Monday, May 29, 2017

Japan Proves Yet Again Homogeneity Is Strength

Diversity is not strength.  Whether it terrorism, crime or lost and found, a homogeneous society is where society works for all its citizens.  Case in point, in Japan as usual, a prosperous and safe is easiest built on a homogeneous society; diversity brings bowling alone and widespread terrorism among the social ills that destroy a community.

Homogeneity brings social cohesion, honesty, safety, and lost items returned to you.

Among the millions of items that were registered with Tokyo’s lost and found center last year was an urn containing someone’s ashes.
And yet this should perhaps not surprise you — urns are handed in to lost and found centers more regularly than you might think. Last year alone, the Metropolitan Police Department’s lost and found center in Bunkyo Ward tried to reunite as many as 10 urns with their owners. In every case, relatives of the deceased refused to come and collect them.
Umbrellas are one of the most common items that accumulate at the center, so much so that a 660-square-meter room has been dedicated to storing them in the basement. The room wasn’t quite full as of late April but Shoji Okubo, head of the center, says that this situation will change once the rainy season starts in June.
Okubo says that roughly 3,000 umbrellas are found in Tokyo on a typical rainy day. In 2016, the metropolitan police handled a total of 381,135 umbrellas across the entire year.
[Lost: Struggling To Cope With Millions Of Unclaimed Items In Tokyo, by Mizuho Aoki, The Japan Times, May 27, 2017]

Note the overall tone of the story, that Japan is such an awful, wasteful place that people don't try and get their lost items back.  The press in Japan hates Japan as much as the press in the United States hates America.  But the scribblers in Japan just don't have that much to criticize, so they have to go to what is really a positive story and try and turn the story into something bad about Japan.

But note the most important aspect of the story goes unmentioned; the Japanese police have so little to do they can concentrate on processing lost items of little value such as umbrellas and sunglasses. Think about this for a minute.  The Japanese police don't have to deal with much crime, they don't have to deal with terrorism, they don't have to deal with a crime plagued underclass, and they don't have to deal with illegal alien criminals.  They can actually try and serve the Japanese people by recovering and holding lost items.

And this is part of a deliberate policy of reinforcing honesty that starts with young children, instead of a policy of inculcating self-esteem and diversity ideology.  A policy directly related to the high IQ of the Japanese people.  Smart people make smart decisions.

The Lost Property Law stipulates that anyone who finds an unaccompanied item must return it directly to its owner or hand it in to a police station or a facility administrator. Those who find lost items are entitled to receive a reward of 5-20 percent of the property’s value...
There is a perception that people in Japan generally hand in items of lost property to a police station or kōban (police box), and you don’t have to go far to find stories online of people recovering wallets stuffed with cash.
Experts partially attribute this to education by parents who teach young children to take lost property to a police station.
As a result, Okubo says that children sometimes bring in ¥1, ¥5 and ¥10 coins they find on the street, or even a little hair band.
“We can’t tell them not to worry about handing such things in,” Okubo says. “So we thank them and praise their good deeds.”

Immigration results in dishonesty and criminal behavior.  Homogeneity supports deliberate public policy of honesty and social harmony.  You can have one, but not the other.

And it is true that the Japanese will not steal lost cash.

People handed in cash worth ¥3.67 billion to police in Tokyo last year, ¥2.7 billion of which was returned to its rightful owners. Roughly ¥500 million was given to the people who found them, and about ¥440 million was added to the metropolitan government coffers.

This does not happen in immigrant dominated New York or Los Angeles.  And that is because of immigration and unassimilated minorities, such as blacks.  You can either have nice things, even if you lose them, or you can have diversity.  You can't have both.

The Japanese attitude is summed up by the statement regarding the honest people who turn in lost items:

“Everything being sold here was once lost property. Consequently, this means that someone once found these items and handed them in. Part of me wants to pass on their good deeds by organizing this market.”

Honor, a lost concept in an immigrant and minority dominated society, and honor is a much better concept to organize society around than "muh diversity.'

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Meet Brian Stretch, Deep State Operative Sabotaging Jeff Sessions' Department Of Justice

For some reason Jeff Sessions has either overlooked, been coerced, or surrendered to the Deep State in California.  Despite a target rich environment for political corruption and overt assistance to illegal aliens, Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has surrendered or been co-opted by the Deep State in California, specifically the U.S. Attorney's Office For The Eastern District of California and now the U.S. Attorney's Office For the Northern District Of California (USAONDCA).  This writer exposed Phillip Talbert, the illegal occupant of the United States Attorney's position in the Eastern District of California and his failure to ensure the laws of the United States are faithfully executed.  Politics is much more important than the law to Phillip Talbert, as is radical Islam, than prosecuting corrupt California State officials who aid and abet illegal immigration.

Another Deep State operative at the Department of Justice, a United States Attorney who Jeff Sessions failed to fire a few months ago when most other Obama holdovers were fired, Brian Stretch, is working diligently to undermine the priorities of President Trump and Attorney General Sessions.

Brian Stretch, Deep State Operative, Center, Along With His Sponsor Crook Loretta Lynch

Stretch has recently been politicking with Federal and local law enforcement, giving the glad hand and bromides about the new old USAONDCA.  Basically he says nothing has changed in his office's priorities for criminal prosecutions.  And the USAONDCA again wins its award for the least productive and laziest U.S. Attorney's Office in the nation.  As background, the USAONDCA works bankers' hours, and consequently has little to show for their work.  And none of that work includes serious immigration crime prosecutions.  In fact, the USAONDCA has a reputation for only doing the easiest cases, which means only two crimes interest the lazy Assistant U.S. Attorneys (AUSA) who "work" there.  And, as announced again by Stretch, they only want drugs and gun cases.  While those are important for the issue of rising violent crime in the United States, both crimes are dual jurisdiction cases, which means the crimes of drug possession and illegal gun possession by felons are prosecutable by both the State and the Federal governments.  And more importantly, those cases are the easiest cases to prosecute.  So Stretch is fighting with local District Attorney's Offices (DA) over the easiest cases to prosecute.

What stretch is avoiding, and he bragged about it, are cases that are uniquely Federal, or important to the Federal government, but unprosecuted by local DAs, which is State and local political corruption. But importantly for AG Sessions and President Trump, the immigration area is the most important. Jeff Sessions recently announced at the southern border that illegal aliens will be prosecuted and deported if they cross the border.  But Brian Stretch disagrees, and that is not happening in the USAONDCA, and proudly so.  Because Brian Stretch is supportive of the Democrat Party strategy of importing new voters to elect a new people, and trying not to prosecute corrupt local politicos who steal money, like Janet "Reno" Napolitano, much less assist illegal aliens to remain in California and commit treason and sedition.

Jeff Sessions must act.  Remove Brian Stretch.  Replace this Deep State bureaucrat with a patriotic Republican law and order lawyer in the mold of Edwin Meese III, one time District Attorney in Alameda County.  Mister Attorney General, you need your own loyal people in the positions of United States Attorney in areas like California, just as you need loyal law enforcement professionals in the positions of United States Marshal in the Northern District of California and the Eastern District of California.  Act now or the Deep State will undermine you and President Trump at every opportunity.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

An Inadequate Expansion Of Expedited Removal

In a recent proposed legislation by Representative Raul Labrador in the House of Representatives, the Davis-Oliver Act, to crack down on illegal immigration, the expansion of Expedited Removal is proposed.  This writer has been advocating this expansion for years.  However, in the area of Expedited Removal, the legislation is wholly inadequate. In fact, the legislation backslides in the area of judicial review and the legislation will not do what it claims, but still enrages and motivates the advocates of nation breaking.  What might happen is that this inadequate act might become a vessel for a compromise on amnesty.

The Trump administration has found a way to deport millions of undocumented aliens without hearings, and the Republican-controlled congress is working on enforcement-only legislation.
On May 16, Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho), introduced the Davis-Oliver Act, H.R. 2431. Davis and Oliver were law enforcement officers who were murdered by an alien returning to the United States illegally after being deported twice. 
[Republicans Are Preparing Extreme Immigration Measures, by Nolan Rappaport, The Hill, May 22, 2017]

The Act purports to expand Expedited Removal to criminal aliens, but that is already available to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and unnecessary.

It also expands Expedited Removal to terrorists.  However, it dangerously allows for for judicial review of Expedited Removal where previously such review by the courts was limited or prohibited.

From the Act:

“(2) The Secretary of Homeland Security may not execute any order described in paragraph (1) until 14 calendar days have passed from the date that such order was issued, unless waived by the alien, in order that the alien has an opportunity to apply for judicial review under section 242.
[H.R.2431 - Michael Davis, Jr. and Danny Oliver in Honor of State and Local Law Enforcement Act,]

The Act also continues to restrict Expedited Removal to only those aliens unlawfully present who entered the United States without inspection.  It does not expand Expedited Removal to those aliens who are admitted to the United States after inspection by an immigration officer, commonly known as overstaying or violating the conditions of a visa.

Furthermore, it maintains the two year or less limit to use of Expedited Removal.  That means that after two years and one second, an illegal alien will not be subject to Expedited Removal. The Act continues to encourage illegal aliens to come to the United States and stay as long as possible, then enjoy the protection of the immigration court backlog.

Expanding Expedited Removal to all illegal aliens regardless of the time spent in the United States is the only manner in which to solve the illegal immigration crisis.  Most illegal aliens have been in the United States more than five years and now more than half are overstays.  Expanding Expedited Removal will return immigration law to the status-quo-ante before the granting of the right to removal hearings by Immigration and Nationality Act amendments from 1965 and the administrative creation of the immigration court system.  President Dwight D. Eisenhower was successful with Operation Wetback because illegal aliens in the 1950s had no administrative or judicial review options.

While some of the Act is good, it is not enough without a serious expansion of Expedited Removal, the administrative removal of illegal aliens without judicial review or administrative hearing. And it appears that this Act is only a stalking horse for amnesty:

Perhaps the Democrats should consider supporting a modified version of the Davis-Oliver Act in return for Republican consideration of a modified legalization program and other measures that are important to the Democrats.  
A similar agreement was the basis for the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA), which made legalization available to millions of undocumented aliens in return for interior enforcement measures and border security.

Minor expansions of Expedited Removal are not worth an amnesty.  Time for the Trump Admininstration to ask Representative Labrador to toughen up the Act by expanding Expedited Removal to all aliens illegally in the United States and strictly prohibit judicial review of deportations made under Expedited Removal authority.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Trump Surrenders On Australian Refugees

President Trump has abjectly surrendered on the Australian refugee issue.  The Trump Administration will be admitting the failed refugees to the United States, all in exchange for Australia accepting Central Americans seeking to enter the United States.  We don't get to deport Central Americans to Australia, but those chosen will come from camps in Costa Rica.

U.S. Homeland Security officials have begun "extreme vetting" interviews at Australia's offshore detention centers, two sources at the camps told Reuters on Tuesday, as Washington honors a refugee swap that U.S. President Donald Trump had called "a dumb deal".
The Trump administration said last month the agreement to offer refuge to up to 1,250 asylum seekers in the centers would progress on condition that refugees satisfied strict checks.
In exchange, Australia has pledged to take Central American refugees from a center in Costa Rica, where the United States has expanded intake in recent years, under the deal struck with former President Barack Obama.
[Exclusive: U.S. Starts 'Extreme Vetting' At Australia's Offshore Detention Centers, by Colin Packham, Reuters, May 23, 2017]

And just how is this "extreme vetting" being conducted?  Why interviewing the potential terrorists and asking if they are terrorists.

The first security interviews finished last week at Papua New Guinea's Manus Island detention center, two refugees who went through the process told Reuters.
The refugees told Reuters that interviews began with an oath to God to tell the truth and then proceeded for as long as six hours, with in-depth questions on associates, family, friends and any interactions with the Islamic State militant group...
The security interviews are the last stage of U.S. consideration of applicants.

There certainly won't be any confessions there.  And there are no polygraph examinations of these potential terrorists, so catching an Al Queda or ISIS plant is unlikely.  Nor will they catch someone who later decides to become a terrorist.  So much for extreme vetting.  So much for President Kushner.

The same people who gave us the "extreme vetting" of the Tsarnaev Brothers, the Kentucky Refugee Terrorists, the Ohio State Stabber, and one of the San Bernardino shooters assure us that they are on the job:

A U.S. State Department spokeswoman said that refugees from the Australian-run facilities will be subject to the same stringent vetting applied to all refugees who are being considered for entry to the United States.
"The United States remains deeply committed to safeguarding the American public, just as we are committed to providing refuge to some of the world’s most vulnerable people. These goals are not mutually exclusive," she said.

The fix is in, as the refugee camp is planning on closing by dumping these likely Muslim Terrorists on the United States.

The relocation of asylum seekers to the United States is designed to help Papua New Guinea and Australia proceed with the planned closure of the Manus detention center on Oct. 31.

Time to end this charade of "extreme vetting" and end Muslim refugee hijra.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

More Lies From The Cultural Marxists And Treason Bar

The Cultural Marxists and the Treason Bar are at it again.  Soon after the influx of illegal alien minors and families began in 2014, the Cultural Marxists at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Treason Bar began a series of allegations that the women and minors that were detained for short periods were abused, beaten, starved, and otherwise mistreated.  Those allegations fell flat and the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General (DHS OIG) discovered that the allegations were baseless.  That is a polite way of saying the ACLU lied in their wild allegations of abuse and mistreatment of the children's jihad over the Mexican border.

And it is no surprise the Cultural Marxists are at it again.  Now they are alleging that there is massive rape of illegal aliens by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) employees and contractors.

But if Secretary Kelly really wants to prevent, and punish, sexual assault, he can begin much closer to home.
From 2010 to 2016, there were “33,126 complaints of sexual and/or physical abuse against DHS component agencies.” This data was reported by the San-Francisco-based Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement (CIVIC) in an April 11th letter to Kelly and others, and is based on documents from the DHS Office of Inspector General (OIG). Of those complaints, 44% were made against Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and 31% against Customs and Border Protection (CBP).
[Sex Abuse and Homeland Security, by Mark Dow, The Crime Report, May 12, 2017]

So, the allegation is that rape and other sexual assault is widespread in detention facilities that hold illegal aliens.  Is there any evidence concerning these allegations?  Well, no.

Similar to the false allegations the ACLU reported of the abuse and mistreatment of illegal alien minors during the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty surge of 2014.  Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement (CIVIC), like the ACLU, does have plenty of lurid allegations, but allegations and complaints are not evidence. And there is no evidence behind the allegations.

  • In 2014, the  Los Angeles Times reported that “13 of 809 abuse complaints sent to the [Border Patrol] agency’s internal affairs unit between January 2009 and January 2012 led to disciplinary action.”
  • In 2015, the  ACLU sued DHS “for its failure to produce records related to the abuse and mistreatment of children in the custody of” CBP and the Border Patrol.
  • In 2016,  Human Rights Watch reported that “ICE has failed to . . .  ensure that transgender women are protected from sexual abuse and harassment by guards.”

And similarly the Cultural Marxists made many allegations about shootings and use-of-force incidents by Border Patrol Agents (BPA) and Customs and Border Protection Officers (CBPO), but those allegations were later determined, after investigation, to be unfounded, as this writer reported.  [News, Good And Bad, In The Obama Regime War On The Border Patrol, by Federale, Federale Blog, July 30, 2016]

The Cultural Marxists consider the allegation itself to be proof that incident occurred. That is their strategy, as the process of defending oneself is part of the punishment, even if one is innocent.  Just ask George Zimmerman.  But just as Zimmerman was innocent, we will find that the allegations of sexual assault and rape in immigration detention centers are false. For the Left, the process is punishment.  The allegations of sexual assault and rape are not the point; the point is to damage the reputation of DHS and pave the way to release illegal aliens and give them free lawyers.

Dow quickly brings in irrelevant information to the story about sexual assault and rape.
That’s because sexual predators in ICE and the Border Patrol have been protected by the very nature of the immigration enforcement system. Not only do officers have broad discretion in detaining, releasing, and transferring detainees; but when a victim is subject to deportation, speaks little or no English, and has no statutory right to legal assistance, she is of course even more vulnerable.

Clearly, the real point is attacking immigration enforcement and detention of illegal aliens itself.  Just how is "the very nature of the immigration enforcement system" support rape?  Again, no evidence is presented. And because Dow has no evidence.  But Dow does support illegal immigration.

As the Trump administration works toward expanding detention centers and gutting detention center standards, it seems inevitable that the number of such abuses will increase.

You can contact the author, an English teacher at a third rate State college, Dow here and at (212) 772-5114.  Ask him what his problem with arresting and deporting illegal aliens is.

And here is evidence that most of the allegations are baseless:

The Inspector General’s office opened investigations into just 247 of the 33,126 complaints.

What that says is that the DHS OIG thinks that most of the complaints are baseless and they refuse to waste their time on about 995 of the allegations.  The complaints is so without merit that even with only the complaint, an experienced investigator can see that the complaint itself is just the rantings of someone in custody.  And if there is one thing that illegal aliens, and anyone else in custody has, is plenty of time to make up allegation of mistreatment.  With the eventual purpose of gaining release by making major allegations.  Or if for no other reason than to make the life of the guards a living hell with false allegations of sexual assault or rape.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Korea Rejects Refugees

Korea, like most of its Asian neighbors, rejects refugees, especially Muslim refugees.  One cannot find Syria, Afghani, Iraqi, and Somali refugees among the Ice People of North East Asia, or for that matter in Southeast Asia as well.  No Syrians in Vietnam, Cambodia, or Laos.  Now few would want to go to Laos or Cambodia, but there are a few in Malaysia and Indonesia, mostly seeking to get to Australia or New Zealand.  There are a small number in Thailand, but also unwelcome.

However, Koreans reject Muslims and others, quite wisely, as do the Japanese.

South Korea and Japan have been reluctant to take in refugees from Syria.
Since 1994, 1,144 Syrians have requested asylum in South Korea, but refugee status has been granted to only three, government figures show.
As of October 2016, Japan had taken in just six Syrian refugees. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters in 2015 that the country needed to “look after its own.”
“Both Japan and South Korea are relatively wealthy societies that could afford to provide resettlement assistance to refugees,” said Phil Robertson, deputy director of Human Rights Watch’s Asia division. “There is a reluctance to have refugees become a part of that society.”
Ahmed Lababidi, a 23-year-old Syrian who lives on South Korea’s Jeju Island, an hour flight south of Seoul, was rejected for asylum. He told VOA News that the local immigration office informed him that fleeing war is not grounds by itself for refugee status in South Korea.
“They just say you are not a refugee,” he said the official told him. “Because it’s just war, you can stay here, but not as a refugee.”
[South Korea, Japan Balk At Admitting Syrian Refugees, World Tribune, February 2, 2017]

Syrians, and other Muslims are rejected because of the threat they pose, not only of terrorism, but rape.

“Judging by what we see in Europe, we would prefer to protect our women, rather than potentially place them at risk,” the official said.

Which is a wise policy given the Muslim proclivity to rape.  While Europeans and Brits submit to Muslim rape culture, Hong Kongese fight back:

The Cultural Marxist are on the proverbial warpath with Korea over the issue:

Robertson said South Korea’s humanitarian visas are an “artificial category” that “gives less rights” to asylum seekers, noting that Japan, too, has come under similar criticism in regard to its refugee policy.
An official at South Korea’s Ministry of Justice, who asked not to be named per office rules, said all asylum applications are “evaluated fairly” and consideration is given based on the circumstances in their home country as well as evidence of persecution.
Robertson said that South Korea’s policies toward Syrian or other asylum seekers stand in stark contrast to its generous resettlement program for North Korean defectors. He said it is hypocritical for Seoul to call on other nations to protect North Korean escapees when it does not offer the same treatment to refugees within its own borders.

Robertson doesn't realize that Norks are not refugees in Korea, as the Republic of Korea (ROK) does not recognize the division of Korea nor that they are aliens.  Norks are recognized as citizens of the ROK and included in the principle that the Korean nation extends beyond the 38 parallel to the legally recognized international boundaries with China and Russia.  And the division of Korea was at the hands of Red China and the Soviet Union, with North Korea being illegally occupied by puppet government.  So the Cultural Marxist complaint is just plain wrong.

Wisely, the Koreans don't see a civil war as being a reason for refugee status.

South Korea’s Ministry of Justice confirmed on Feb. 2 that “civil war is not sufficient grounds for granting refugee status,” The Korea Observer reported.

This is correct legally under the UN Convention On The Status Of Refugees, permanent resettlement is not required and defines refugees as those fleeing persecution, not mere war or other event, such as a natural disaster.

A refugee has a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group.
[What Is A Refugee, UNHCR Website]

The key here is establishing a well founded fear of persecution, not mere danger from war or other event.

This is reflected in American refugee and asylee law, but not honored in its practice.  In general, despite a requirement for persecution, the U.S. admits as a refugee anyone fleeing war or claiming, without establishing a well founded fear, persecution.

 (A) person who is outside any country of such person's nationality or, in  the case of a person having no nationality, is outside any country in which such person last habitually resided, and who is unable or unwilling to return to, and is unable or unwilling to avail himself or herself of the protection of, that country because of persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion[.]
[Immigration and Nationality Act, USCIS Website]

Fleeing the random violence of a civil war does not meet the definition of persecution, either for international law or American law.  It is time that the United States follows the lead of Japan and Korea, and stops the admission of fraudulent refugees from Syria and other Muslim countries.  The only refugees from Muslim countries should be Christians and other religious minorities who are the victims of Muslim persecution.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

All Hail The Emperor Of The Land Of The Rising Sun

This week brings two messages to the world.  Japan wants to exist and France wants to commit seppuku, e.g. ritual suicide, for the sin of being French.  Two messages, the political class in Japan loves the land created by Ameterasu, the Sun Goddess, and the Japanese people.  The opposite message was sent by the French political class and the people themselves, the French hate themselves and their political class agrees. The Eldest Sister of the Holy Roman Church is no more.  The land of Charles Martel and the Franks, mere history.  The land of the Saintly Crusader King, Louix IX, is no more.  The land of Monet and Rodin, soon to be buried under the barbarity of Islam and Africa. But the Land of the Rising Sun endures! Sonno Jo I! Revere the Emperor, Expel the Barbarian!

Japan has a refugee problem, but it decided to deal with that problem forthrightly, and easily, just deny the applications for asylum and make those who stay feel most unwelcome.

Anti-refugee sentiment is rising in Europe and the United States but in Japan those seeking haven from tyranny and war have long faced daunting legal and social gauntlets.
One of the world's wealthiest countries, Japan accepted just 28 refugees in 2016 -- one more than the previous year -- out of the 8,193 applications reviewed by the Immigration Bureau.
Officials defend the low number, saying applicants are mainly from Asian countries seeking access to Japan solely for economic reasons.
"The number of applications from regions which generate lots of refugees, such as Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, is small," said Yasuhiro Hishida, spokesman for the Immigration Bureau.
[Not Welcome: Japan Tough To Crack For Refugees, by Kyoko Hasegawa and Natsuko Fukue, Agence France Press, May 3, 2017]

Ignore the platitudes, Japan gets many refugee applications, but fewer than most, because Japan makes it well known that it will not approve most applications.  And it generally makes most foreigners, tourists excluded, feel unwelcome, especially refugees.  Why, because the Japanese want to preserve and protect their culture and racial identity preserved from corruption and decline.  Visitors are treated well in Japan, but you are expected to behave, and eventually leave.  Japanese employers hire few foreigners, except in menial jobs in small companies.  Alien white-collar workers in Japanese companies are virtually unheard of.  Most alien white-collar workers are temporary workers employed at foreign companies.  That is acceptable to the Japanese, because the Japanese don't like to work with foreigners.  Most lack the language skills to speak the very difficult Japanese language and just don't fit into the series of obligations that bind employees and employers, both up and down, from the CEO to the lowliest employee.

Importantly, Japan acts to break the fraud chain that involves most claims to persecution.  Jan Ting, former Immigration and Naturalization Service refugee official has repeatedly testified that most refugee applications are fraudulent.  Refugee and asylums claims are just another manner to immigrate to the United States and other countries, and most refugees act to make their lives, and their children's lives easier.

Assisted by the UN, Liliane was able to claim asylum on arrival in Japan stating that her life was in danger due to tribal conflict back home. It took two years for officials to accept her as a refugee, a period during which she received assistance from the Catholic Church and charities.
But she feels the status brought few benefits. She is no closer to reuniting with her child -- now a teenager, her daughter has repeatedly been denied a permit to even visit.
For Liliane, further education and a stable life, seem out of reach.
She explains: "Japan is a very difficult country for foreigners. The language is really a handicap for us. You need to do absolutely everything to try to speak in Japanese but you don't know where to find free lessons."
"Sometimes I think refugee status has no meaning," she sighs.
But for Nonnon, being awarded refugee status would at least give her a sense of belonging.
She fled military persecution in her native Myanmar 25 years ago but remains in frustrating legal limbo, accepted only on a humanitarian stay visa, which allows for residence and work but traditionally only on annual temporary permits subject to anxiety-riven renewal.
"It's like I have no nationality," said the 47-year-old, who only gave her childhood nickname.
She has tried to forge a life in Japan, she married a man from Myanmar who was also claiming asylum and they have a son and a daughter. But their children are effectively stateless -- not recognised in Myanmar, nor as Japanese citizens.

There is no birth-right citizenship or chain-migration in Japanese law or policy.  The Japanese are both smart and patriotic.  It is time we emulate our fellow Ice People in the Land of the Rising Sun; patriotic immigration reform and deport illegals!

The Kimiyago, the National Anthem of Japan, sings of the Japanese people lasting 8 thousand generations.  This can happen, but France will not last another generation.  Charlemagne must be rolling in his grave.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Trump Orders Government Reorganization, Start With DHS

President Trump has issued an executive order on government reorganization with an eye on rationalizing various Federal agencies and ending duplication of effort and administration.  This writer says welcome to the party, pal.

Welcome to party, pal, in that back in 2014 this writer excoriated the RINO House of Representatives for seeking to endorse the failed Jorge Bush disorganization of border security and exposed the failings of the Homeland Security Act of 2002.  [RINOs Rush To Legitimize The Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty, by Federale, Federale Blog, August 7, 2014]  Like Cassandra, Federale is sometimes even ignored by those who follow me, the article was rejected by VDare, mostly as too deep in the weeds, without realizing that the decisions about bureaucratic organization and personnel are what make policy.

The fundamentals of the problems with immigration enforcement today lay in the failures of the HSA and in grossly incompetent implementation of the HSA by Jorge Bush.  I connected the then ongoing Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty to the deliberate machinations by the Jorge Bush Administration to downplay immigration enforcement in the organization of the newly created Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and pointed out the gross incompetence of Congress in creating a plaything for the Treason Bar, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the benefit granting section of DHS.  The creation of DHS by the RINO Congress after 9/11 eventually led to USCIS trying to protect the San Bernardino Muslim Terrorists, even after their deaths, and into today as well.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Monday calling for agencies to analyze their efforts in preparation for a major reorganization.
White House press secretary Sean Spicer said March 13 at the daily briefing that the order will ask agencies to identify where money is being wasted, how services can be improved and whether or not the services are benefiting the nation.
“This is the beginning of a long overdue reorganization of the federal government and another significant step toward the President’s often stated goal of making it more efficient, effective and accountable to the American people,” Spicer said.
The final order gives agencies 180 days to submit to the Office of Management and Budget a plan to reorganize the agency.
[Trump Signs Government Reorganization Order, by Jason Miller, Federal News Radio, March 13, 2017]

DHS is a prime candidate for this reorganization.  What resulted from the Homeland Security Act of 2002, was on paper a near failure, as immigration enforcement was separated from immigration benefits, but Jorge Bush and Asa Hutchinson made it worse by further subdividing immigration enforcement into, formally at least, two separate agencies, but in reality four competing and uncooperative enforcement agencies.  The two formal agencies were U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), but the reality was four separate and distinct enforcement components; U.S. Border Patrol (USBP), CBP Office of Field Operations (OFO), ICE Homeland Security Investigations (HSI),pejoratively referred to as ICE Special Victims Unit (ICE SVU) given their aversion to immigration enforcement, and ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO).

The result of the HSA and the Jorge Bush Administration failures at the beginning of DHS was twofold; the separation of immigration benefits from immigration enforcement which resulted in the new USCIS becoming the advocacy organization for illegal aliens and alien terrorists; and the fracturization of immigration enforcement into four separate and competitive organizations that refused to cooperate and coordinate with each other.  This writer can confirm that the enforcement agencies; OFO, USBP, ERO, and HSI do not cooperate with each other, they do not coordinate action with each other, nor do they like each other.  Each is a separate fiefdom and the managers there only care about the particular mission of their organization, not about the DHS mission, and to hell with the others. This results in inconsistent immigration enforcement actions, the waste of resources, duplication of training, procurement, and public policy.  The only winners are alien terrorists like the San Bernardino Terrorists and other illegal aliens.

Furthermore, the three major components, USCIS, ICE, and CBP also are bureaucratically duplicative, thereby wasting millions of dollars that could go to interior enforcement, a wall, or fence. These agencies duplicate offices of counsel (lawyers), human resources, administration, information technology, training, fraud investigation, and intelligence.

The Trump Administration should act to combine the three major components into a new organization that was created but never implemented, the Bureau of Border Security (Sections 441 and 442 of the HSA) and recreate the vertically and horizontally integrated organization of the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS).  In this organization, there will be a top down reorganization, creating a Headquarter, Region, and District based agency.  At the District level, a District Director (DD) will supervise a geographically based organization dedicated to adjudicating benefits, inspecting arriving persons and goods, removing aliens, investigating violations of the Immigration and Nationality Act, patrolling the border, and executing interior enforcement administratively.  There will be a Deputy District Director (DDD), Assistant Deputy District Directors of Administration, Adjudications, Inspections, Deportation, Investigations, Counsel, and Border Patrol.  The DD and DDD will ensure coordination, cooperation, and unity of effort among the Officers, Adjudicators, Inspectors, BP Agents, and Special Agents in the enforcement of immigration and customs laws.

At the Regional level, a Regional Director will supervise and manage the subordinate District Directors, who previously under the legacy INS were powers unto themselves.  A strong Regional Directorship will see that the DDs are doing their job, suppress tendencies to narrow concerns, and ensure that subordinate employees and management candidates are rotated through the component responsibilities to ensure the widest experience in all the aspects of DHS enforcement activities. 

Multiple levels of duplication of effort, in training, administration, legal counsel, personnel, etc. can be eliminated and combined to save millions of dollars and result in better coordinated immigration and customs law enforcement.

Also on the chopping block should be the Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties and the CIS Ombudsman, which duplicate the mission of the DHS Office of Inspector General and serve as lobbyists for illegal aliens and the Treason Bar. 

President Trump and Secretary Kelly, now is the time to act!  Bring back the legacy INS!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The #LyingPress And The Lies They Tell

The #LyingPress lies, that is what they do.  And no more in the area of immigration law enforcement does the press lie more.  Case in point, the openly communist British newspaper, The Guardian, is on the warpath against immigration enforcement in the United States.  And, strangely, they found a white illegal alien.  And in the story they get every aspect of immigration law itself wrong, all in the service of attacking immigration law enforcement.  However, I will take this opportunity to use a white illegal alien as an example that is most common to many illegal aliens, and quite frequently, the strategy used by first world illegal aliens, not just white illegal aliens, but those small numbers from nations like Japan.

Baxter Reid, who was in the US on a five-year visa, arrested at Canadian border after delays receiving clearance meant he breached his visa conditions.
An Australian man has been handcuffed and locked up in a US detention centre after apparently breaching his visa conditions by just over one hour.
Sydney man Baxter Reid, 26, was in the US on a five-year visa and had travelled to Canada as part of a requirement for him to exit and re-enter America every six months to keep his visa valid.
But his American girlfriend Heather Kansco said Reid was arrested by US Border Patrol officers on 23 April after delays receiving clearance to cross into Canada meant he breached his visa conditions by just over an hour.
[US Border Officers Lock Up Australian Man After He ‘Overstayed Visa By One Hour’, by Elle Hunt, The Guardian, May 2, 2017]

There is a class of illegal aliens in the United States commonly referred to as visa overstays.  These are illegal aliens who enter the United States with a non-immigrant visa of some sort, then stay beyond the date they are admitted to, e.g. the period of admission.  This period of admission is unrelated to how long the visa is valid for, as a visa is only a permit to appear at a Port-of-Entry (POE) before an immigration officer, and apply for admission in a particular non-immigrant category.  That a visa remains valid, or for that matter expires while that particular alien is in the United States is irrelevant.  Once an alien is admitted, the controlling time period is the date to which the alien was admitted.  Generally, visitors for personal or tourist visits apply using a B-2 non-immigrant visa and are admitted for a period of six months.  Much too long, as most tourists stay for less than a month. But that is another issue.  A visitor must have an unrelinquished residence abroad and the means to support himself while in the United States for the period they claim they will stay.  Note that if they say they are planning to stay for two weeks, then stay for six months, that is a violation of the terms of admission, a deportable offense, and, since they committed fraud at entry, also a criminal offense, in violation of Title 8 United States Code, Section 1325, Improper Entry By An Alien, which besides criminalizing entry without inspection (EWI), the crossing of the border illegally, also prohibits fraud, e.g. lies to an inspecting immigration officer.

In the above case of Baxter Reid, we have a variation of the overstay.  The overstay generally is admitted to the United States once, then never leaves.  Mexicans and other third world aliens are the most common visa overstay violators.  But in the case of many first worlders, those who can more easily afford international travel, use a variation.  They enter, stay for the period of admission, generally six months, then leave, often to Canada or Mexico, but sometimes to their home country.  I have seen First World illegal aliens fly home to Japan or Germany, then immediately return. Frequently the illegal aliens call this "renewing" their visa.  Which in reality only means that they desire to have a document showing that they are lawfully present, though in most cases these First World illegal aliens are doing what most Third World illegal aliens do, they work illegally.  Quite frequently, they are not employed by any one person, but do freelance work of some sort, carpentry, plumbing, etc.  They work for themselves, e.g. are not employed by another, but work just the same. It is a way to rationalize their illegal behavior.  They claim, "I was never illegally employed" when caught, but still worked illegally, in violation of the most important of the other conditions of their admission besides the period of admission, as work of any sort is illegal while on a B-2 visa.

According to Kansco’s account, the couple were given “the runaround” for more than four hours at the US-Canada border. By the time Canadian authorities referred them back to US Border Patrol, Reid had “technically violated his visa requirements”.
“The US Border Patrol ended up taking Baxter away, because after waiting for hours with the Canadians, he ... was illegally in the US for a SINGLE HOUR,” wrote Kansco.
“This is where all the real problems began: they threw Baxter in cuffs and escorted him to prison ... This is going to make a criminal out of an innocent man.”

Aside from the tortured use of the English language and the violations of the rules on capitalization, the story is outrageous for being mostly lies, and even then unclear to any reader.  Only someone with extensive experience working at a Port-of-Entry as this author has.  Therefore I can explain to the reader what really happened, and expose the lies being told by Reid and Kansco.

First, Reid was arrested not for overstaying his visa by one hour, he was arrested for the above scheme of living in the United States illegally by using a B-2 non-immigrant visa to live in the United States.  The charging documents most likely also show that he was working illegally as well, as it is quite common for illegal aliens such as Reid to do stupid things, like leave an evidence trail.  In my day, before the internet, we searched the alien appearing for inspection, usually finding evidence that he was either living illegally or working illegally on his person, usually in a wallet; work receipts, a business card showing what work he did freelance, pay stubs, credit cards, domestic driver's license, etc.  Today, Customs and Border Protection Officers (CBPO) at a POE can quickly find credit applications, evidence of work, and such by using government and commercial databases, or even social media.

Now what happened here was that Reid and his Kansco went to Canada over the land border to "renew" his visa.  The officers of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) quickly realized he was living illegally in the United States and returned him to the United States as an equally inadmissible alien to Canada, correctly presuming him to be engaged in a visa fraud scheme or intending to live illegally in Canada in a similar scheme.  The CBSA in such cases notifies U.S Customs and Border Protection (CBP) when they reject an applicant for admission coming from the United States and return that person, frequently under an unofficial escort to a CBPO, with a warning that they think the alien in question is living in the U.S. illegally.

Aggressive CBPOs, and not Border Patrol Agents (BPA) as claimed in the story, the Lying Press can't even get the most basic facts correct as it is CBPOs that inspect arriving aliens, not BPAs, conducted a very thorough inspection, discovered Reid's scheme to live in the U.S. illegally using a non-immigrant visa, and confronted him and he either clammed up or spilled the beans.  Either way, he was subject to deportation for living illegally in the U.S. on a visitor's visa, and consequently a period in custody before a flight could be arranged for him back to Oz.

The girlfriend was of course desperate to spring him from jail while waiting for a flight, and decided that a series of lies was her best bet to shame CBP and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), the agency that holds illegal aliens before they are removed, into releasing him.  Kansco probably reads VDare and the Federale Blog, and knows that ICE ERO and President Trump can be intimidated by sympathetic Democrats in the press and that public complaints can spring illegal aliens from custody.  So, into spin mode she went, easily finding a sympathetic, deliberately ignorant, and duplicitous reporter to carry water for her, in this case one Elle Hunt; fool and liar.

So, Kansco concocted some lie about Reid overstaying his visa by an hour as an act of shameless baby-waving and the lying press jumped at the chance to attack the Trump Administration.  Kansco's claim is nonsense. It is abundantly clear that Reid was living in the United States illegally, and most likely working illegally, as who can afford what appears to be a near five year long vacation in the United States.  As an example, I once caught a Japanese man living in the United States on the Visa Waiver Program.  Every three months for many years he would leave then re-enter the United States, basically living in the U.S. on three month increments.  He never overstayed, but lived, and worked illegally in the United States, but he, like Reid, "renewed" his visa every three months for years. Now, such cases are easy to catch, and Reid must have stood out like a sore thumb with his childish scheme.  Kudos to the CBPOs who caught him.  It might have been easier to ignore such violations, but the new Regime has CBPOs emboldened, and the immigration patriots at CBP are doing their job!

But the important lesson, besides the fact that John Kelly and President Trump can be intimidated, is that the #Lugenpresse is just that, liars for open borders.  They will either believe any lie spun for them in the most credulous manner, deliberately remain ignorant of the law and facts of individual cases, or duplicitously repeat the lies, or deliberately obfuscate the facts. Let us pray for our beloved country that Kelly and Trump don't back down from deporting this illegal alien, even if he is white.