Friday, January 20, 2017

California Going Broke, Again

The State of California, besotted and ridden with illegal aliens, is back in a deficit.  Between massive pension obligations that California and its political subdivisions, cities, counties, and independent agencies, have, and a $1.9 billion major blunder in calculating the welfare program for healthcare for the lazy, indolent, and illegal, the Golden State is broke, again.  Add to that $10 billion that California owes to the Federal government because of borrowing for the California Unemployment Insurance Fund.

This however, opens up another opportunity for President Donald John Trump to crush the open defiance of Federal immigration law.  California is basically in financial collapse, mostly because of expanded welfare, an insane high speed rail program, and massive spending despite some of the worst schools in the country and skyrocketing crime.

States can't declare bankruptcy and their debts must be paid in all cases.  And that gives President Trump great leverage over California.

California needs Federal money, not just to deal with the cascading debt, but with the various programs, from its educational system to law enforcement to transportation, that are dependant on Federal funding.  All that is at risk due to criminal behavior by the State of California and its Constitutional officers and bureaucrats.  While most Federal monies given to States is obligatory, that is obviated by various types of misconduct by the State receiving the monies and the obligation to pay back certain monies, such as the borrowed monies for the Unemployment Insurance Fund. California and other States must administer their Federal monies according to Federal rules.  One of those rules is that criminal activity by the receiving agency of a State invalidate any grant or contract, requiring immediate payment of all monies received back to the Federal government.  California is in violation of that legal principle, since it assists illegal aliens to enter into and remain in the United States in violation of Title 8 United States Code, Section 1324, Bringing and Harboring Certain Aliens.  This is separate and distinct from specific requirements of individual programs.  For instance, the Federal government can place conditions on funds sent to the States, but those conditions can't be oppressive as recently ruled in the Obamacare decision, but that is separate from criminal activity by a recipient of Federal funds.  Once a recipient engages in criminal activities, all the funds are subject to cancellation or refund to the Federal government.  And obviously the State of California can't afford to lose any funds.

It is time for President Donald John Trump to put California on notice that it must stop its defiance of Federal law and immediately rescind such laws that support illegal aliens, expel all illegal aliens from post-secondary schools, and revoke all driver's licenses for illegal aliens. Or else!

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