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Another Aspect Of The Obama Amnesty

But it first must be said that it is not just an Obama Amnesty, it is also a Jorge Bush, Billyjeff Bentpecker, and GHW Bush amnesty, an amnesty based on political pressure on the then Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and now on U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to approve benefits for aliens who do not qualify for those benefits. It has been an ongoing policy for years that the legacy INS and USCIS have an unwritten policy of favoring approval of benefits for aliens, establishing work rules and procedures that benefit approval of benefits over denial of benefits and succumbing to outside pressure to approve benefits for illegal aliens. The whole of USCIS is organized to serve aliens rather than protect the United States and enforce the laws of the United States as they are written.

Senator Chuck Grassley is hip to their impeachable conduct and has thrown down the gauntlet and exposed what the legacy INS and USCIS have been perpetrating for years.

WASHINGTON – Senator Chuck Grassley today asked the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Inspector General who oversees the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to address evidence from statements made by immigration officers that senior U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services leaders are putting pressure on employees to approve more visa applications, even if the applications might be fraudulent or the applicant is ineligible. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is an agency within the Department of Homeland Security.

Grassley first brought attention to this issue in a letter to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Alejandro Mayorkas in September. Since then, additional agency insiders have provided new information suggesting that the director is responsible for fostering an environment in the California Service Center that encourages the approval of as many applications as possible, regardless of eligibility or potential fraud. According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services employees, a “visibly agitated” Mayorkas asked employees, “Why would you be focusing on [fraud] instead of approvals?” and, on a separate occasion, at a conference in Landsdowne, Virginia, said that there are some “managers with black spots on their hearts” in U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services because they would not approve more visa applications.

“The American people need to know that the rule of law isn’t being undermined by political leaders,” Grassley said. “The safety of America’s citizens is the Department of Homeland Security’s primary duty, and I expect Secretary Napolitano and Inspector General Skinner to address this situation quickly and thoroughly.”

Grassley first raised concerns over U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services visa policy after whistleblower accusations that supervisors directed staff at the California Service Center to “find a way” to approve visa applications and expressed a desire to “instruct generosity” when processing immigration benefits. Since then, additional agency staff has come forward with allegations of retaliation and pressure asserted by leadership.

Senator Grassley is concentrating on the California Service Center (CSC), where, interestingly enough, there was a recent Saturday Night Massacre where several Senior Executive Service and GS-15 managers were removed from their positions and either reassigned elsewhere, sent to DC on detail assignment as punishment, or given make work. Experience with the CSC is that they are of the mind to "bang everything in." The bang being the sound a Service Center adjudicator's stamp makes when it hits the application lying on their desk:

Dear Director Mayorkas:

I write to you today regarding allegations of serious, systemic problems within the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The Inspector General at the
Department of Homeland Security is currently reviewing actions of officials within your agency in pressuring officials at the California Service Center to approve visa applications despite ineligibility or indicia of fraud. Senior USCIS officials allegedly ordered California Service Center staff to “find a way to get to „yes‟” in processing visa applications, which, if true, signals a potentially serious problem that approval rates are deemed more important than rooting out fraud and abuse.

The Inspector General is also investigating claims of whistleblower retaliation against California Service Center officials who reported this misconduct. The retaliation allegedly took the form of involuntary transfers of the California Service Center officials who complained and official inquiries into allegations about their personal conduct away from the office and interactions with subordinates.

In essence, high-level officials in the USCIS are accused of creating an environment hostile to those who insist on following the law. For example, an email obtained by my office indicates that a high level USCIS official wrote of the California Service Center, “No question we need some serious head changes here… it‟s like Whack A Petitioner here… whatever we do to instruct generosity the CSC [California Service Center] finds a way to tie them up in another little loop.” (Attached) After this email, USCIS involuntarily transferred the two or three service center officials and opened “investigations” into their conduct.

It appears that even the crazed liberalism of the Jorge Bush USCIS is not enough for the Obama Regime, as the CSC has the most notorious reputation for not dealing with fraud and approving benefits in an assembly-line process. But that appears to not be enough for the Obama Amnesty. They are instructing even more generosity. A generosity undoubtedly related to the Obama Amnesty being executed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Houston and throughout the nation.

And the response to Senator Grassley from Alejandro Mayorkas, Director, was the typical DC two-step; first ignore the most important allegation, approval of benefits for ineligible aliens and emphasize how much terrorist related paper shuffling that USCIS does, then deny everything and promise cooperation. In fact, "generosity" is the word to the field from Director Mayorkas which he fails to address in his dishonest and deliberately misleading response. Interestingly enough Mayorkas admits in the letter that SES and GS-15 were reassigned and is basically an admission that he was trying to impose his will on illegally approving benefits for ineligible aliens; meaning that the amnesty must go forward.

Fortunately Senator Grassley was not fooled. He in turn sent correspondence to Janet Reno Napolitano where he essentially calls Mayorkas out as a liar, which he is:

In order to further investigate these allegations, my staff has interviewed seven USCIS employees and obtained hundreds of pages of supporting documents. Unfortunately, the evidence suggests that Director Mayorkas is fostering an environment that pressures employees to approve as many applications as possible and condones retaliation against those who dissent.
According to the USCIS employees:

 During a recent visit to the CSC, Director Mayorkas became “visibly agitated” when advised that the employees were interested in learning more about fraud detection efforts. Mayorkas asked, “Why would you be focusing on that instead of approvals.” One witness stated that “his message was offensive to a lot of officers who are trained to detect fraud.”

 Mayorkas admonished officers to “look at petitions from the perspective of the customer.”

 USCIS leadership expressed a goal of “zero complaints” from “customers,” implying that approvals were the means to such an end.

 DHS conducted a human capital survey where USCIS scored low because employees felt pressured by upper management to approve applications.

 Following a presentation by Director Mayorkas at a management conference in February, Deputy Chief Counsel Doug Craig said that Mayorkas had directed him to “get to yes.” At the same event, Chief Counsel Roxana Bacon said that Mayorkas says that all the time and that he had said it recently at a town hall meeting.

 At a conference in Landsdowne, Virginia, Director Mayorkas said that there are some “managers with black spots on their hearts” who can't see their way to grant benefits. He said, “I am dealing with some of these managers.”

 His comments came just after two senior CSC officials who resisted the “get to yes” culture were involuntarily transferred to other assignments.

 One high-level official told CSC employees that these managers “were not transferred for approving too many applications.”

 Other USCIS personnel who were seen as too close to these CSC officials were also transferred or detailed to other assignments, in some cases on less than one day’s notice.

 New CSC leadership was “shocked” upon learning that denials were given extra weight in employee performance evaluations because a denial takes longer to process. The senior official said that policy would “have to change.”

 New CSC leadership has “cultivated a culture of fear and disrespect.”

 An employee advised that the CSC recently abandoned an important anti-fraud procedure. Previously, adjudicators would check applications against a list of petitioners with a history of fraud and abuse. The adjudicators would then forward any matching applications to fraud specialists within the division. Now, however, the applications receive no special handling and there are no longer fraud specialists focusing only on such high-risk applications.

Here we have it, direct from employees at USCIS, there is a policy of approving benefits for ineligible aliens in violation of the law. Someone should inform Darrell Issa that is an impeachable offense. It is also important that Senator Grassley has asked for an Office of Inspector General investigation, but given the well know hostility of the Obama Regime to Inspectors General, Richard Skinner should be afraid for his job. Senator Grassley should be aware though that the head of the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General's Assistant Inspector General for Investigations is a former Secret Service agent who spent most of his career in Chicago. So don't expect much.

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