traitors among immigrants. Muslim immigrants, and their American born progeny, whether Shi'ite or Sunni, Arab or Iranian, are disloyal as well.

Just how broken that system actually is has been revealed by several cases since then. Last fall, Mostafa Ahmed Awwad, a navy civilian engineer, was convicted of passing secret information about the navy’s newest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford, to an Egyptian intelligence officer. Rather, to someone Mr. Awwad thought was an Egyptian spy. In reality, it was an FBI agent working undercover: the traitor was stopped before he could actually betray secrets. Left unasked in all this was how Mr. Awwad, a native of Saudi Arabia, got work as a navy engineer with security clearances when his loyalty was clearly not to the United States.
It happened again this February when another navy civilian engineer, James Robert Baker, was charged with repeatedly lying to his employer on his security clearance paperwork. Mr. Baker, who worked for the navy for three decades, was born Majid Karimi in Iran. Over thirty years, Mr. Baker lied flagrantly about his true biography and life events, including the fact that he still possessed an Iranian passport that he traveled on long after taking a job with the navy, a clear violation of security rules.
[Amid Shocking Chinese Spy Case, Our Navy Can No Longer Be Trusted, by John Schindler, The Observer, April 11, 2016]

However, it is not just the Navy that is falling down on the issue of immigrants and security.  All the services and civilian agencies have a similar problem, from the well known case of Nidal Hassan to the Iranian nationals who currently work in U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services offices, like the San Jose Field Office, or the Hispanic criminals who dominate corruption in the Border Patrol. It appears that the Cultural Marxists and their #cuck doppelgangers enthusiasm for immigrants is ignorant of the cost of those immigrants, especially in the area of treason and espionage.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Is Kevin Williamson a Pedophile?

National Review’s resident illegal alien (in India) is at it again.  Kevin Williamson, with whom this writer has crossed swords, is snarking his way through the illegal immigration issue again.  As in the past, it is hard to tell if Williamson is against illegal immigration or just against those who are against illegal aliens, to wit, Donald Trump or his supporters.  National Review has a longstanding jihad against Trump for daring to reform the 1980 Reagan Coalition and waring against Conservatism, Inc., cucks, and RINOs.  Williamson and the National Review are at least two of those three, with RINO also a strong possibility given their support for Paul Ryan’s hapless surrender to Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi of late.

Williamson, the proverbial one-trick-pony, all he has is snark, is a well-known wet on the issue of illegal immigration.  Ostensibly he is against illegal immigration, but when push comes to shove, it is the issue he jettisons in short order. And quite snarkily.  And always from the left.  [Texas, Jobs, and Immigrants, Kevin Williamson, NRO, October 7, 2011]

Did immigrants really fill 81 percent of the new jobs in Texas over recent years? The Texas Public Policy Foundation has doubts, and their arguments are mostly persuasive. I do not expect this to put a damper on Mitt Romney’s gap-toothed Pat Buchanan act (“Help! The Mexicans are taking over the women’s studies department at the University of Texas! Somebody call Black Jack Pershing!”) but that’s politics, I suppose.

I addressed his snarkish slander of Pershing in a post on VDare, but left unmentioned Williamson’s apparent support for Women’s Studies, either manned, shall we say, by Mexicanas or Norte Americanas, apparently American can’t supply crazed Social Justice Warrior lesbians, they must be replaced by illegals as well according to Williamson.

Continuing with the leftist snark that is his poor replacement for wit, Williamson claimed support for a border fence, but his leftist snark concerning the border exposed his cuckservatism.  [Building a Fence, Kevin Williamson, NRO, September 23, 2011]

Fencing the actual Texas-Mexico border is impractical, since the border is in the middle of a river. But I do think it would be possible to establish a border zone with an inland barrier, with the understanding that there’s going to be some zig-zagging involved. If you have been a very, very good rattlesnake, this is where you go when you die.

Along with the snark, there was the serious problem with facts and the law that Williamson had.  He just didn’t know immigration law or policy, something this writer has a bug about generally, but Williamson is a particularly egregious violator.  When defending Rick Perry’s support for illegal immigration in the 2012 primaries, Williamson described himself as “agnostic” on the issue of in-State tuition for illegal aliens.  Williamson’s defense of Perry’s support for the policy of rewarding illegal aliens was that Texas made a cost-benefit analysis of the issue, and that was that.  No criticism of Perry was allowed, as the issue was “complicated.”  In the issue of illegal immigration, there is no “complicated.” There is only Federal statute prohibiting illegal immigration, Title 8 of the United States Code, Section 1325, Improper Entry By An Alien, with Title 8 United States Code, Section 1324, Bringing In and Harboring Certain Aliens, prohibits aiding and abetting illegal aliens, while Title 8 United States Code Section 1324a, Unlawful Employment of Aliens, prohibits any employer, including an employer in the State of Texas from hiring any illegal aliens, including graduates of Texas institutions of higher learning, or any other Texas school.

Which brings us to Williamson’s most recently venture into immigration law and policy, and his inability to hold back his contempt for the rubes on the right who are concerned about the issue, especially given recent failings on screening legal immigrants resulting in the San Bernardino Massacre.  [Visa Vulnerability, Kevin Williamson, NRO, January 3, 2016]  Here Williamson rails about visa overstays, but can’t resist a dig at the rubes and “Trumpkins” whom he thinks don’t know that over half of illegal aliens enter the United States with a visa.

An interesting related report comes from the New York Times. Don’t try explaining it to a Trumpkin, but the largest source of illegal immigration into these United States today isn’t farmhands marching stoically across our unsecured southern border, but visitors who enter legally on visas and then refuse to go home when their visas expire. This cohort by some estimates now accounts for more than half of all illegal immigration. But how many overstays are there?

Now, since Williamson like to name call and quibble over minutia, let the games begin. First, the statistics on the two contributing factors on the illegal immigration population, those who overstay the period of admission given them after inspection and admission by an immigration officer, and Entry Without Inspection (EWI) e.g. entering the United States by any means without inspection by an immigration officer, are rather new and developing issues.  But Williamson is more interested in attacking Trump supporters and other “rubes.”  For the uninitiated, “inspection and admission” is the process by which a duly authorized and trained immigration officer, in most cases a Customs and Border Protection Officer, employed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at a Port-of-Entry (POE), a place designated by the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as the place where an alien presents himself for inspection, inspects an arriving alien and determines if said alien is admissible to the United States or is inadmissible.  Those who are admissible are allowed to enter the United States for a particular legal purpose and those inadmissible are removed or placed in removal proceedings.  An alien may arrive at a land, sea, or airport POE.

Aliens applying for admission may or may not have a visa, so it is incorrect to attribute the problem to “visa overstays” as many aliens are not required to have a visa. Canadians, Western Europeans, Japanese, Singaporeans, and Koreans, among others don’t require a visa for non-immigrant purposes generally related to tourism and business.  So Williamson is wrong on the “visa” overstay issue, as many overstays don’t have or are required visas.

In fact, those who deal with the issue have noticed that the percentages of illegal immigration by overstaying after inspection and admission. As of 2013 the estimate of overstays was approximately 40% of illegal alien population.  In a mere two years, that estimate has increased to approximately 60%, with some dispute as to when the switch came.  The point being that for most Americans, not just rubes and “Trumpkins,” not without reason may believe that EWIs are the majority of illegal aliens.  But reducing “complex” issues to pejoratives as part of the anti-Trump jihad and snark is the Williamson Way, as is playing fast and loose with the facts, or just being pig ignorant of the complexities of immigration law. And it is not too hard to see that Williamson doesn’t really care about illegal immigration, just attacking Americans who care about the illegal immigration issue.  No doubt part of National Review’s Rubio boosterism.

In an interesting aside related to his integrity, Williamson, the confessed illegal alien, also admits that he has certain problems when crossing the Mexican border back into the United States.

I have many times crossed the U.S.–Mexico border on foot, and each time I am selected for “random” additional screening. (You’d think that after the 18th or 19th “random” screening, even a committed addict would learn that they are going to inspect his Tony Lamas for weed.)

Note to Williamson, there’s no such thing as a random secondary inspection upon entry to the United States.  Clearly besides being an illegal alien, he had some run ins with Johnnie Law and gotten himself in the Treasury Enforcement Telecommunications System (TECS) and Interagency Border Inspection System (IBIS) systems.  Now, you don’t get in this system by accident, sometimes you get in the system for political reasons as happened to James O’Keefe, after he entered the United States without inspection after wading across the Rio Grande in an Osama Bin-Laden costume. But why is there a TECS look-out on Williamson? Inquiring minds want to know?  Juvenile hijinks, drug use, child pornography, previous smuggling attempts, assisting spies like Julian Assange or the tranny Bradley Manning?   This writer doesn’t know, but is very curious.

Pervy Looking Kevin Williamson

Would you trust your children with this man considering ICE SVU is looking at him?

For some reason ICE SVU might be very interested in Williamson, and it ain't alien smuggling, as they're out of the immigration enforcement business, but are very, very, interested in child pornography and pedophiles.  I just don't know.  Perhaps he's just a hack in the pay of Red China and the Chamber of Commerce, or just a self-hating white, sort of a full-blooded version of Barack Hussein Obama, who hates his white side.  But you don't get in TECS for that, especially given his support for the America hating terrorist supporter, homosexual Tim Cook.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Another Death Blow To The Rainbow Coalition

Another Asian is dead in the ongoing war blacks are waging on Asians in San Francisco.  While the black population of Baghdad by the Bay, a term that was once an allusion to decadence in San Francisco, but is in fact a metaphor for the violence that blacks are waging on other races, especially Asians, though not on the scale of the violence in the real Baghdad.  Consequently, the Rainbow Coalition is falling apart.  And the latest incident is particularly brutal, Paul Tam, an Anglo-Chinese tourist in San Francisco's Japantown, was brutally murdered by two blacks.

Race War Victim Paul Tam

Police in San Francisco have released footage of the “brutal” murder of a 44-year-old Briton who was assaulted in a street robbery. 
Paul Tam was walking with his niece on the evening of 18 February when he was attacked with a weapon in the Japantown neighbourhood. 
The former website manager at the University of Manchester was critically injured. He died on Thursday. 
A spokeswoman for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: “We can confirm the death of a British national on 24 March in San Francisco and we are providing consular assistance to the family at this difficult time.” 
CCTV footage of the incident shows Mr Tam fleeing from a hooded assailant into the middle of the road, before he is chased around an oncoming car. He is then knocked to the ground by the offender, who makes off on foot with Mr Tam’s bag. 
Police said they were releasing the video evidence that “captured the brutal murder” in a bid to trace the male offender and a female suspect following the robbery at 8.30pm in Post Street, between Franklin Street and Gough Street.

[San Francisco Police Release Footage Of Briton’s ‘Brutal’ Murder, The Guardian, March 26, 2016]

The good Cultural Marxists are in denial about the ongoing race war being waged by blacks, and the local press is covering for black crime.  Note how The Guardian, an English newspaper identifies the suspects:

The suspects are described as a black adult male, 5ft 10in, of heavy build and last seen wearing a dark hoodie and blue jeans; and a black adult female, 5ft 4in, with long dreadlocks or braids up in a ponytail.

And how the largest newspaper in San Francisco, the SF Chronicle, describes the killers by disappearing the black part of black crime:

Police have yet to make an arrest in the stabbing, which is now being investigated as a homicide. The suspected killer was described as being in his 30s or 40s and his female accomplice is in her late 20s. 
[British Tourist Stabbed In The Head During SF Mugging Dies, By Hamed Aleaziz, San Francisco Chronicle, March 26, 2016]

You can contact the very Muslim Hamed Aleaziz here and inquire why he is covering up black crime.

San Francisco is in the midst of a crime wave, and the area where Tam was killed, just outside of Japantown, is the Cathedral Heights neighborhood, which is generally free of crime, except for that that comes from the five black dominated housing projects within a one mile radius.  While the tech boom has caused one bedroom apartments in the neighborhood go for $2,500.00 to $3,000.00 a month, and condominiums are in the $1 million range, generally moving blacks out, they maintain a hold in San Francisco through old-fashioned housing projects where they venture out with murder and robbery in mind, which the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) under the administration of illegal alien Mayor Ed Lee, refuse to deal with because the local Democrat machine only cares about blacks as victims of the SFPD.  There is no concern about the massive black crime wave.  Blacks in California are only 6% of the population, but commit 16% of the crime.

It looks like Donald Trump can jujitsu Asians out of the Democrat coalition if he tries.