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Leftist Media And Democrats Prove Trump Can Be Intimidated

President Donald J. Trump appears to be going from strength to weakness.  After a strong State of the Union speech and fighting back against the Obama Regime wiretapping his residence, campaign staff, and former associates, the Democrats and their co-conspirators in the media have scored a victory in their fight against deporting illegal aliens.  A full-court press by the media and Democrats resulted in the release of notorious lesbian illegal alien Daniela Vargas.

Daniela Vargas, Illegal Alien And Lesbian

First the campaign and an article by a so-called reporter who appeared to be a transcriptionist for the campaign to free Vargas:

JACKSON — As Daniela Vargas sits in an immigrant detention center in Jena, La., 166 miles from her Jackson home, concerned citizens, advocates and pastors gathered here in the courtyard of Fondren Presbyterian Church to hold a vigil for the 22-year-old undocumented immigrant. Immigration officials detained her last week after she spoke out at a press conference, two weeks after they took her father and brother from their west Jackson home.
Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officials announced last week that she would not be eligible for a hearing before an immigration judge. Vargas had applied for Deferred Action on Childhood Arrival status, referred to as DACA, at the time of her detainment.
[Petitions, Vigil Demand Feds to #FreeDany from ICE Detention Center, by Arielle Dreher, Jacksonville Free Press, March 7, 2017]

Dreher even refers to her as a citizen without correction or comment:

Elmore told the vigil last night that Vargas had a good argument for "prejudice" in court. "This young lady has spent 15 years building a ... record as a good solid citizen, and you want to send her somewhere where those achievements mean little to nothing. Now that is what you call prejudice," Elmore said Monday night, referring to her legal standing.

And apparently education neither exists or is appreciated in Argentina.  An interesting claim ignored, again, by the transcriptionist.  You can contact Dreher here.

And, unfortunately, the pressure on President Trump worked:

A 22-year-old undocumented immigrant who was detained by the authorities last week after speaking out about her deportation fears was released on Friday, her lawyers and rights groups said.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said that the woman, Daniela Vargas, would be freed under an order of supervision, although it did not disclose the terms of the order, according to a statement from the Elmore and Peterson law firm, which is representing Ms. Vargas. The officials, the statement said, also did not disclose why her release from a detention center in Jena, La., was being ordered now.
[Woman Detained After Speaking About Deportation Fears Is Released, by Christine Hauser, NYT, March 10, 2017]

Vargas entered the United States on the Visa Waiver Program.  This allows certain aliens to enter without a visa, but they do not have the right to contest their entry or a deportation.  Those are some of the conditions that Congress set on the program.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), the component of the Department of Homeland Security that arrested Vargas, as well as her criminal alien brother, and father, but not her mother living in a different State, had the opportunity to removal all three immediately to Argentina.  There was no reason for her not to be deported within the ten days she was held in custody.  There are multiple direct flights, and more with layovers, to Argentina. The only delay could have been obtaining a passport for her, though if it wanted to, as the Vargas family arrived by airline, ICE ERO could have prepared a travel document for her as provided by an international agreement where travelers by air who are deported can be sent back with only an official letter from the receiving country attesting to the identity and nationality of the deportee.

It appears that Vargas refused to sign a passport application, no passport was found during the search of her home, or someone in ICE ERO failed to take the initiative to produce a travel letter for her.

But worse yet, it appears that Steve Bannon may have been behind her release.

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration doesn’t want to talk about it.
When asked about the Obama-era program that allowed undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children to remain in the country and work, press secretary Sean Spicer has repeatedly demurred. Instead, he’s talked about the administration’s enforcement priorities.
When deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders is asked about Donald Trump’s private remarks that these so-called DREAMers shouldn’t worry about deportation, she says she doesn’t want to get ahead of the president.
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA — which Trump said he would rescind on day one — is rough political terrain for the White House. Conservative media and elected officials see it as a rare hardline immigration promise the administration hasn’t kept, and the White House is kicking it down the road for as long as officials can.
[Steve Bannon Helped Preserve DACA But Democrats And Activists Aren’t Celebrating, by Adrian Carrasquillo and Tarini Parti, BuzzFeed, March 9, 2017]

Despite that President Trump quite correctly called the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and illegal and unconstitutional usurpation of the Constitution by Barack Hussein Obama, Bannon appears to be protecting the program.

But according to two sources who regularly speak with the Trump administration, DACA is a settled issue.
And in recent conversations, two administration sources pointed to chief strategist Steve Bannon as the man who preserved the current iteration of DACA, the victor of a debate with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, who favored curtailing the program.
“Bannon usually wins most battles,” an administration insider said.

And this release of Vargas is not the first time someone in the Trump Administration has reached down to ICE ERO and ordered certain aliens not to be deported, including criminal aliens.  It appears press campaigns and threats can intimidate someone in the White House or at ICE ERO.

For many years, Ravi Ragbir has been working toward the realization of immigrant rights as the director of the New Sanctuary Coalition, an interfaith religious organization that opposes deportation. For all those years, Ragbir's own immigration case, which has been winding its way through the system in fits and starts, has been hanging over his head. 
Now, President Donald Trump is dramatically expanding U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's deportation priorities — and, since the government isn't legally bound to honor his deportation deferment, Ragbir seemed like a likely target.
So when Ragbir had to show up for his biannual check-in with ICE, fellow immigrant rights activists made sure he didn't show up alone.
"We are all Ravi!" chanted a crowd of hundreds of supporters, lead by a group of faith leaders, community organizers and politicians — including New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito.
[This Immigrant Was Told To Check In With ICE — So He Brought Hundreds Of People With Him, by Andrew Joyce, .Mic, March 9, 2017]

And he's a illegal alien felon:

In 2001, though, Ragbir was convicted of wire-fraud while working as a loan-processor for a mortgage lender. According to Gothamist, Ragbir maintains that he was simply a low-level employee following the bank's own rules.

And the huge crowd was an implicit threat of violence, something that is becoming more common:

In the end a visibly shaken Ragbir exited the building with mixed news for the crowd. Immigration officials released Ragbir but, despite the fact that he had complied with his biannual check in and had a deferment that lasted until 2018, the activist was told to return to the ICE office next month.
"I have a sense, my friends, the reason Ravi is standing here is because all of you are here," New York State Senator Gustavo Rivera said, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with a teary-eyed Ragbir.
On April 11, Ragbir will have to return to the ICE office. The politicians, faith leaders and activists that accompanied him on Tuesday will be back, too. 

Criminal Illegal Alien Ravi Ragbir, Intimidating Secretary John Kelly?

So, will ICE ERO be prepared for the violence, or will someone in ICE ERO, or Steve Bannon, cave in the face of threats of violence that are becoming more successful day by day?

I have warned that street violence is the next step by the left in their war on immigration law enforcement and that DHS and its enforcement components are woefully ill-prepared for street thuggery and violence. [In The Streets And The Courts, The Left Plans A Coup. But Trump Can Fight Back, by Federale, VDare, February 14, 2017, and The Plan: Obstruction, Violence, and Foreign Interference, by FederaleFederale Blog, February 12, 2017]

It is disturbing that the Trump Administration at some level, either allowing weak-kneed mid-level bureaucrats at ICE ERO, Secretary Kelly, or Steven Bannon to be so easily intimidated by the press and leftist protest groups.  It does not bode well for immigration patriots.

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