Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Trump Surrenders On Australian Refugees

President Trump has abjectly surrendered on the Australian refugee issue.  The Trump Administration will be admitting the failed refugees to the United States, all in exchange for Australia accepting Central Americans seeking to enter the United States.  We don't get to deport Central Americans to Australia, but those chosen will come from camps in Costa Rica.

U.S. Homeland Security officials have begun "extreme vetting" interviews at Australia's offshore detention centers, two sources at the camps told Reuters on Tuesday, as Washington honors a refugee swap that U.S. President Donald Trump had called "a dumb deal".
The Trump administration said last month the agreement to offer refuge to up to 1,250 asylum seekers in the centers would progress on condition that refugees satisfied strict checks.
In exchange, Australia has pledged to take Central American refugees from a center in Costa Rica, where the United States has expanded intake in recent years, under the deal struck with former President Barack Obama.
[Exclusive: U.S. Starts 'Extreme Vetting' At Australia's Offshore Detention Centers, by Colin Packham, Reuters, May 23, 2017]

And just how is this "extreme vetting" being conducted?  Why interviewing the potential terrorists and asking if they are terrorists.

The first security interviews finished last week at Papua New Guinea's Manus Island detention center, two refugees who went through the process told Reuters.
The refugees told Reuters that interviews began with an oath to God to tell the truth and then proceeded for as long as six hours, with in-depth questions on associates, family, friends and any interactions with the Islamic State militant group...
The security interviews are the last stage of U.S. consideration of applicants.

There certainly won't be any confessions there.  And there are no polygraph examinations of these potential terrorists, so catching an Al Queda or ISIS plant is unlikely.  Nor will they catch someone who later decides to become a terrorist.  So much for extreme vetting.  So much for President Kushner.

The same people who gave us the "extreme vetting" of the Tsarnaev Brothers, the Kentucky Refugee Terrorists, the Ohio State Stabber, and one of the San Bernardino shooters assure us that they are on the job:

A U.S. State Department spokeswoman said that refugees from the Australian-run facilities will be subject to the same stringent vetting applied to all refugees who are being considered for entry to the United States.
"The United States remains deeply committed to safeguarding the American public, just as we are committed to providing refuge to some of the world’s most vulnerable people. These goals are not mutually exclusive," she said.

The fix is in, as the refugee camp is planning on closing by dumping these likely Muslim Terrorists on the United States.

The relocation of asylum seekers to the United States is designed to help Papua New Guinea and Australia proceed with the planned closure of the Manus detention center on Oct. 31.

Time to end this charade of "extreme vetting" and end Muslim refugee hijra.

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