Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Twitter Continues Its War On America

The men who run social media, mostly Jews and Homosexuals; Jack Dorsey at Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook, Tim Cook at Apple, and Eric Schmidt at Google, hate America in general, and white Americans in particular. Specifically, they support Muslim terrorism and the war those Muslims are waging on the world. They also hate Donald John Trump in particular.

SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook, Google and Twitter are being sued by the families of three victims slain in the mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub for allegedly providing "material support" to the Islamic State.
The lawsuit, first reported by Fox News, was filed Monday in federal court in the eastern district of Michigan on behalf of the families of Tevin Crosby, Javier Jorge-Reyes and Juan Ramon Guerrero.
The lawsuit is the latest to target popular Internet services for making it too easy for the Islamic State to spread its message. In June, the family of a California college student killed in  last year's terrorist attacks in Paris sued Facebook, Google and Twitter. Keith Altman, the attorney representing the three families in the Orlando nightclub lawsuit, also represents the family of that student, Nohemi Gonzalez, in the Paris terrorist attacks lawsuit.
The Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, uses popular Internet services such as Facebook, Twitter and Google's YouTube to spread propaganda, to attract and train new recruits, to celebrate terrorist attacks and publicize executions.
[Facebook, Twitter, Google Sued By Orlando Shooting Victims' Families, by Jessica Guynn, USA Today, December 20, 2016]

Twitter also specifically  supports the assassination of President-Elect Trump, it still allows the #AssassinateTrump hashtag despite its claim that threats of violence are prohibited on Twitter. Besides allowing terrorists to maintain accounts, Twitter also gave the terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood a verified account, #Ikhwanweb.

Furthermore, Twitter has decided to interfere with investigations into Muslim and Islamic State terrorism:

A company partially owned by Twitter is now actively prohibiting U.S. “fusion centers” run by the Department of Homeland Security from accessing its social media monitoring tool, citing an internal policy prohibiting the use of Twitter’s data for surveillance purposes.
Dataminr's decision follows inquiries from American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which included details about how the centers have been used by federal agencies to gather intelligence on activists and innocent Muslim Americans.
Dataminr’s software is capable of combing through billions of tweets in real-time, pinpointing those of unique significance to its clients. What began as a tool for Wall Street traders is now a highly customizable platform marketed to clients in a variety of fields, including finance, corporate security, and news media...
The ACLU has established that Dataminr—which relies heavily on geo-tagged posts—is also being used at U.S. fusion centers in direct defiance of Twitter’s anti-surveillance policy. The ACLU reports that it received a letter this week from Twitter confirming that Dataminr will no longer be used by “any local, state, or federal government customer” as a tool for spying.
[Homeland Security Fusion Centers Cut Off From Dataminr, A Social Network Monitoring Tool, by Dell Cameron, The Daily Dot, December 14, 2016]

Datamining is what Democrats claimed the Bush Administration failed to do when it failed to connect the dots before 9/11, and the Obama Regime's deliberately destroyed the dots it connected, what Philip Haney exposed in See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government's Submission to Jihad.

The irony of course is that the homosexuals, Jews, and trannys at Twitter and Silicon Valley companies will be some of the first executed by the Islamic State if they are successful in conquering the United States or any other country.

But such actions by the Islamic State are part of the sexual fantasies of homosexuals in the "rough trade," undoubtedly something Tim Cook is familiar with.

But such hate-filled men such as Cook, Schmidt, Dorsey, and Zuckerberg see only their immediate enemies, Christian white men and the United States.  They fantasize about destroying America and humiliating white men, with the best way to do that is using Muslim terrorists.  And more the better when assisting Muslim terrorists is to profit off their terrorist propaganda by selling advertising related to their hate preaching, tweets, and terrorist training videos.

Fortunately, Donald John Trump has a way to fight back against the terrorist sympathizers in the social media racket.

Apple is completely dependant on manufacturing in Communist China.  President Trump could destroy Apple by prohibiting the importation of electronic devices such as computers, cell phones, and music players from China. Apple would collapse upon losing the American market.  Similarly, Google and its Android cell phones are mainly produced in China, though many are made outside China.  Banning such products from Red China would both hurt the Red Chinese Menace and their domestic supporters, both killing blows to the Democrat Party as well.

Domestically, President Trump can go after Google, Facebook, and Twitter for their support for terrorism by profiting off terrorist activity and their criminal activity by supporting threats against the President-Elect and the President, to wit violations of Title 18 United States Code Section 879Threats against former Presidents and Certain Other Persons and Title 18 USC Section 2339A, Providing Material Support For Terrorists.

(a) Whoever knowingly and willfully threatens to kill, kidnap, or inflict bodily harm upon - (1) a former President or a member of the immediate family of a former President; (2) a member of the immediate family of the President, the President-elect, the Vice President, or the Vice President-elect; (3) a major candidate for the office of President or Vice President, or a member of the immediate family of such candidate;

Whoever provides material support or resources or conceals or disguises the nature, location, source, or ownership of material support or resources, knowing or intending that they are to be used in preparation for, or in carrying out, a violation...or in preparation for, or in carrying out, the concealment of an escape from the commission of any such violation, or attempts or conspires to do such an act, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 15 years, or both, and, if the death of any person results, shall be imprisoned for any term of years or for life. A violation of this section may be prosecuted in any Federal judicial district in which the underlying offense was committed, or in any other Federal judicial district as provided by law.

Facebook and Google are also vulnerable under the Sherman Anti-Trust Act for monopolies or near monopolies in social media.  I have it on good opinion that trial attorneys in the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice are chomping at the bit to go after Facebook and Google.  Despite the lawyers at the DOJ ATD being good liberals, they hate private business more than they love the leftwing ideology that Google and Facebook propagate and they want a trophy on their wall, like all good government prosecutors.  Facebook and Google could provide that career goal and provide for an alliance with the generally pro-business Trump.

There is plenty of precedent for this, remember the Clinton DOJ went after liberal Microsoft in the 90s, all based on the predominance of Microsoft Explorer and the failure of Netscape Navigator.  The case was foolishly settled by the Jorge Bush DOJ, but not before Microsoft swallowed the Clintonite poison, and is now part of the anti-American conspiracy.

By strategically using his power over international commerce, the antitrust laws, and of course prosecuting Hillary Clinton and Democrat supporters of illegal aliens, President Trump could end the scourge of homosexualist and Islamist domination of social media, and end the Democrat Party as we know it.

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