Monday, November 28, 2016

There Are Problems With Deporting Illegal Aliens

But the solution is easy.  The radical left and the Treason Bar are quite correctly pointing out that President Donald J. Trump will have issues to deal with that will obstruct deporting the 30 million illegal aliens in the United States.  The problem is enormous, but not insurmountable.  However, Congress is needed.  President Trump will need to hold cuckservative Paul Ryan's feet to the fire and likely force the other cuckservative Mitch McConnell to end the filibuster.

Before they can be deported to their home country, immigrants have the right to a hearing before an immigration judge. But the nation's immigration courts are already overburdened.
That has led to a huge backlog of 521,676 cases waiting nearly two years on average to be heard, according to the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University. Cases take an average of 675 days to complete, with some states like Colorado averaging more than 1,000 days per case.
The only way to speed up those cases is to hire more immigration judges. There are currently 273, according to the Justice Department. Congress has approved funding to increase the number to 374, and Trump could ask Congress to hire even more.
[How Trump Can Ramp Up Deportations, Alan Gomez, USA Today, November 18, 2016]

The fly in the ointment is the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), the cadre of ambitious kritarchs that want to make their own immigration policy.  Now, strong leadership given to immigration judges can make them part of the solution, and I think that Attorney General-Designate Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III, can give the potential kritarchs the discipline they so desperately need.  But the left is correct, even with strong leadership, the backlog at the EOIR is too large to effectively deal with the huge illegal alien population.

What is needed is an expansion of Expedited Removal, a speedy deportation process for illegal aliens in the U.S. two years or less and criminal aliens.  President Trump needs to go to Congress to expand Expedited Removal to all illegal aliens and all aliens in the United States with non-immigrant visas who are removable.  The only aliens who should have a right to a hearing before an immigration judge are those admitted for lawful permanent residency (LPRs) not convicted of a crime and those admitted as a refugee or asylee, but not those applying for asylum in the United States.

However, any expansion of Expedited Removal requires legislation from cuckservatives such as Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.  

There is action by the Department of Homeland Security under President Trump that can get the process of deportation started, such as use of Expedited Removal for the 3 million or so criminal aliens and those illegals here who have entered less than two years ago, increased use of worksite enforcement, and expanded detention of illegal aliens in removal proceedings.  But those actions are limited in effect, even with the collateral self-deportations that will accompany public and vigorous enforcement of immigration laws.  

Expanding Expedited Removal is absolutely necessary to get at the large number of illegal aliens in the United States for more than two years.  Trump will have to bring pressure on Ryan and McConnell.  

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Treason Bar Planning Civil War

In a shocking editorial, the house organ for the Treason Bar,, has stated that violent resistance to the lawful deportation of illegal aliens is planned by traitors and secessionists in California and New York, as well as mayors in major cities such as New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

President-elect Trump has promised a major attack on the undocumented population. He has promised deportation of 2-3 million people. We do not think that such an operation is possible without resorting to military style tactics complete with machine guns in the midst of our cities. To do such massive and intrusive operations in a community is not possible without the support of the communities in which such operations are carried out. In America, such actions would be effectively stopped by actions of states like California and New York, whose governors commanding their National guards can take forceful actions. Mayors of cities of New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles will do their utmost to resist such attacks on their communities.
[November 17 - Assault On Employers, Immigration Daily, Editors,]

This should come as no surprise, as the traitors and communists who make up the Treason Bar hate America to the core, and they proclaim it openly in the same editorial.

The immigration policy of Trump supported by voters in rural and economically dying areas cannot be imposed upon the urban and thriving areas against the will of those communities...
We can expect the key positions affecting immigration -- Attorney General, Secretary of DHS and Heads of USCIS, ICE and CBP -- to be filled with those steeped in anti-immigration ideology or outright racism--veiled or otherwise. 

The editors at ILW are not the first to express their violent exterminationist communist ideology of nation breaking directed at the historic American people, the only surprise is that ILW did not publish any Trump assassination porn, as Jack Dorsey at Twitter allowed with his hashtag #AssassinateTrump.

The most revealing thing about this editorial calling for rebellion, secession, and civil war, is that the ILW editors are under the delusion that the New York National Guard and the California National Guard will follow the orders of Governor Andrew Cuomo, himself soon to be arrested for corruption, and Governor Jerry Brown.  The California National Guard has almost no members from the blue counties of California, almost all are from the rural and suburban red counties of the Central Valley and Sierra Nevada mountains, the rural Americans ILW so hates, so any orders from Jerry Brown to attack and murder Federal law enforcement officers at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Field Operations, the U.S. Border Patrol, and Office of Air and Marine Operations, will instead be violently resisted by the soldiers in the California National Guard, as they would be required to do by their Oath of Office. Any such orders from Jerry Brown would be illegal and unconstitutional, and would require the officers and enlisted ranks to immediately take action against Governors Brown and Cuomo, including the use of any reasonable force, including deadly force, to take them into custody for treason, sedition, and rebellion.  As for New York, few from the blue counties are in the National Guard, again it is patriotic rural and suburban Americans who join the Guard, and I expect the New York National Guardsmen to uphold their oath as well, and with enthusiasm.

This editorial from the Treason Bar is very revealing though.  It confirms that the Democrat Party is a treasonous criminal organization and its members are engaged in a seditious criminal conspiracy against the Constitution.

It also reveals the Stalinist nature of the Democrat Party.  This is no faculty Marxism, but hard core Communism, with violence at its core, no surprise since the Communist Party USA endorsed not only Barack Hussein Obama, but also Hillary Rodham Clinton for the presidency.  The Treason Bar, the Democrats, and the Communist Party are unified on the issue of waging war on America in the name of protecting illegal aliens.  They have the same goal, violently and bloodily replacing the American people.

President-Elect Trump and Attorney General-Designate Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III, must act expeditiously when they enter upon office.  This call to violence and sedition from the Treason Bar is only the tip of the iceberg.  This demand for planned and organized violent resistance by State governors is symptomatic of the attitude of the Democrat Party and its leadership, of which the Treason Bar is a major monetary contributor.  If nothing, the Democrats dance to the tune that is called by who is paying the piper.  It is without a doubt that this call to violence was cleared at the highest levels of the Democrat Party, perhaps even with the approval of Governors Brown and Cuomo, especially since Cuomo needs something to distract from the corruption surrounding him. What better than to murder a few Federal agents in the name of fighting racism?  Certainly the Clinton News Network and MSNBC will be all in to support this New York and California War on Racists.

The violent riots after the Trump win was only a start. Things are about to get very violent.  Trump and Sessions must act with dispatch and ruthless coercion to root out treason, sedition, and rebellion.

As an amusing aside, what are these effete lawyers thinking that they can run a military campaign? Did they think the beta hipsters, trannies, and homosexuals from Silicon Valley and San Francisco are up for a fight, much less know how to fire a gun?  The only good thing about this attempt at rebellion is that a new General Sherman, perhaps General James "Mad Dog" Mattis, can march through coastal California, burning Santa Cruz, Palo Alto, and San Francisco to the ground.  Now that would be a thing to see, the Calexit pansies faced with real men with real guns and running like little girls before the Alpha Male.

Arrest Candy Marshall and Her Co-Conspirators

It is not only university presidents, Democrat politicians, and California bureaucrats, that means you David Oxtoby, Jerry Brown and Meng So, among others, that can be arrested for violations of Title 8 United States Code, Section 1324, Bringing In and Harboring Illegal Aliens.  While Section 1324 is commonly used against coyotes and scofflaw employers of illegal aliens, it can and should be used against others who aid and assist illegal aliens to remain in the United States who have not commonly been prosecuted.

In the guidance for United States Attorneys and their staff, the Assistant United States Attorneys, the cadre of U.S. Department of Justice employees that prosecute most criminal acts in the Federal court system, the U.S. Attorneys' Manual  states clearly that one of the most important considerations for prosecution of a particular case is whether that prosecution will deter future criminal activity by the defendant and others in the future.

Although these principles deal with the specific situations indicated, they should be read in the broader context of the basic responsibilities of Federal attorneys: making certain that the general purposes of the criminal law—assurance of warranted punishment, deterrence of further criminal conduct, protection of the public from dangerous offenders, and rehabilitation of offenders—are adequately met, while making certain also that the rights of individuals are scrupulously protected.

And deterrent effect is what President Donald J. Trump, Attorney General-Designate Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III, and hopefully DHS Secretary-Designate Kris Kobach, need to use in their first 100 days of the battle to end illegal immigration.

Fortunately, the scofflaws who aid and abet illegal immigration are quite public about their criminal activity.  Their strategy is to make their crimes public and hope that they can intimidate The Donald. They are not without foundation in their belief.  In the past, the criminals who aid illegal immigration have escaped prosecution under both Republican and Democrat administrations.

Public defiance of the immigration laws presents serious risks for the perpetrators.  Even now many who publicly advocate defiance of Federal law, quietly hedge their defiance with references to court orders and legal processes. Michael Roth, President of Wesleyan University is an example of that; he ostentatiously declared Wesleyan a sanctuary, then backtracked saying that .

Wesleyan’s Mr. Roth said that by “sanctuary,” he means “a lack of cooperation until compelled to cooperate by law, and then you use the courts. We’ll do our best to protect our students.”

However, some are not so careful about running afoul of the law, for example Candy Marshall, President, TheDream.US, a criminal organization that assists illegal aliens to remain in the United States by providing money to those illegal aliens to attend post-secondary educational institutions.

Scofflaw Candy Marshall

From their website:

If You’re A Dreamer, We Can Help You Get The Education You Deserve.
We believe nothing should stand in your way of a college education—not the cost, your immigrant status, or the lack of financial aid.  Our scholarships can help you pay for your college education.

Any Assistant U.S. Attorney assigned to prosecute Candy Marshall and her co-conspirators would be estatic over that statement on  TheDream.US website. It is a very public admission to the criminal purpose of the organization and by implication its corporate leadership.

Even better, Gaby Pacheco, Director, Scholar Programs And Advocacy, for TheDream.US, went even further to establish the criminal nature of TheDream.US and the goals of the conspiracy:

ARLINGTON, Va.— TheDream.US announced today the opening of applications for two scholarship programs available for DREAMers in need of financial assistance for college. In the wake of the presidential election of Donald Trump, the organization asserted that undocumented immigrant youth and their families need support more than ever before.
“We remain steadfast in our belief that nothing should stand in the way of a DREAMer getting a college education—not the cost, immigration status or the lack of financial aid,” said Candy Marshall, president of TheDream.US.
The scholarships help young immigrants attend both four-year colleges and two-year community colleges. In addition, they open opportunities for those whose home states bar them from attending state schools by charging out-of-state tuition or refusing to admit them to top universities...
While the DACA program may be at risk under Trump’s administration, TheDREAM.US is moving forward with its programs and hopes to award at least 1,000 scholarships to DREAMers with DACA in spring 2017...
Since launching in 2014, TheDream.US has provided scholarships to over 1,700 students.
[Despite Election Results, Thedream.Us Offers Scholarships For College-Bound Dreamers, by Gaby Pacheco, Press Release, TheDream.US, November 15, 2016]

Criminal And Illegal Alien Maria Gabriela Gaby Pacheco, Known As The Rat

In the law enforcement business, that is what is known as a confession to past criminal activity, and, quite arrogantly, an admission that further criminal activity is planned.

Even better for a criminal prosecution, TheDream.US is quite open about who is providing the financial backing to this criminal activity, a who's who of the criminal conspiracy known as the Democrat Party:

TheDream.US has received funding from a variety of donors who share the belief that DREAMers deserve the opportunity to get a college education, including former Washington Post chairman Donald Graham and investigative journalist Amanda Bennett (both co-founders), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Pershing Square Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan, and Pierre and Pam Omidyar and others.

In most criminal cases, the perpetrators want to conceal their criminal activity.  Not in this case, and such public defiance of Federal criminal law calls out for a courageous Attorney General to prosecute those openly contemptuous of the law.  Such flagrant disregard for the law calls out for a prosecution to deter others from such criminal acts.

And conveniently, the criminals are all rabid opponents of President Trump, so there is no call for discretion.  Prosecution will not only help discourage illegal immigration and aiding illegal aliens, it will also break up the mega-rich foundations of the opposition to President Trump and the historic American nation.

Prototypical Yuppie Criminal Bill Gates

Badly Dressed Criminal Mark Zuckerberg

Time to make an example of these nation breakers and put down the criminal conspiracy known as the Democrat Party.  By criminally charging Marshall, Pacheco, Gates, and Zuckerberg, an example, for deterrent effect, can be made of these prominent criminals that would discourage not only future illegal aliens, but criminal conspiracies to assist illegal aliens.  And nothing would do that better than a perp walk for two of the richest men in the nation.  Further it would show that no one is above the law, something President-Elect Trump has promised to do.

As an aside, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is also civilly, as well as criminally liable in this conspiracy, and since it is a regulated charitable organization, it can be disbanded by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and all its assets seized for engaging in activities prohibited to charities. Those monies then revert to the general fund held by the Treasury Department, and can then be used to build the wall with Mexico. The only thing better than forcing Mexico to pay for the wall is using Bill Gates' billions for the wall, and perhaps a yyyuuge "deportation force" as well.

Politically, while it would raise a storm, there is no downside for President Trump.  Americans know that the swamp must be drained and that too many in this country are not held to account for their criminal activity.  It would be fitting bookend to the prosecution of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I say to President-Elect Trump, Si Tu Puede! Yes, you can!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Japan Solves The Refugee Problem

And the anchor baby problem, Japan just says no to both refugees and birthright citizenship.  The Japanese know that once you start allowing either refugees or anchor babies, an incentive is created for illegal immigration.  Japan has taken the tough steps in both cases, it denies asylum to illegal aliens and does not allow their children to obtain Japanese citizenship.

While there were almost 14,000 asylum cases under review at the end of 2015, Japan accepted only 27 refugees last year. The year before that, just 11.
[Japan Leaves Unapproved Asylum Seekers And Kids Born In-Country With Dire Choices, By Minami Funakoshi, Ami Miyazaki And Thomas Wilson, Japan Times, November 24, 2016]

Furthermore, birth in Japan does not convey citizenship on the children of illegal aliens or asylum applicants.

“Since I was born I’ve only ever interacted with Japanese people,” said Gursewak, who is now 17, speaks with native fluency and considers himself Japanese. “I don’t get why Japan won’t accept me.”
The immigration authorities are unmoved. The fact that these children were born in Japan, or arrived at a young age, doesn’t afford them any special status, officials say. “They are under deportation orders, so they are illegal,” said Naoaki Torisu, a Justice Ministry official overseeing immigration issues. “They have no legal right to stay in Japan.”

Nor are asylum seekers permitted to work in Japan, which discourages frivolous applications:

Gursewak’s parents, who are Sikhs, fled to Japan from India in the 1990s. For several years, they lived without visas under the radar until they were put on a status known as “provisional release” in 2001. It means they can stay in Japan as long as their asylum application is under review.
But it also means they can’t work, don’t have health insurance and need permission to travel outside the prefecture where they live. 

And most important, there are few Japanese who desire to change Japan into something it is not:

Chiba’s is a rare voice of dissent. Across the Japanese political spectrum, there is broad support for keeping immigration barriers high. Last year, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the solution to Japan’s demographic problems was getting more women and the elderly into the workforce, not loosening the nation’s immigration laws.

And there is no free medical care for asylum seekers, they have to pay their bills:

With Gursewak’s parents barred from working, the family has to scrape by on donations. They have no health insurance, and medical bills have piled up.
In May, Gursewak fell ill with chronic stomach pains and nausea. Medical tests added more than $700 to the family’s existing debts. A contract with a local hospital shows the Singhs are paying back about $50 a month.

There are even surprise visits by immigration officials to the homes of asylum applicants:

They are also subject to unannounced inspections by immigration officers at their home and face detention at any time.

Even better, the Japanese are not intimidated by demonstrations or pleading:

The Justice Ministry’s Torisu describes provisional release as a “humanitarian” approach. “We do not think the provisional release system is inhumane or faulty. We have no plans to change or reform this system,” he said in an interview.

Japan has taken the wise course to prevent illegal immigration, asylum fraud, and the preservation of their nation by preventing asylum, and asylum fraud, from changing the nature of the Japanese nation.  Japan shows how it can be done.  One can only hope President Donald J. Trump takes the same firm line against electing a new people.

Cultural Marxists Double Down On Sanctuary Schools

The educational blob has decided to go to a very public war with soon to be President, Donald J. Trump over illegal alien students.  It has announced a far ranging and public conspiracy to violate Federal law, specifically Title 8 of the United States Code (USC), Section 1324, Bringing and Harboring Certain Aliens, that prohibits any person or organization from aiding or abetting illegal aliens from entering or remaining in the United States.  The conspiracy, also a violation of Title 18 USC Section 371, Conspiracy, Title 18 USC Section 3, Principles, and Title 18 USC Section 3, Accessory After The Fact. The conspiracy is being led by David Oxtoby, President of Pomona College.

Hundreds of college leaders nationwide are pledging support for undocumented immigrants enrolled on their campuses, in response to fears that President-elect Donald Trump may push for larger-scale deportations.
The schools join more than a half dozen large cities which have also promised to shield illegal immigrants from federal authorities.
[Colleges Pledge Support for Undocumented Immigrant Students (mirror), by Melissa Korn and Alejandro Lazo, WSJ (pay site), November 23, 2016]

Conspirator David Oxtoby

Of import, is that the former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, current President of the University of California system, is acting in furtherance of this conspiracy, e.g. taking overt acts, with others in the UC system, perhaps including the UC General Counsel, Charles F. Robinson.  A note to Mr. Robinson, and others on the "task force" below, attorneys who engage in a conspiracy to violate Federal law are not protected by attorney-client privilege, nor is government employment a protection against criminal prosecution.  Beware the perp walk!

The University of California system has convened a task force to develop a strategy “on how best to protect our undocumented students,” according to spokesman Ricardo Vazquez. He said the system estimates it has a few thousand undocumented students.
UC System President Janet Napolitano, who served as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security under President Obama, is scheduled to meet with undocumented-student coordinators later this month.

The rhetoric of these criminals in defense of illegal aliens is quite strong, but they are prepping the ground for a retreat.  This appears to be a tactic to scare off President Trump from taking action, as many of the co-conspirators are hedging commitment to actually take substantive action.

Pomona’s Mr. Oxtoby said he intentionally avoided using the word “sanctuary” himself.
“We don’t want to try to promise something that we can’t guarantee,” he said. “Most colleges and universities, Pomona included, would respond to court orders. It’s a hypothetical. We’re hoping it would not reach that point.”


Wesleyan’s Mr. Roth said that by “sanctuary,” he means “a lack of cooperation until compelled to cooperate by law, and then you use the courts. We’ll do our best to protect our students.”

Interesting that they fall back on "court" decisions.  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations (ICE HSI) and Enforcement and Removal Operations (ICE ERO), use administrative subpoenas in most cases to obtain records held by parties concerning illegal aliens from employers and other institutions, public and private.  Such records are usually related to employment, but any record held by any person or organization is subject to subpoena, as are persons who may be compelled to appear before an immigration officer and give testimony about an illegal alien.  And such subpoenas are enforceable in a Federal court if the subject of the subpoena refuses to cooperate.  Imagine that, Janet Napolitano, former Secretary of DHS compelled by subpoena to appear before a DHS officer to give testimony about actions she took to protect illegal aliens from discovery and arrest.

This may be the hill that the Cultural Marxists in the education blob are going to die on.  As ICE subpoenas are administrative, they may go to Dolly Gee or another kritarch to get those subpoenas quashed.  The fight will eventually go to the Supreme Court, so President Trump will need to take all possible action, as previously described, if the kritarchs interfere.

Another co-conspirator, Michael Roth of Wesleyan University, is trying to ramp up the public campaign against President Trump and actually refers to immigration law enforcement with a pejorative, "extra-judicial" as if referring to extra-judicial killings.

 “We are signaling that we wouldn’t collaborate with what would have to be extrajudicial deportation campaigns,” said Wesleyan President Michael Roth.

The Cultural Marxists have laid down a marker, and President Trump will need to deal expeditiously with these criminals or risk losing any respect or fear his dangerous opponents now have.  This issue may make or break the Trump Administration.  Criminal prosecution of these scofflaws, as well as Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama is the only way President Trump can drain the swamp.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Chicago Way

Gauntlet thrown down, gauntlet picked up, challenge accepted.  Wesleyan University has decided to test the metal of President Donald J. Trump and Attorney General-designate William Beauregard Sessions, III., and hopefully Homeland Security Secretary-designate Kris Kobach.  Wesleyan University has publically stated it will be a sanctuary for illegal alien students in violation of Federal law, specifically Title 8 United States Code (USC) Section 1324, Bringing In And Harboring Certain Aliens, that prohibits any person or other legal entity, such as a corporation, State, political sub-division of a State, or a educational institution, from aiding and abetting illegal aliens from entering or remaining in the United States.

Following student outcry for protection of undocumented students, Wesleyan University President Michael Roth declared this week that Wesleyan is a sanctuary campus that will not voluntarily assist the federal government in any efforts to deport students or faculty because of their immigration status...
Roth made the announcement Monday, after meeting last week with students, faculty and staff and conferring with the school's trustees.
Roth said Tuesday that when he first heard the term sanctuary campus, he wasn't "exactly sure what people meant by it, but I was very interested in sending a message both to the campus community and beyond, that the kind of deportation proceedings that were discussed in the Trump campaign phase were anathema to our educational mission..."
Roth said that that through Wesleyan's alumni network, the university is putting together legal resources for members of the school community with questions concerning their immigration status.
[Wesleyan Declares Itself A Sanctuary Campus For Undocumented Immigrants, by Kathleen Megan, Hartford Courant, November 23, 2016]

Cultural Marxist Scofflaw Wesleyan University President Michael Roth 

Now, what Roth and Wesleyan University will be doing is in question.  And it appears that Roth is just virtue signalling, as he so far is just saying he and the University will not cooperate with "immigration officials" unless they are forced to.

The model for the sanctuary campus, Roth, are the sanctuary cities like Hartford and New Haven that have declared their intention not to cooperate with federal officials in seeking to deport residents simply because they lack appropriate immigration documentation.

For Wesleyan, Roth said, that means, "We would not cooperate with any efforts to round up people, unless we were forced to."

If immigration officials were to come to campus, Roth said, "We would go to court and say where is the legal authority? We would not just cooperate ... Not that this place is a place to hide, but a place where faculty, students and staff can have their information protected."

It appears that Roth knows that he does not have a leg to stand on with regard to the issue. Immigration officials are free to enter the campus without a search warrant as the University is open to the public, as a search warrant for illegal aliens, such as was used to enter the residence of Elian Gonzalez.  He also stated that Wesleyan would not cooperate "unless forced to."  Forced to would include such legal processes as subpoenas from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), formerly known as ICE SVU, and a Request For Evidence (RFE) from the U.S. ICE Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS).

Roth probably understands that as a post secondary school that admits legal foreign students on an F-1 non-immigrant visa, if challenged by SEVIS and HSI, Wesleyan stands to lose it authority to issue Form I-20, Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (F-1) Student Status-For Academic and Language Students, to foreign students if it resists any action by HSI or SEVIS.  He is walking a thin line between virtue signalling and real legal liability. Therefore he has hedged his commitment to illegal aliens with qualifications.

It is not certain though that he understands the implication of his statement though, and the authority of the Trump Administration to punish Wesleyan University, and other post-secondary schools.

Roth is probably smart enough to understand that Wesleyan University is also dependant on funding from the Federal government, most importantly Federal student grants and loans regulated by the Department of Education (DOE).  Consequently, Wesleyan University is dependant on the good graces of the DOE to remain in business, and one of the methods that the Trump Administration will have to punish Wesleyan University and others is the DOE can withdraw all funding for student assistance from those post-secondary schools involved in violations of Federal law, such as Title 8 USC 1324.  In fact, the DOE can send out a "Dear Colleague" letter informing colleges and universities that receive Federal funding that they are required to be in compliance with all Federal laws to received direct Federal grants and funding, as well as student aid funding received by their students.

Such instructions from the DOE would have an enormous impact, causing most colleges and universities to fold like a cheap suit.  They could also challenge the instructions in court, but they have already established the precedent with their failure to challenge a previous DOE "Dear Colleague" letter on sexual assault policies.  The legal precedent has been set, if they challenge the "Dear Colleague" letter on immigration enforcement, then they open themselves up to more lawsuits from male students on their biased disciplinary rules directed against men on campus.

Furthermore, Wesleyan University and other colleges and universities, such as the rest of the Ivy League, and the University of California system (UC), are heavily dependent on legal foreign students paying the full tuition, especially State university systems throughout the nation.  That gives the Trump Administration, including ICE SEVIS and the Department of State enormous leverage over all the colleges and universities enrolling illegal alien students.

Administratively, SEVIS administrators could immediately suspend those post-secondary institutions from issuing Form I-20 to new students or updating or changing information on current legal foreign students, effectively ending the ability of those institutions from enrolling, continuing to enroll, or graduating any legal foreign student. This would cause enormous damage to the budgets of most State and private colleges and universities.

Now, those colleges and universities could go to court to challenge those administrative actions. Their chance of success in the long run is low, as the legal precedent that Federal aid can be withheld from scofflaws and criminal actors is well established, but a sympathetic Federal Judge, such as Dolly Gee, could cause a significant delay.   President Donald J. Trump has three ways around any interference from kritarchs such as Judge Gee.

First, President Trump could order the DOS to stop issuing F-1 student visa.  There is no manner in which an alien outside the United States could challenge that action by President Trump.  The Supreme Court has recently reinforced the longstanding principle that aliens outside the United States have no appeal rights in a visa denial case in Kerry v. Din.  And the precedent is doubly strong for non-immigrant aliens.  Only the alien can be the claimant in such a case, and being outside the United States, they have no rights to due process in a government decision on a visa.

Secondly, President Trump can order the DOS to cancel current F-1 visas for those aliens enrolled at scofflaw colleges and universities, causing those aliens to lose their legal status and requiring them to immediately leave the United States or face arrest as illegal aliens.

Thirdly, President Trump can order U.S. Customs and Border Protection to refuse entry to those aliens with F-1 visas.  Such a decision is also not subject to judicial review.

President Trump has enormous power with his pen and phone over the issue of sanctuary schools.  He can basically put them out of business with little or no review.  The precedent has already been set by the Obama Regime with their orders to colleges and universities over the false issue of campus rape. As a matter of the principle of the sauce is good for the goose as it is for the gander, President Trump should act, and there is nothing the scofflaws in the educational establishment can do.

Cultural Marxists are challenging President Trump.  He has to respond, and with the Chicago Way; put the educational scofflaws in the morgue, figuratively speaking, of course, for their support of illegal aliens.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

What Can Be Done Immediately

The incoming Trump Administration has much to deal with in the area of immigration law enforcement and dealing with the bureaucracy at the Department of Homeland Security.  The last three administration, Clinton, Bush, and Obama have left a mess at the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and later at the three major components, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  As I described, USCIS will be the most recalcitrant of the major components, but the problem there can be solved with judicious use of personnel appointments and vigorous changes in administrative policy.

One of those areas that a President Trump appointment as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, hopefully Kris Kobach, or as Director of USCIS, is in the area of assimilation of legal immigrants into the United States.  This is particularly difficult as the official position of USCIS at the moment is Cultural Marxist multiculturalism and diversity rather than Americanization, patriotism, and assimilation.

Some have realized this, particularly one of the sole remaining patriots and non-cucks at National Review, John O'Sullivan. 

To believe, as most Americans do, that the U.S. Constitution is superior to international law, that immigrants — though welcome — should become part of a united national community rather than join an ethnic enclave in a balkanized America, and that our national identity is more important than any ethnic or transnational loyalty is not to take the low road of nationalist selfishness but the moral high ground of democratic self-government in a particular society. In global politics, moreover, these principles enshrine a universal ideal of democratic sovereignty within an independent liberal-democratic nation-state that inspires people in — yes — less happy lands.
[The Return of American Nationalism, by John O'Sullivan and John Fonte, National Review, November 18, 2016]  

Now, whether that policy of Americanization of immigrants will survive at NR is in doubt, but Kris Kobach or any other appointee at the Trump DHS can take immediate steps to deal with Americanization, patriotism, and assimilation, and without any legislation.

One of Kobach's first acts should be the immediate reform of the U.S. Citizenship American history examination.  Currently legal permanent residents applying for citizenship must pass a written examination consisting of 10 questions, of which they must get a mere 6 correct.  Basically, D students are being rewarded with American citizenship.  Worse yet, applicants are given the answers ahead of time with an official study guide with a list of the 100 questions that the 10 questions are chose from.  Furthermore, the questions are given to the alien in a private interview with an Immigration Services Officer (ISO) at USCIS, with corresponding opportunities for corruption or non-feasance on the part of the officer, a problem all too common at USCIS.

The new Secretary of DHS should instruct the Director of USCIS to immediately change the exam process, suspending the admission of the required written exam, the appointment of a distinguished historian, such as Larry Arne of Hillsdale College, to revamp and expand the written examination to a 200 question multiple choice examination properly administered and proctored based on the Advance Placement Examination in American History from the College Board. 

The written examination is required by legislation, but the nature of the examination is in the sole authority of the Secretary of DHS and not subject to judicial review.  So, with a pen and a phone, President Trump and his DHS Secretary can immediately implement a program of assimilation and Americanization.  Requiring citizenship applicants to actually study American history in detail will go a long way to assimilating those who at this time only have to obtain minimal skills in English or in civics.  It will have the beneficial aspect of keeping the worst groups of immigrants, those with low intelligence and achievement, and the most likely to vote Democrat in the future, from naturalizing as most will be neither interested in nor able to absorb the curriculum of a real examination in American history and civics.

This will be, however, only a start.  Many more administrative actions must be taken, such as paying serious attention to the ill-advised waiver available to certain aliens to the written exam.  Basically, aliens can claim a disability to be either excused the exam or have the exam in other than English. Current USCIS policy is to accept any specious claim put forward by an alien and their physician who "certifies" the disability.  There is widespread corruption, with many physicians and other pseudo-medical professionals, such as nurses and non-certified mental-health workers allowed to sign certifications of inability to either take the exam or inability to learn English.

The Secretary or new Director of USCIS could require that only specialist psychiatrists on contract to the government and not paid by the alien, could make such determinations.  The Secretary could also vigorously investigate fraud by such aliens.

However, legislation will be needed to reform the citizenship examination process to eliminate waivers of the exam, require mastery of English for all applicants, and backstop the changes in the written examination from collateral attack from the Treason Bar.  But it is a start to bringing back Americanization and assimilation to the immigration process.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Yes, who wants to be a millionaire?  Most people.  The lure of filthy lucre is universal. And there is a fantastic opportunity for some people.  Unfortunately for most, the this particular opportunity is not available to most, but unlike the Nigerian Prince scam, this chance at millions of dollars is real, very real.  However, it is only open to a privileged few.  It is open to a few people currently or formerly employed by institutions of higher learning throughout the United States.  The method of obtaining this fantastic wealth will be described in detail, but I will use a specific example, but the specifics are applicable to any State system of higher learning, or any private college or university, such as Yale, Harvard, or any less example.  But it is only open to those insiders who have access to real information at such institutions that violate Title 8 United States Code Section 1324.  For those who are following, I am writing an informal series on what President Donald J. Trump can do to effect real change in the area of immigration law enforcement here at Federale and VDare.

And you can be a millionaire thanks to the Republican government of the Union government of 1861 to 1865, the same government that gave us strong tariffs.  The back story is that the same industrialists who supported a strong tariff, like Alexander Hamilton, were also thieving scum when it came to the provisioning of the expeditionary force that exterminated the Second American Revolution.

During the war, unscrupulous contractors sold the Union Army decrepit horses and mules in ill health, faulty rifles and ammunition, and rancid rations and provisions, among other unscrupulous actions.  In response, Congress passed the False Claims Act on March 2, 1863, 12 Stat. 696. Because it was passed under the administration of President Abraham Lincoln, the False Claims Act is often referred to as the "Lincoln Law".
[False Claims Act (FCA), Wikipedia, September 1, 2016]

Basically, anyone who defrauds the Federal government is not only guilty of a criminal offense, but a civil offense as well.  The Federal government can prosecute offenders criminally, or it may file a claim against those offenders and recover just monetary damages in a civil proceeding.  And in the case of the FCA, the damages are based on a fine for each offense, up to $14,000.00 per specific act, and up to three times the actual loss to the government.

The problem is that the resources of the Department of Justice are limited.  There are only so many Assistant United States Attorneys in each United States Attorney's Office and Trial Attorneys at Main Justice.  There is much more fraud than can be investigated, prosecuted, and damages recovered. However, the Republicans of the period involving the late unpleasantness during the War Between The States had a solution.  Allow individuals with information to come before a Federal judge and act in the stead of the Attorney General.

This is called the qui tam provision of the FCA; qui tam pro domino rege quam pro se ipso in hac parte sequitur, meaning "who sues in this matter for the king as well as for himself. And up to 30% of any loss or settlement with the government.

And, to use a particular set of circumstances, in this case the ongoing criminal activity by the University of California (UC) system headed by President of the University of California Janet Napolitano, the relator in a qui tam lawsuit under the FCA will be the potential winner of millions of dollars given the widespread fraud committed by the UC system, administrators, and executives.  As this writer pointed out, the State of California and the UC system is engaged in ongoing criminal activity in violation of Title 8 United States Code Section 1324.  But besides being an ongoing criminal conspiracy, those acts by President Napolitano and her subordinates are also a civil fraud directed against the United States, specifically against the Department of State (DOS), which administers and receives fees for visa applications, including student visa applications (F-1 non-immigrant visas issued for the purpose of study at an accredited school, college, or university.)  The fee for each visa is $160.00.  For the thousands of illegal aliens admitted to the UC system, as well as the California State University (CSU) system and the California Community College system (CCC), the Federal government has been denied those fees.  The State of California, UC, CSU, and CCC are liable as institutions, as well as Janet Napolitano and Governor Jerry Brown who are liable individually for the loss to the Federal government.

Now, to become the millionaire who wins this lottery, you have to be an insider at one or more of the institutions involved.  A relator, the individual who brings a qui tam lawsuit under the FCA must have not a mere allegation or information available to the government, but specific information and generally that means a disgruntled insider in the bureaucracy of an offending institution, either corporate or governmental.  In this case it means someone at any of the UC campuses, the central administrative offices, or the office of the Governor.  It can be a minor functionary or an important bureaucrat.  But they must have unique information, such as emails, documents, or even testimony, such as President Napolitano told me that she wants illegal aliens to attend UC, or  Na'ilah Suad Nasir, current Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion, sent me an email saying that illegal aliens are being admitted and assisted by my subordinates in the Undocumented Student Program.

I am certain that there is a disgruntled employee somewhere in the UC system, perhaps a clerk that is rudely treated by Meng So at the Undocumented Student Program, or a secretary brow beat by an arrogant administrator in the Educational Opportunity Program, or any other bureaucrat with a grudge and some emails or documents that expose the criminals who are aiding and abetting illegal aliens at the UC system, the CSU system, or the CCC system.

It will worth millions to you.  And you can keep your job.  The FCA requires qui tam lawsuits to be filed under seal and once the case is settle, as it most likely will be, you will be a millionaire, and protected by Whistleblower protection laws.  So, you get the millions and you can keep your generous pay, healthcare, vision, and dental programs, and laugh all the way to the bank.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Strike While The Iron Is Hot

In my ongoing series of posts the issue of what President Donald J. Trump can do in the area of immigration law enforcement and policy I am giving the incoming President insider advice on what action to take. In the latest post, I identified several criminals aiding and abetting illegal aliens to enter and remain in the United States, including the sitting Governor of California, Jerry Brown, the President of the University of California (UC), Janet "Reno" Napolitano, and several major and minor functionaries in the UC system. [Target California, Federale, Federale Blog, November 13, 2016]  In my first post I warned about the allies and enemies President Trump will have in the immigration bureaucracy. [President Trump Will Have Foes In Immigration Bureaucracy—But Also Friends. They Can Help Him Win, Federale, VDare, April 21, 2016]  Importantly I warned about the vicious enemies he will have in U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  I have confirmed that most employees there are apoplectic over the Trump victory.  One senior USCIS employee even warned some employees not to be enthusiastic about Trump, claiming that Obama was still president, and his policies, rather than the law, will hold sway.  Well, warning to her, and it is a her, not one of the traitors I identified in the San Bernardino fiasco, but a close associate of that triumvirate of evil. [Treason and Sabotage: Immigration Bureaucrats Acted To Protect San Bernardino Terrorists, Federale, VDare, July 5, 2016]

In the spirit of criminalizing the Democrat Party, I again propose using the United States Code, Title 8, Section 1324, against those who think, like Hillary Clinton, they are above the law.  In this case, three big city mayors, Ed Lee of San Francisco, Rahm Emmanuel of Chicago, and Bill De Blasio of New York City, besides mouthing platitudes about immigrants and illegal aliens, actually take concrete action to aid, abet, and assist illegal aliens to remain in the United States.

All three of these big city Democrat mayors have openly stated that their cities are a "sanctuary" for illegal aliens.  One would think that admitting to a crime in public was not a good idea, but none are very bright, and interestingly for Democrat politicians, none are attorneys, which might explain their foolish statements.  In the law enforcement business, this is called a confession.

Now Los Angeles mayor Gil Garcetti has also publically stated that Los Angeles is a sanctuary city, but Garcetti is a lawyer, and is covered by the fact that Los Angeles does not take any affirmative action to specifically aid illegal aliens to remain in there.  LA city and county refuse in most cases to assist will immigration law enforcement, but such assistance is not legally required, as the Constitution prohibits the Federal government from forcing a State to take assist it.

SEATTLE — Democratic mayors of major US cities that have long had cool relationships with federal immigration officials say they’ll do all they can to protect residents from deportation, despite President-elect Donald Trump’s vows to withhold potentially millions of dollars in taxpayer money if they don’t cooperate.
New York’s Bill de Blasio, Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel and Seattle’s Ed Murray are among those in “sanctuary cities” who have tried to soothe immigrant populations worried about Trump’s agenda.
[Mayors Pledge To Defend ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Against Trump, by AP Staff Writer, New York Post, November 15, 2016]

However, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York, among other cities, actively assists illegal aliens in remaining in the United States.  The primary method is an identification card specifically designed for illegal aliens.  In fact, New York City is now planning to destroy all records of those cards to protect illegal aliens.

NEW YORK (AP) — When New York City launched the nation's biggest municipal ID card program last year, advocates said it would help people living in the U.S. illegally to venture out of the shadows.
But since Donald Trump was elected president, city officials are instead fielding questions about whether the cards could put those same people at greater risk of being deported.
The city has vowed to protect cardholders' personal records and might even delete them using a kind of self-destruct provision that allows for the information to be destroyed at the end of the year. At least one state lawmaker has criticized that idea, saying it could make it impossible to trace people if they have obtained cards fraudulently.
[After Trump Win, NYC Could Destroy Immigrant Id Card Data, AP Staff Writter, AP, November 15, 2016]

That, of course, would be illegal as well, a violation of Title 18 United States Code, Section 1519, Destruction of Evidence, also known as the Enron Statute, among other laws as well.  

It is very brazen of De Blasio especially, given his myriad legal problems and ongoing investigations, but it will give the New Yorker Trump cover to come at De Blasio on illegal immigration as well as De Blasio's corruption.

But for De Blasio, Lee, and Emmanuel, their main problem is the open flouting of Federal immigration law.  And it is especially delicious as in the last few years the left has been arguing that only the Federal government can have an immigration policy, now they claim that every city or State can have its own immigration policy.  However, cities and States cannot have their own immigration policy, nor are they allowed to aid, abet, and assist illegal aliens to remain in the United States.

To further his immigration enforcement policy, and in States where there is little or no political downside, Trump should immediately order Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) to initiate investigations into the municipal identification cards provided by San Francisco, New York City, and Chicago, then quickly have the Department of Justice bring criminal charges against those city employees involved in the issuance of the cards and the mayors, and give Emmanuel, Lee, and De Blasio the perp walk they so richly deserve.  Combine this with a prosecution of Hillary Clinton and her family and associates, and the Democrat Party will be finished.  There might even be a legal basis to use the RICO statute to declare the Democrat Party a criminal organization.

A criminal prosecution, not only of the individuals, but of the city governments themselves, would also enable President Trump to cut off all Federal funds from the cities involved, as usually restrictions on funding is directly related to the purpose of the funds, but that principle does not apply to criminal actors.  

But President Trump must strike quickly, a good strategy would see these indictments and perp walks soon after a Hillary Clinton indictment and perp walk.  Strike while the iron is hot! Shock and awe the Democrats into submission.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Target California

The inestimable Patrick Buchanan has said Action This Day is needed as the President-Elect Donald J. Trump is preparing various policies to implement on January 20, 2017.  And in the area of immigration enforcement these watchwords describe the immediacy of action needed.  And, as promised, there are immediate actions in the area of immigration law enforcement that President Donald J. Trump can take that will have stunning action across the nation. [Action This Day, Pat Buchanan, VDare, November 10, 2016].

The Center For Immigration Studies (CIS) has an excellent article on what President Trump can do to reverse much of the damage that the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty has done to immigration law enforcement and administrative policy making, aptly titled "A Pen And A Phone." It gets into the details that only few would understand or enjoy given the mind numbing complexity of immigration law and policy, but their work is highly recommended from this professional.  [A Pen and A Phone, CIS, April 2016]

However, I would like to take Pat Buchanan's recommendation regarding Action This Day, the motto of the Special Operations Executive (SOE), and go further, as Churchill demanded of the SOE, to set Europe ablaze, and set the illegal immigration network ablaze; not by burning illegal aliens, but by destroying the public infrastructure that illegally supports, aids, and abets illegal aliens in the United States in violation of Title 8 United States Code (USC), Section 1324, Bring In and Harboring Certain Aliens.  This federal law prohibits any person, group of persons, or organization from aiding and abetting any illegal alien to remain in the United States. It covers any activity, including providing employment, concealment, or other incentive to enter or remain in the United States, such as financial aid to attend a college or university.

A perfect target is the State of California.  The State government at all levels, starting from the top with Governor Jerry Brown and reaching down to minor functionaries in the Department of Motor Vehicles and the California university systems, is actively engaged in ongoing activity to aid, abet, and assist illegal aliens to remain in California. Importantly, there will be no political down-side, as California is a completely Democrat controlled State, so there is no reason to go easy on the State, the bureaucrats, or even the voters, as this action will cause great distress to the tax-payers there.

Steve Sailer pointed out in an article about a whiny illegal alien student that the State of California, the University of California (UC) system, and the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) actively support numerous illegal aliens. [NYT: Undocumented Student Denounces Free Speech on Immigration Policy, Steve Sailer, VDare, November 7, 2016] UCB even has a special office dedicated to illegal aliens, the Undocumented Student Program, part of the Educational Opportunity Program.  The UCB EOP website conveniently identifies the two employees involved in aiding, abetting, and assisting illegal aliens to receive an education at UCB, including providing funds, financial aid, and housing, all prohibited by Title 8 USC 1324.

The two employees that enthusiastically support illegal aliens are Meng So, Undocumented Student Program Director/Academic Counselor, whom you can contact here:, 119 Cesar Chavez Student Center, Berkeley, CA 94720, (510) 642-7224, and Liliana Iglesias, Undocumented Student Program Academic Counselor,

Meng So

Liliana Iglesias

Both So and Iglesias are engaged in a conspiracy, not only between themselves, but with others, including Nicholas Dirks, Chancellor UCB,  Robert J. Birgeneau, Chancellor Emeritus of UCB, Gibor Basri, former Vice Chancellor for Equity & Inclusion,  Na'ilah Suad Nasir, current Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion, and Janet "Reno" Napolitano, President of the University of California, to aid and abet illegal aliens.

Birgeneau was quite the booster for illegal aliens:

“Against great odds, our ‘Dreamers’ have persevered to be here at Berkeley — adding so much to this campus,” said Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau, who has made access to UC Berkeley by talented students from all walks of life a centerpiece of his eight-year tenure. “We are grateful for the courage of these ‘Dreamers’ and also for the courage of those who stepped forward to support them. Our challenge is to continue ensuring that all our students at Berkeley, regardless of background, have access to their dreams, and that we do not waste the potential of a single talented person.”
[Nation’s Single-Largest Gift For Scholarships To Undocumented Students Announced, by Jose Rodriquez, Berkeley News, December 12, 2012]  Note that Berkeley News is an official publication of UCB.

Now, the essential elements of the crime are easy to establish, as the standard of proof or mens rea, is knowing or mere reckless disregard for the fact.  This is a very low threshold for conviction and is  at the lowest level of general intent crime, not a specific intent crime.  

(iii) knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals, harbors, or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, such alien in any place, including any building or any means of transportation;
(iv) encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such coming to, entry, or residence is or will be in violation of law; or
(v) (I) engages in any conspiracy to commit any of the preceding acts, or
     (II) aids or abets the commission of any of the preceding acts,

Since Napolitano was the former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), proving her knowledge is easy, and much easier is reckless disregard of the fact, especially given that UCB and the UC system openly support illegal aliens, even the name of the program and its office are evidence that can be used against all five of the suspects, Undocumented Student Program.  As they say in the business, case closed.

The import of taking action in the case is that it will send shockwaves not only through the UC system, but also the other public post-secondary educational systems in California, the California State University system (CSU) and the California Community College system. Both aid, abet, and assist illegal aliens to use their systems, including financial aid.

President Trump can order an immediate investigation by the the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), notorious for not investigating immigration law violations.  This will give a chance for HSI redeem its reputation as ICE SVU.

The case is what is called "open and shut" as the perpetrators openly boast of their criminality, including a possible seventh defendant, Governor Jerry Brown. 

On Monday evening, California Governor Jerry Brown said all Mexicans, including illegal immigrants, are welcome in California. 
According to the Los Angeles Times, while introducing Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, who said America is “the other Mexico,” Brown “spoke about the interwoven histories of Mexico and California.” He “nodded to the immigrants in the room, saying it didn’t matter if they had permission to be in the United States.”
“You’re all welcome in California,” Brown reportedly said.
[Gov. Jerry Brown to Mexican Illegals: 'You're All Welcome in California', by Tony Lee, Breitbart, August 26, 2014]

The State of California aids illegal aliens in other ways as well, the most significant being that it issues driver's licenses to illegal aliens with the full knowledge that those aliens are illegal.  Besides Governor Brown, there are other significant suspects in this aspect of the ongoing violation of Title 8 USC 1324 by the State of California, including Brian P. Kelly, Secretary of the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) and Jean Shiomoto, Director of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

In fact, a confession of the liability of Brown, Kelly, and Shiomoto for violating 8 USC 1324 is on the California DMV website:

Assembly Bill (AB) 60 (Chapter 524: Statutes of 2013) requires the department to issue an original driver license to an applicant who is unable to submit satisfactory proof of legal presence in the United States. 

That is what is called in the law enforcement business a smoking gun.  Even better is that immigration law violations qualify for prosecution under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), which enables the United States to seize all assets related to the crimes, which would essentially bankrupt the State of California.  RICO also places liability for the crimes committed by the numerous DMV bureaucrats for each illegally issued driver's license to be placed on their superiors, Brown, Kelly, and Shiomoto, which would result in multiple life sentences for each.  That would also apply to the co-conspirators at UCB Undocumented Student Program and their supervisors, So, Iglesias, Dirks, Birgeneau, Basri, and Nasir.

Co-Conspirator Governor Jerry Brown

Co-Conspirator Nicholas Dirks, Sporting that Trotsky Look

It was said that after the French army mutiny during the Great War, one of ten of each of the mutinous units was shot, pour encourage les autres. An aside, the movie with Kirk Russell, Paths of Glory, documents this incident.  A fantastic movie, but only made to denigrate military service during the Cold War.  

But, back to our criminal conspiracy, President Trump needs to encourage les autres to both stop aiding illegal immigration and to encourage illegal aliens to self-deport.  Action against the above criminals both at the top of the State of California political and bureaucratic systems and at lower levels will frighten others into ending their assistance to illegal aliens and motivate illegal aliens to leave California and the United States.  This will also put California in play politically as white voters, still a majority of voters, see someone acting in their interests.

And it will be a fitting book-end to prosecuting Hillary Clinton.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Alien Smuggling Becomes Human Trafficking Thanks To The Treason Bar

Alien smuggling, the criminal conspiracy to bring aliens to the United States to live illegally is a major crime involving the largest Mexican, and other, criminal organizations, which means the notorious drug cartels; Los Zetas, Gulf Cartel, Juarez Cartel, Sinaloa Cartel, etc. are all engaged in alien smuggling.  However, just as the Cultural Marxists and ethnic lobbies have renamed illegal aliens as Americans-in-waiting, they have renamed alien smuggling to human trafficking.  And their intent is to legitimize the one of the two co-conspirators in the alien smuggling business, the illegal alien who contracts to be smuggled to the United States.  For the record the other party in this illegal criminal conspiracy, are the coyotes, the smugglers.  And usually these coyotes, are also contrabandistas, or drug smugglers as well.

However, there are not just two parties to the smuggling of illegal aliens.  There is a third, and it is the government of the United States, which routinely completes the illegal act of alien smuggling by delivering illegal aliens to their intended destination.  

More evidence has come public confirming that the intent of the Federal government and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is to aid, abet, and assist illegal aliens and their coyotes to arrive in and remain in the United States.  And it is done under the guise of fighting what the government once called alien smuggling, but now calls human trafficking.  And the creators and managers of this conspiracy to violate Title 8 United States Code Section 1324, Bringing and Harboring Certain Aliens.

DHS has recently announced that illegal aliens that have been smuggled into the United States will now be rewarded with two years of legal status in the United States, including welfare, food stamps, housings, a Social Security Number, and work authorization.  All part of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.

DHS created the Blue Campaign in 2010 to serve as the Department’s unified voice to combat human trafficking. By prioritizing the fight against human trafficking and improving our coordination across the Department on this important issue, we embarked on a concerted effort to raise public consciousness of human trafficking, protect victims, and bring perpetrators to justice.  

Earlier today, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson participated in the annual meeting of the President’s Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Human Trafficking (PITF) at the White House. This meeting provided an important opportunity to take stock of our efforts to combat human trafficking not only over the past year, but throughout this Administration. We know that our work to fight human trafficking is not over, but I am incredibly proud of how far we have come.  

During the meeting, Secretary Johnson announced the Department’s revision to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Directive on Continued Presence. This revision will extend the duration of this important immigration designation for non-U.S. citizen victims of human trafficking from one year to two years, providing crucial stability and greater support to victims as they aid in the investigations of their traffickers. This is a part of our Department’s victim-centered approach to combating human trafficking.
[Why DHS Fights Human Trafficking, by Maria Odom, DHS Blog, October 24, 2016]

And note that name Maria Odom, she was a leader in the Treason Bar.

Odom came to the Department as a legal expert with a wide range of immigration experience in the government, private and charitable sectors.  Most recently, Odom led the country’s largest network of charitable legal immigration programs as the Executive Director of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC).  Odom practiced immigration law in the southeast for many years, leading a successful private practice dealing with defense from removal along with business and family-based immigration. 

Treason Bar Shyster Maria Odom

And do not forget the pay-to-play with the Treason Bar.  These illegal aliens need an attorney to wind their way through the paperwork to get this relief from deportation.  The Treason Bar endorsed Obama long ago and is getting pay back for their campaign donations and support, not just with the position of Ombudsman at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, they get millions of illegal aliens paying enormous amounts of attorneys' fees.  It's not just Crooked Hillary that is in the pay-top-play scheme.  

Donald J. Trump will have his work cut out for him at USCIS.  He will need to stamp out traitors in the bureaucracy, and it can be done, Si Se Puede!