Sunday, August 28, 2016

ICE SVU Jumps The Shark

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Victims Unit (ICE SVU) has outdone itself recently.  It has decided to investigate the hack of the Tumbler account of the racist and very ugly Leslie Jones, the black affirmative action addition to the female version of Ghostbusters.  The remake was a massive dud.  Note that Tumblr is a notorious pornography site.  Undoubtedly, the hideous Jones has some sort of mental issue if she is posting pornography to Tumbler, and only posted her very personal pornographic photographs there in hopes that a leak would be good for her career, especially given that the movie was bombing. 

And the only result of the very bad movie was the purging by Twitter and the notorious homosexual Jack Dorsey of the internet phenom Milo Yiannopoulos, commonly known as Nero, and Breitbart Tech editor.  Yiannopoulos was known for his trolling of leftists and fighting back on the lies from feminists and Islamists.

For some reason, the New York office of ICE SVU has decided to open a case on the Jones hack, despite there being no Federal criminal nexus to posting the poorly protected nude photos of oneself.

The hack of Leslie Jones‘ iCloud account is being investigated by Homeland Security, TheWrap has learned.
“ICE Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in New York does currently have an open investigation,” the Department of Homeland Security told us on Thursday. “As a matter of agency policy, we are unable to disclose any information related to an active investigation.”
And that may not be the only government group hot on the case. Earlier this morning, TMZ reported that the FBI was “developing a strategy for tracking down” Jones’ hacker.
[Leslie Jones Hack Case Being Investigated by Homeland Security, by Tony Maglio, Houston Chronicle, August 25, 2016]

One would think that ICE SVU has better things to do than being Hollywood's bitch, but I forget myself.  Given the over 600,000 illegal aliens in New York State, one would think ICE SVU had plenty of work in the area of immigration law enforcement, but apparently ICE SVU still wants to be the sex police of America.

Given that the ICE SVU Special Agent-in-Charge is a Puerto Rican immigrant, we can understand that Angel M. Melendez does not want to enforce immigration laws against his fellow "Hispanics" and would prefer the titillation of pornography investigations involving ugly celebrities.

Give Melendez a call and ask him why he is wasting ICE SVU resources on an investigation with no customs or immigration nexus.

601 W. 26th Street 7th Floor
New York, NY, 10001
Phone: (646) 230-3200
Fax: (646) 230-3255

I for one would be interested in his rationale.  Especially given that illegal aliens in New York City are so prevalent in certain industries.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

President Trump Has An Upcoming Ally In The War On Muslim Immigration

And I am not talking about the patriots in the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) or U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Enforcement and Removal Operations (ICE ERO), as previously discussed in the issues President Donald J. Trump will deal with on Inauguration Day.  Trump's ally in the war on Muslim immigration will be the blue-blooded pretentious fools who run the Department of State.

The Cultural Marxists who dominate the Foreign Service are the worst of the worst in America's ruling class; pretentious, mal educated, an abundance of unearned sense of accomplishment.  These are the vile excuses for human beings who are the bureaucracy that runs American foreign policy.  Graduates of Yale, Harvard, and Georgetown, they have high opinions of themselves, and nothing to support their belief in their own abilities.  The attitude in the Department of State (DOS) is similar to the pretensions of the founders of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), or at least the stereotype.

While in the 1950s one could hand it to the WASPs who ran the country, sort of.  They really failed in the run up to the Second World War.  The U.S. could have reached an accomodation with Imperial Japan and even Germany, as those who thought this was their country gave us George Kennan and Yalta.  Thanks for nothing.

But these pretentious jerks at State will not be the enemy in President Donald J. Trump's efforts to control Muslim immigration.  One would think that the run-of-the-mill pretentious jerk from overrated east coast universities would hate The Donald.  And they do, and will hate President Trump.  

But because of their pretentious narcissism they will end up being an ally to The Donald, at least in the area of immigration.  Despite what many presume, the DOS and the Foreign Service Association (FSA), the professional association for Foreign Service Officers (FSO) and Foreign Service Specialists (FSS), really don't like what is part of their duties, that what is called Consular Affairs (CA) work.  

In the Foreign Service (FS) bureaucracy there is, like any other organization, a hierarchy.  In this case, the hierarchy is formally divided; in the FS it is this in descending order of prestige: Political Officers, Public Diplomacy Officers,  Economics Officers, Management Officers, and, at the bottom, Consular Officers.  These are the five career tracks in the Foreign Service.  And while everyone generally serves an assignment in each, specialization and prestige is segregated.  Generally the first assignment to an Foreign Service Officer (FSO) is to Consular Affairs, but then the high flyers go to PO, PDO, and EO, with the rest segregated to MO and CO duties.  Consular Affairs consists of the worst assignment, either dealing with the Ugly American overseas, e.g. lost passports, complaints, and arrested Americans in Third World jails; or visa applications by aliens.  Nothing there prepares one for high flying diplomacy.  It is the drudgery of  Foreign Service work and overwhelmingly avoided and denigrated by FSO themselves.  After one's initial assignment, it is avoided like the plague.  And for good reason, the work is boring, pointless, and of no career importance.

And that is why the smug blue-bloods will have no problem helping The Donald end Muslim immigration.

First, the major source at the moment of Muslim immigration is refugees.  FSOs hate refugee work and avoid it.  Furthermore, since FSOs hate the work, that work has been outsourced to contractors and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) personnel seconded to American diplomatic posts overseas.  The USCIS personnel  overseas are mostly from the Refugee, Asylum, and International Operations Directorate.  While some other USCIS personnel are overseas, mostly from the Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate, most of the USCIS employees overseas deal with refugees of some kind, generally from the Rome and Bangkok offices.  Universally, the Foreign Services hates U.S. Government employees from other agencies detailed overseas or to DOS posts.  It's a cultural thing, they just hate any non-DOS employee overseas.  And Foreign Service Officers also hate other DOS employees who aren't FSOs, the FSSs.  

Now most refugees apply for entry to the United States as refugees through the United Nations bureaucracy or international refugee support groups, who in turn refer refugees to American diplomatic posts overseas to apply for refugee status.  Such applications are processed by either a Consular Officer or, more likely, a USCIS employee, assigned overseas from the above Refugee, Asylum, and International Operations Directorate.  Processing refugee applications is considered even less prestigious than processing visa applications.  Consular Officers at DOS avoid the duty and are more likely to deny refugee applications than USCIS Asylum Officers and other detailed employees assigned overseas.  They are both more discerning than USCIS Asylum Officers and less interested in doing that work.  There is no career advancement or prestige in processing refugees even for a Consular Officer.  

And here President Trump can work with the pretentious jerks in the FS to end Muslim immigration. The solution is to withdraw all USCIS personnel from overseas posts, move those employees from the much coveted sinecures in Rome and Bangkok, the two offices most concerned with processing refugees, and return those USCIS personnel home.  The FS will be happy to see USCIS personnel sent home and the DOS will assign little priority to those applications that come in.  More importantly, rather than processing refugees from Rome or Bangkok, the refugees will have to apply in either their nation of origin or in the geographical area, and the more discerning COs will be denying more refugee applications, and more importantly, will not even be processing or accepting most applications, much less bothering to actually adjudicate what they know is mostly fraudulent. The DOS will even be happy to end the cozy relationship with the UN agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) that dominate refugee policy, as neither the UN or refugees offer any high profile and exciting actual foreign policy activity.

Furthermore, the second source of Muslim immigration is the family based immigrant visa application system.  Those immigrant visas are adjudicated overseas by Consular Officers.  It is boring and undesirable work.  Something that FSOs will be too willing to forego in favor of more interesting foreign affairs work.  Processing an immigrant visa application takes time from the cocktail circuit and interestingly enough, FSOs reviewing visa applications are more strict on legal requirements than USCIS officers domestically adjudicating adjustment of status applications.  FSOs are more than happy to deny immigrant and non-immigrant visas, which President Trump will agree with and encourage.  Here Muslim immigration can be cut significantly, especially using the Public Charge exclusion provisions in immigration law to keep out intended welfare cheats.

Despite their inherent leftism, the Foreign Service bureaucrats don't like the riff-raff who apply for refugee status and visas.  That sort of work is seen as beneath them.  President Trump can use that bureaucratic prejudice to help end the immigration of Muslims either as refugees, visitors, or immigrants.  President Trump will have an ally of convenience in the bureaucracy.  There might be other battles with that particular bureaucracy over other issues, but there will be an area they agree upon, if not about Muslims, but about the icky foreigners scrounging for benefits.  Those foreigners aren't on the diplomatic cocktail circuit, so the blue-bloods don't really care about that particular foreigners.  So there will be a meeting of minds between one group of bureaucrats and President Trump.

Now, USCIS will scream like a stuck pig, as will the NGOs.  All President Trump has to do is stand firm.  In this area Executive authority is supreme.  He can withdraw all overseas USCIS personnel mostly concerned with flooding the United States with refugees. Even the FDNS employees can be withdrawn, as they only duplicate the supposed work of the Department of Homeland Security attaches assigned overseas from ICE SVU (Homeland Security Investigations (HSI)) which is supposed to do visa fraud and other investigations overseas, themselves duplicating the work of the Diplomatic Security Service visa fraud investigators.  Even better, closing USCIS offices overseas will save millions of dollars that can be better spent on domestic investigations into visa fraud and Muslim terrorists. 

Donald J. Trump has an opportunity and allies in ending Muslim immigration.  In future posts I will address other aspects of his fight to protect America and what he will need to do when sworn in as President to end Muslim immigation. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

ICE SVU Is Back And Purses And Overseas Prostitution Are Its Priority

The infamous and useless U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Victims Unit (ICE SVU) is back in the swing of things, ignoring illegal aliens and looking to be the world's sex and purse police.  It seems the manly robocops of ICE SVU have become just a tad bit effeminate.

First, the purses that ICE SVU is so concerned about:

TAMPA — The people who are working to keep terrorists out of the country and dope off the streets are also making it a little harder for you to score a knockoff of one of those trendy handbags, belts or watches.
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a division of the Department of Homeland Security, has initiated cases against at least seven people in the past year in U.S. District Court for Florida's middle district, which includes the Tampa Bay area, alleging the counterfeiting of consumer products, chiefly women's handbags.
It's not small potatoes. A Hernando County couple is accused of selling nearly $1.4 million worth of purses infringing on the trademarks of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Hermes and Gucci. A Pinellas couple sold more than $878,000 worth of the stuff.
[The Feds Are Cracking Down On Fake Trendy Purses, Belts And Watches In Tampa Bay, by Jerome Stockfisch, Tampa Bay Times, August 4, 2016]

I like the little jibe the reporter uses to juxtapose the alleged mission of ICE to keep out terrorists with the apparent obsession of ICE SVU with purses.  Catching terrorists seems much more an important goal for ICE SVU.  The reporter doesn't realize though that the actual mission of the Department of Homeland Security is the much more mundane mission of enforcing immigration and customs laws, which have an anti-terrorist mission, but mostly in the general enforcement of those laws which, if done properly, will have an impact on terrorism.  

Much more important though is the failure of the reporter to point out that ICE SVU has done nothing about the infiltration of Muslim terrorists into Florida in general, and the Tampa Bay area specifically.  Tampa Bay has a very Islamic center, and undoubtedly there are many legal and illegal aliens attending that center, the Islamic Academy of Florida and the Islamic Center of Tampa.  And not too far from Tampa Bay is Fort Pierce, where the Fort Pierce Islamic Center holds forth with Islam so radical, they produced two terrorists, Omar Mateen and a suicide bomber, Moner-Muhammad Abu Salha.

The ICE SVU Supervisory Special Agent, known as a Group Supervisor, is quite taken with his work concerning purses:

"This year I guess we've had good luck," said Ritchie Flores, group supervisor of fraud investigations for Homeland Security. "But it's more accessible. It's out there on every corner. The volumes we see are just gigantic."

You might want to give Flores a call and ask him about how many terrorists ICE SVU in Tampa Bay arrested:

2203 North Lois Avenue Suite 600
Tampa, FL, 33607
(813) 357-7000

More importantly, ICE SVU is so unconcerned about alien terrorists in the United States, they will go overseas to find crimes outside the jurisdiction of United States to be the sex police, and ignore real crimes involving illegal aliens in the United States.

SAN FRANCISCO -- A 56-year-old San Jose man was sentenced to eight years in prison Wednesday for traveling to the Philippines in 2012 to have sex with a 13-year-old girl and later trying to tamper with witnesses, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.
Michael Lindsay was convicted in May of traveling with intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct, engaging in illicit sexual conduct in foreign places, attempted witness tampering and obstruction of justice.
Prosecutors said Lindsay contacted the girl's mother online to arrange meetings for sex in Manila, where he owned a condominium, in May and August 2012. He paid the mother after the meetings.
Homeland Security Investigations arrested Lindsay at San Francisco International Airport in November 2012, when he tried to return to the Philippines, according to prosecutors.
[San Jose Man Sentenced To 8 Years For Sex Tourism, Obstruction, by Jason Green, San Jose Mercury News, August 5, 2016]

Now, sex with minors is a crime in the Philippines and there is no argument that prostitution or child molestation is a crime within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States.  If American authorities had evidence of his crime, they could have turned that over the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), the Philippino counterpart of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  It is well regarded for a Third-World law enforcement agency and providing the NBI information about a crime in the Philippines is much better use of American resources, resources that could be used to investigate crimes in the United States, such as municipalities aiding and harboring illegal aliens, a violation of Title 8 of the United States Code, Section 1324.

In fact, ICE SVU does not need to go far to find such a crime, as the press has provided ample evidence of the crime.  And the perpetrators are quite public about their crime.  ICE SVU will not have to do much work.

With immigration reform deadlocked and election rhetoric against it divisive, Houston and cities across the country are increasingly considering providing identification cards to immigrants and other vulnerable populations.
The lack of a government-sanctioned ID can turn any interaction with police into citations, jail time or even deportation, so residents often fear contacting law enforcement. Even cashing a check, fulfilling a prescription or visiting a health clinic can be troublesome. But immigrants and homeless residents often don't qualify for such IDs because they can't prove that they are here legally or reside in the state.
In response, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City already distribute local IDs, as does New Haven, Conn., and Greensboro, N.C. Cincinnati is implementing a similar program this month and on Thursday El Paso County officials earmarked funds for a proposed joint program with the city. Boston is pursuing the idea and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said he, too, is exploring the issue, though it wouldn't progress until 2017.
[Cities Increasingly Turning To Municipal ID Cards, by Lomi Kriel, Houston Chronicle, August 11, 2016]

These municipal identification cards are a violation of three section of 8 USC 1324:

(iii) knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals, harbors, or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, such alien in any place, including any building or any means of transportation;
(iv) encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such coming to, entry, or residence is or will be in violation of law; or
(I) engages in any conspiracy to commit any of the preceding acts, or
(II) aids or abets the commission of any of the preceding acts

However, ICE SVU is ignoring this very domestic violation of the laws of the United States, and instead is more concerned about purses and crimes in the Philippines.  It is clear that ICE SVU needs adult supervision.  Supervision that cuckservative Paul Ryan refuses to perform.  Hopefully President Trump will be providing that adult supervision.

Why not give the San Francisco Bay Area ICE SVU Special Agent-in-Charge, Ryan L. Spradlin, a call and let him know that California gives driver's licenses to illegal aliens.  He can open a case closer to home than the Philippines.  The case against the State of California, or even the City and County of San Francisco, is an open-and-shut case.

SAC San Francisco
630 Sansome Street Room 890
San Francisco, CA, 94111
Phone: (415) 844-5455

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Obama Regime Colluding With Chinese Kritarch

The Obama Regime has surrendered in the case of Kritarch Dolly Gee, a Cultural Marxist waging war on the historic American nation.  Gee was exposed by this author in three postings, two on the issue of illegal orders to release illegal aliens from custody and another on her illegal order to provide free lawyers for illegal aliens.  In a kabuki theater scheme, the Regime and Gee worked against well established immigration law in both cases, as Federal statutes specifically prohibit government paid for attorneys for illegal aliens and specifically authorize the detention of any illegal alien, without regard to age.  In each case the Obama Regime either offered token resistance to Gee's illegal orders or no resistance at all.  In the case of detaining illegals, the Regime offered token resistance, but failed to appeal the case beyond a three judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  The Regime did not even ask for a en banc review.

Immigration authorities are looking at possible changes to family detention practices following a federal appeals court ruling clarifying the government's options, according to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.
Last month, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a key part of the Obama administration's interpretation of a long-standing settlement regarding immigration detention for minors.
The Justice Department argued that the nearly-two-decade-old deal requiring quick release of children in most circumstances only applied to children traveling across the border alone and had no impact on those crossing illegally with relatives, usually their mothers.
However, the appeals court found the 1997 settlement in Flores v. Reno does apply to accompanied minors, forcing immigration officials to find a way to get such children out of immigration detention quickly.
[Johnson: Feds Looking At Family Immigration Detention Changes, by Josh Gerstein, Politico, August 8, 2016]

In fact, the Obama Regime is looking to end all detention of illegal aliens, expanding on their own the ruling against detention.

"On an operational level....we're looking now at what impact that has," Johnson told reporters Wednesday at a breakfast discussion organized by the Christian Science Monitor. "We are looking at whether to change the practice in any way in light of the 9th Circuit ruling."

More over, the Obama Regime gave a half-hearted defense of their "Club Feds" for illegal aliens, but ignored the fact that the law authorizes detaining illegal alien minors, and made no arguement based on the relevant Act of Congress, something that trumps, as one can say, any settlement or the opinion of a judge.

Johnson defended his agency's creation of "family residential centers" for family border crossers, saying the facilities are necessary to handle increased numbers of families illegally crossing the U.S. border from Mexico since 2014.

The Obama Regime was playing a game in court, a game against the historic American nation in their effort to elect a new people.  The good news is that President Trump can reverse the situation by immediately deporting these illegal aliens by declaring Mexico a safe third party country with regards to asylum claims and using Expedited Removal to deport these Central American illegal aliens back to Mexico from whence they came.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Another Chinese Immigrant Spy Arrested

Another immigrant Red Chinese spy has been arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). From Wen Ho Lee to Edward Lin, Chinese immigrants, and by this one means any Han Chinese, including those born outside Chinese are considered easy recruitment targets.  Easy because Chinese outside of China do not consider themselves anything but Chinese.  China is not a proposition nation, it is a people who have loyalties to one another than do not know boundaries of nationality or distance. 

An FBI employee has been arrested in New York for allegedly lying about secret work for Chinese businessmen and government officials, according to charging documents filed in the case unsealed today.
Kun Shan "Joey" Chun pleaded guilty in federal court today to one count of illegally acting as an agent of a foreign government. He had been working for the FBI's New York field office as an electronics technician since 1997. He was quietly arrested in March after his own office sent an undercover agent to meet with him and record their conversations, according to the charging documents...
Chun was born in China in 1969 and became a U.S. citizen in 1985, according to court documents.
[FBI Employee Arrested for Allegedly Acting as Secret Chinese Agent, by Mike Levine,  ABC News, August 1, 2016]

This should come as no surprise, as the intelligence organs of the Red China depend on ethnic Chinese as the source of their espionage success.  The Chinese generally don't venture out of Chinese ethnics and those with close ties to Chinese ethnics.  Unlike the formidable Soviet intelligence services, who after some early successes with Russian ethnics and ideological communists in teh early days, soon transitioned to a more wide ranging recruitment strategy that they develop into a very successful system.  The Soviets relied on using money and blackmail to gain intelligence.  The Chinese however rely on one tried and true source of spies, Overseas Chinese:

The most challenging part of how China spies on the United States is that Beijing’s modus operandi relies overwhelmingly on co-nationals. Chinese intelligence agencies seldom stray far from working with ethnic kin and Beijing-related spy cases here that do not involve ethnic Chinese are very much an exception. Even when non-Chinese are involved, there is usually someone tied to Beijing by ethnicity somewhere in the operation.
For instance, in 2014 Benjamin Bishop, a 60-year-old former army lieutenant colonel and a defense contractor at U.S. Pacific Command in Hawaii, pleaded guilty to passing classified national defense information to an unauthorized person—his Chinese girlfriend. He met the 27-year-old woman, studying in America on a student visa, at a conference and the two began a romantic relationship. Soon Mr. Bishop was looking for classified materials she wanted and among the secrets he passed her was information about war plans, missile defense and nuclear weapons. This seems to have been a classic case of sexual entrapment, what counterspies term a honey-trap. Mr. Bishop received a seven-year sentence for his crimes. 
[The Unpleasant Truth About Chinese Espionage, by John Schinder, The Observator, April 22, 2016]

However, this makes Chinese spies singularly vulnerable, but American counter-intelligence ignores the obvious, and doesn't target its counter-intelligence efforts at those with Chinese origins or Chinese connections.  This is another case of not using racial profiling, a legal and effective technique, because of political pressure, an insipid ideology multiculturalism, and cult of accusations of racism. The Chinese espionage problem can easily be solved, all it would take is cutting of most Chinese immigration and targeting of those Chinese in sensitive positions in the government and defense industry.  Something unlikely to happen under Hillary Clinton, with her close connections, since forgotten by most, to Chinese immigrants acting as agents for the Chinese government, even going so far as to allow a Chinese general to rent out the Lincoln Bedroom and allow missile technology to be sold to Red China.  And the Lying Press claims that Trump is China's favorite in the Presidential election! Who, as Secretary of State did nothing to thwart the Chinese takeover of the South China Sea?

Sunday, August 7, 2016

More Criminal Malfeasance By Obama Regime

The Obama Regime is expanding it's amnesty, and it is the aspect of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty that this writer exposed two long years ago and an observant VDare reader, A Keen Eyed Reader, noticed, asked for commentary that this writer provided, and recent events have confirmed.

Nearly 3,000 illegal immigrants granted executive amnesty have been approved for adjustment of status after receiving advance parole, allowing them to be placed on a path to lawful permanent residency and eventual citizenship, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has revealed.
In a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) — obtained by the Federation for American Immigration Reform — USCIS Director Leon Rodriguez details that of the 713,300 illegal immigrants granted executive amnesty via the Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program through last year, 22,340 were approved for advance parole. Of those granted advanced parole, 5,068 have also applied for adjustment of status, and so far 2,994 have been approved for adjustment.
[DACA Gimmick: Nearly 3,000 Illegal Immigrants on Track for Permanent Amnesty, Breitbart, by Caroline May, August 3, 2016]

In a similar vein, the Obama Regime has decided to administratively define away the "extreme hardship" requirement for waiver of the 3 and 10 year bars to illegal aliens immigrating to the United States.

And gloating by the Treason Bar:

If you are here unlawfully, you may now have an easier path to a green card. The Department of Homeland Security is expanding the “provisional stateside waiver” program. This change may help you if you have a U.S. citizen or permanent resident parent or spouse...
The unlawful presence rule bars permanent residence to individuals who leave the United States after having been here unlawfully more than 180 days. Once they leave, they face a three- or 10-year bar to returning. Under the stateside waiver program, if you can prove “extreme hardship” to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident spouse or parent, you can apply for a waiver of the unlawful presence bar here in the United States — before you leave for an immigrant visa interview abroad.
[Unlawful Status May Be Waived If Your Immediate Relatives Are U.S. Citizens, by Allan Wernick, NYDN, August 4, 2016]

What the Treason Bar shyster Wernick doesn't tell you is that the "extreme hardship" bar has been lowered, lowered to the automatic approval level, not what the statute requires, or Congress intended with the more demanding statutory language.

The immigration laws contain several waivers that allow noncitizens to overcome certain bars to admission (such as having unlawful presence in the United States) where certain family members (called “qualifying relatives”) would suffer “extreme hardship.” The immigration statute, however, does not define the term “extreme hardship.” Over the years, the agency has failed to apply the hardship standard consistently. In a November 20, 2014 memo, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson directed USCIS Director Leon Rodriguez to “clarify the factors that are considered by adjudicators in determining whether the ‘extreme hardship’ standard has been met.” In issuing such a directive, his intent was clear: “It is my assessment that additional guidance about the meaning of the phrase ‘extreme hardship’ would provide broader use of this legally permitted waiver.”
[Will the Guidance on Extreme Hardship Waivers Allow More Individuals to Become Permanent Residents?, American Immigration Council, October 8, 2015]

"Extreme hardship" was an increase in the standard for aliens to meet, not a lowering of that standard, but that doesn't matter to the lawless Obama Regime.  Their intent is to allow as many illegal aliens as possible to remain in the United States.

The good news is that this can be reversed immediately by President Donald J. Trump.  The illegal aliens who obtained legal permanent residency by this legerdemain can have their status revoked, and then be immediately deported either by Expedited Removal or by an Immigration Judge under orders to move deportation hearings along in a efficient manner.  All it will take is a will to take action.