Monday, March 27, 2017

Governor Jerry Brown Vows Civil War To Stop Deportations, #BasedElbowMan Disagrees

The next Civil War, #CivilWarII, is coming sooner than you think.  On Sunday, Governor Jerry Brown, during a Meet The Press interview, warned the Federal government to stop deporting illegal aliens for face violence from the State of California. This should be no surprise, as the Treason Bar broached this strategy for the Democrat Party some months ago, which this writer reported in numerous postings, but first in November 2016. [Treason Bar Planning Civil War, by Federale, Federale Blog, November 26, 2016] Since then the plans for and actual treason, sedition, assassination plans, criminality, and violence have continuously become more widespread.

Traitor Jerry Brown

Now Jerry Brown has essentially adopted the Treason Bar plan of using the State of California, presumably the California Highway Patrol (ChiPs), the California State Military Reserve (CTM), and the California National Guard (CNG), as well as undoubtedly using Communist terrorist groups, such as Black Block and Antifa as auxiliaries or shock troops.  It is unlikely that the CHiPs, CTMR, and CNG will fight for illegal aliens as pointed out earlier as they are mostly white men, but the Antifa terrorists will be used extensively, and not prosecuted by the State Attorney General's Office, run by a Mexican Attorney General, Xavier Becerra or corrupt local District Attorneys, when they attack either Federal agents or patriotic Americans.

Despite the fact that the State of California under Jerry Brown filed a court brief against the Arizona law, Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act, popularly know as SB 1070, aiding immigration law enforcement that claimed the Federal government has sole authority over immigration, now Jerry Brown thinks that the State of California can not only have it's own immigration policy, but that it can interfere with Federal immigration enforcement actions.

“We’re the innovation capital, high tech, agriculture, 40- to 50-billion-dollar industry. You don’t want to mess with California, because you’re going to mess with the economy, and that could blow up in your face in a gigantic recession and roll the Republicans right out of this town.”
In the same interview, Brown said the state would fight hard to prevent the wall that Trump has proposed building between the U.S. and Mexico — but, he said, it would do so strategically, not through “stupid lawsuits.”
[Jerry Brown: ‘You Don’t Want To Mess With California,’ by Katy Murphy, The Mercury News, March 27, 2017]

Brown goes further, implying more violence and criminal defiance of Federal law:

I don't like that wall, number one. And to the extent that that violates law, certainly I would enforce that. We're not going to sit around and just play patsy and say, "Hey, go ahead. Lock us in. Do whatever the hell you want. Export-- deport 2 billion, 2 million people." No, we're going to fight, and we're going to fight very hard.
[Meet The Press 03-26-17, NBC News, March 26, 2017]

On cue, Communist thugs from Antifa were on California's streets attacking patriotic Americans:

Violence erupted at a Make America Great Again rally in Huntington Beach on Saturday after a protester opposed to President Trump allegedly doused a female organizer of the event with pepper spray, sparking a brawl that ended with several arrests.
A group of flag-waving Trump supporters tackled the man with the pepper spray, who was wearing a black mask, and started punching and kicking him, according to witnesses. Several other fights also broke out between demonstrators.
[Violence Erupts At Pro-Trump Rally In Huntington Beach, by Cindy Carcamo, Adam El Mahrek, and Ben Brazil, LAT, March 26, 2017]

The violence did not erupt, it was planned and executed by Antifa terrorists.  However, patriotic Americans, including #BasedElbowMan and hundreds of others, fought back and drove Antifa from the battlefield.

Anonymous Hero #BasedElbowMan Worthy Heir To #BasedStickMan

Already, Antifa is arming up for terrorist attacks:

However, across the street, on the Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza-side of 17th Avenue were the left-wingers, some of them masking their faces, some not. Many of them were armed with long guns. You know, just like the "patriot" groups...
About that time, the group lined up, double-file, and began walking toward 19th Avenue...
Since you don't every day see groups of left-wingers totin' semi-automatic rifles, strolling down the sidewalk, I figured I would follow them and record this odd phenomenon via Facebook Live.
[Lemons: Gun-Totin' Left-Wingers Demonstrate at the Arizona Capitol: Is Bloodshed on the Horizon?, by Stephen Lemons, Phoenix New Times, March 26, 2017]

And like good Communists, they did not want the press taking their photos or interviewing them, then issuing threats when the press refused to stop photographing them.  They were certain afraid that photographs would be used as evidence in any upcoming treason and sedition trials.

Earlier, the spokeswoman told me that someone with the Brown Berets might talk with me, but she later came up as I was recording the group with my iPhone, and told me the Brown Berets were keeping it zipped as well.
She also asked me to stop filming. And I told her I wasn't going to do that, because we were on public property...
He would not do this, and the conversation went back and forth, with him asking me to stop filming and leave, and me informing him that we're in a public place and I'm not going anywhere.
"I'm just going to warn you that we're not responsible for anything that might happen to that phone," he told me, meaning the phone I was holding.
The spokeswoman approached, justifying their request that I not film because they were "trying to protect the safety and identity of our members."
Since many were hiding their faces already, I didn't see this as much of an issue. But I informed her that we live in a free society and that means, when you are demonstrating in a public place, the press gets to film you.

Communist Terrorists Openly Preparing For Violence

So, besides violence in the streets against the historic American people, the Communists are arming up for their revolution.  Violence is in the offing, lots of violence, and it will be very bloody.

It is time for President Trump and Attorney General Sessions to begin investigations and arrests, not only of seditious State officials, such as Governor Jerry Brown, but of terrorist groups such as the Brown Berets and Antifa.  If Trump and Sessions don't act now, the blood will flow.  A statesman once warned of this: As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see "the River Tiber foaming with much blood".

Time for patriots to arm up.  Guns, shields, pepper spray, sticks, etc.  Never be at a public demonstration without the means to defend yourself.  And be prepared to have to fight Antifa terrorists in the streets.  The Cold Civil War will get very hot soon.  Urban warfare is nasty business, but you will have to fight to defend yourself against the Jerry Brown and his Antifa thugs.

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