Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blaming Obama For Bush's Actions

J Christian Adams and Hans Von Spaskovsky have much to say about Christopher Coates' testimony to the Civil Rights Commission about racism in the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department and of the racist decisions by Obama's non-white political appointees there and at Main Justice.
While it does without saying that Obama and his appointees are openly racist and have a deep barely concealed hatred of white people and America, the problems at CRD are not his creation. In fact, they metastasized under the Bush Regime, who did nothing to discipline CRD attorneys and staff who refused to perform their duties and neutrally enforce the law. And Christopher Coates was one of the civil servants who allowed it to happen.
Take this series of events at CRD under Bush:
Coates verified that the DOJ is infested with racially motivated hostility towards equal enforcement of the law. Like me, Coates testified about the history of open and pervasive hostility inside the Voting Section to protecting the rights of white voters. This hostility first emerged in the case against Ike Brown in Noxubee County, Mississippi, going back as far as 2004:

The opposition within the Voting Section to taking actions on behalf of white voters in Noxubee County, Mississippi, … was widespread.
He testified, as I did, that Justice Department attorneys and staff flatly refused to work on cases where the wrongdoer was black:

[An attorney told Coates in] no uncertain terms that he had not come to the Voting Section to sue African American defendants. … One of the social scientists who worked in the Voting Section and whose responsibility it was to do past and present research into a local jurisdiction’s history flatly refused to participate in the investigation. On another occasion, a Voting Section career attorney informed me that he was opposed to bringing voting rights cases against African American defendants … until we reached the day when the socio-economic status of blacks in Mississippi was the same as the socio-economic status of whites living there.

All of the employees Coates discusses here are still employed by the Civil Rights Division.
Coates provided even more detail about a disgusting case of racially motivated harassment that occurred in the Voting Section:

A young African American who worked in the Voting Section as a paralegal volunteered to work on the Ike Brown case, and he later volunteered to work on the NBPP case. Because of his participation in the Ike Brown case, he and his mother, who was an employee in another Section of the Civil Rights Division, were harassed by an attorney in that other Section and by an administrative employee and a paralegal in the Voting Section.
The worst excesses of the CRD occurred under Bush. And it gets worse. Fanatic leftists were allowed to violate the law, sabotage case work and defraud the government, but were rewarded with buyouts, not termination and prosecution:
The Attempted Sabotage of the Noxubee County Lawsuit

It didn’t take long before Rich engaged in more underhanded and unprofessional behavior. This incident has become nationally known, and it involved outright dishonesty.

The Division’s Voting Section conducted an investigation of election improprieties by the now infamous Ike Brown, a two-time felon and current chairman of the Democratic Executive Committee in Noxubee County, Mississippi. Brown had been engaging in discrimination against white voters as part of his drive to ensure complete African American domination of politics in the county. It was some of the most flagrant discrimination that the Voting Section had seen in decades, and the trial attorney assigned to the investigation — Christopher Coates — recognized that Brown had to be stopped.

After multiple visits to Mississippi, Coates prepared a lengthy memorandum to Rich in which he recommended that the Division bring suit against Brown and the local Democratic Executive Committee in Noxubee County for violations of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. The case was open and shut based on the evidence uncovered in the investigation.

But incredibly, when Rich forwarded the memorandum to me a few days later, the recommendation to bring suit had been deleted.
But more interesting, Adams himself refused to file criminal charges in the New Black Panthers case. Only civil charges were filed. If a white man had been outside a polling place shouting racial epitaphs, the FBI would have arrested him in a manner of minutes, while the Republican "civil rights attorney" Adams only considered a toothless civil complaint. No wonder the NBPs did not fight their charges, there were no real consequences in a civil hearing.
So before we get all agitated about Obama, don't forget that hating whitey was de rigour under Bush as well, which might explain his infatuation with family values from south of the border.

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