Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Teh Ghey

Or cheese eating surrender-monkeys over at the Center for Security Policy. Generally, Frank Gaffney and crew there are on point over the threats to America, including that from Islam. However Gaffney has surrendered an important issue central to Christendom, or is called by some neo-cons, Western Civilization. I prefer the more accurate Christendom. An important part of our Christian civilization is morality. That murder is both immoral and illegal, just as theft is. One cannot have freedom if one is subject to murder and robbery on the streets. Of course it is Christianity that tells us both are immoral and illegal. Of course, most men know both are immoral, but the natural moral consience is not just a product of the natural law, but of our creation by our Creator. So is said for the issue of homosexuality. And let us deal honestly with homosexuality; its be all and end all is anal intercourse between two men. That is all it is. It, of course, has other aspects, usually drug use, treason, and other bad behavior, but, many do dress well. However, that is not enough to surrender to it in the fight against radical Islam.

And that is what Gaffney has done:

c. freedom of conscience; individual liberty (including in matters of personal privacy
and sexual preference);

Apparently anal intercourse has been accepted as a Constitutional right by the CSP despite the fact that we were not informed of this right until recently. Gaffney should know that homosexuality was illegal when this continent was first discovered by Christians, it was illegal under the laws of all of the Christian powers who settled this continent; French, Spanish, Portuguese, and English. It was illegal under the laws and traditions of the other Christians who came and settled under the authority of those Christian powers. These Christian powers displaced some of the most Satanic barbarians this world has ever known. Even Rome understood the barbarity of human sacrifice and canabilism and they crushed Carthage for her sins. So we crushed the barbarians, small and large, in the Americas. And so, under the Common Law and Christianity, homosexuality was illegal under the our British forebearers. So it was illegal in all the States who made up this Union. So it was punished until the influence of the enemies of Christendom slow started to roll back laws against homosexuality, sodomy and anal intercourse.

Does Gaffney and company, with so many Jews, forget the instructions in the Old Testament? Is there no memory of the punishments from God imposed on Sodom and Gomorrah? Do we need homosexuals in this coalition against Islam?

First, one must realize that homosexuals in the U.S. openly support the radical wing of the Demoncrat Party and have no problem with Islam. There is no divide on the left; homosexuality, Islam, abortion, gun control, no borders, and high taxes. They all go together. Homosexuals contribute nothing to opposition to any of those.

Second, will you sell out the natural law, God's revealed Law, and 200 years of tradition, for the illusion of a support from homosexuals? You surrender it for nothing.

Now this is not to say that we may not ridicule and stigmatize Muslims for executing homosexuals. The proper response is prayer, treatment, prison and social stimatism, not execution. But if you are a homosexual who supports no borders, gun control, criminalization of anti-homosexual speech, diversity, and the rest of the failed program of the left, do you think that they will vote to oppose Islam? They already accept that the First Amendment may be violated to prohibit criticism of homosexuality, blacks and other favored groups; why would they act to protect the First Amendment of critics of Islam? They have already surrendered the principle. Homosexuals who overwhelmingly vote for the Demoncrats who also oppose the Second Amendment. How do they figure in any coalition to protect the Constitution from the depradations of Islam? I think the gun nuts are more in line with opposing Sharia than the homosexuals.

More importantly though Gaffney and company are MIA on the immigration issue. Nothing at CSP or in Gaffney's public statements support any meaningful restrictions on the immigration of Muslims to the U.S. CSP and Gaffney refuse to support repeal of chain migration, the way in which most Muslims come to the U.S. The refuse to make the practice of Islam an excludeable offense, much like the practice of Communism once was. What is the point of opposing the imposition of Sharia on the U.S. if you refuse to keep the practitioners of Sharia out of the U.S.? Gaffney needs to look at the impact of immigration on the U.S. or all his concern about Sharia and terrorism will be for naught.

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