Friday, June 23, 2017

Mexican Kritarch Sham Investigation

Mexican kritarch Monica Herranz has been cleared by a sham investigation of her aiding an illegal alien to escape arrest by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Deportation Officers.  I first exposed Herranz back in March and pointed out that Obama appointed United States Attorney Billy Williams, who for some strange reason has not been replaced by President Trump,  passed the buck to Multnomah County to conduct an "ethics" investigation rather than have his own office conduct a criminal investigation of Herranz.  [Mexican Judge Helps Mexican Illegal Alien Escape, by Federale, VDare, March 5, 2017]  Then again recently when I wrote about a deliberate campaign by State court judges to interfere with arrests of illegal aliens, in violation of Title 18 United States Code Section 111, Assaulting, Resisting, or Impeding Certain Officers.  [Now More Than Ever, No “Sanctuary Courts”! Prosecute Mexican Kritarch Monica Herranz!, by Federale, VDare, June 12, 2017]

Interestingly  Multnomah County Trial Court Administrator Barbara Marcille, a fellow Democrat, and undoubted gurrl power advocate, actually apparently proved the case, but instead stated there was no proof of a "violation."  Sham hardly describes the incompetence of the investigation.

Multnomah County Circuit Court administrators have determined that Pro Tem Judge Monica Herranz didn’t violate any rules of judicial conduct when she allowed an undocumented criminal defendant to leave her courtroom through a back door as immigration agents waited in the hallway.
Trial Court Administrator Barbara Marcille investigated Herranz's actions from Jan. 27 and found that Herranz didn’t knowingly help impaired-driving defendant Diddier Pacheco-Salazar elude capture.
[Judge Didn't Violate Rules In Letting Immigrant Leave Through Back Door, Review Finds, by Aimee Green, The Oregonian, June 19, 2017]

It is clear that the conclusion to the "investigation" by Marcille was predetermined and would find Herranz did no wrong despite the evidence.  Consider this:

Marcille told The Oregonian/OregonLive that Herranz didn’t know if the defendant was indeed in the country illegally – rather, all she’d been told by Pacheco-Salazar’s defense attorney was that the defendant didn’t have his immigration documentation with him and agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement were in the hall asking various defendants of Hispanic ethnicity for their documentation.

Clearly both the defense attorney and Herranz knew that Pacheco-Salazar was about the be arrested. That is the most important fact of the case.

Then Herranz lies about her knowledge of the immigration status of the illegal alien. We are required to believe that a lawyer, active in a Hispanic legal organization, the Oregon Hispanic Bar Association, had no idea that Pacheco-Salazar was an illegal alien.  And we led to believe that Pacheco-Salazar's attorney told Herranz that Pacheco-Salazar did not have his immigration documents.  Now, it is a crime for a legal alien to not have their immigration document in their possession, albeit a minor crime, a misdemeanor,  Deportation Officers don't scour courthouses for legal aliens who left their documents at home.  Deportation Officers do go to courthouses to arrest illegal aliens or deportable legal aliens.  In fact, Pacheco-Salazar's attorney would have lied to the judge according to this investigation, since Pacheco-Salazar did not actually have immigration documents as he was illegally in the United States.

So, Herranz is basing her defense on a lie from a defense attorney.  Obviously that is a serious ethical violation, but nothing has happened to that defense attorney, which suggests that either he did not actually say that to Herranz.  Perhaps this attorney just lied to the investigating official.  Perhaps he lied to Herranz.

But Herranz is a judge and active in "Hispanic" legal issues.  Herranz would know that ICE officers don't go around arresting legal aliens for not having their documents and that the claim by Pacheco-Salazar's defense attorney was obviously a lie, a lie she either chose to believe as an excuse to assist Pacheco-Salazar, or a criminal conspiracy between Herranz and the defense attorney to thwart the investigation into Herranz' misconduct and felonious culpability.  The defense attorney was undoubtedly salivating at the endless favors and benefits he would get for his clients after lying to assist the judge. His next clients before Judge Herranz would get great treatment with this favor he provided to Herranz.   The defense attorney would be cashing this chit for years to come.

What really happened was that Herranz was of the mind to protect her fellow Hispanic from arrest for an offense she most likely objects to in the first place, most likely out of sympathy for her co-ethnics and ideological objection to immigration law enforcement.

Moreover, this is in fact an admission that  by Herranz that she acted to protect Pacheco-Salazar from arrest, though allegedly for the minor crime of not having his green card on him, not for him being an illegal alien.  But we know the truth, the sophisticated and very active in the Hispanic community judge knew that Pacheco-Salazar was an illegal alien and wanted to help him escape.

Moreover, Herranz let Pacheco-Salazar escape through a private door.

Herranz asked if the prosecutor had any objection, and upon hearing none, agreed to let Pacheco-Salazar leave through the back door of her courtroom, which is accessible to other members of the public, Marcille found.

Now that does not make any sense.  Why would Herranz ask the prosecutor for his agreement for a criminal defendant to use an allegedly "public" door?  That telling says that the door was not in fact accessible to the public.  That request also clearly shows intent to assist Pacheco-Salazar to escape arrest, as if the door was for the public as Marcille claims, no permission from the judge would be needed, nor would Herranz need to ask the prosecutor if he had any objection.

Clearly this investigation was as fake as the news about collusion between President Trump and President Putin.

The real question now is whether Obama appointed U.S. Attorney Billy Williams will do anything about it?  You can politely but forcefully ask him here if there is a double standard for crimes committed by Democrat Judges and other Americans.

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Portland, Oregon 97204

All the more reason for Jeff Sessions to either fire Williams or order him to convene a Grand Jury, and place Pacheco-Salazar, his attorney, the prosecutor, and any others before that Grand Jury to testify.  Instead of testimony to a minor bureaucrat with no authority, this will be under possible severe penalties for perjury.   This criminal activity calls for a real investigation, not a sham investigation designed to protect the guilty.

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