Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More ICE Non-Feasance

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been caught again not enforcing the laws of the United States. (h/t Debbie Schlussel)
He’s just come out with a new album and describes himself on magazine covers as an “American patriot” and a “family man.” In July, he performed at a nationally televised Boston Fourth of July celebration on CBS. But has learned that Toby Keith Covel–the full name of the country singing star who uses the stage name, “Toby Keith”–apparently knowingly employed an illegal alien housekeeper/cook at his Oklahoma home for some time. The woman is a Mexican national and was previously deported from the United States prior to her apparent employment by Toby Keith.
Moreover, sources say that after the woman was discovered and apprehended by Oklahoma law enforcement authorities, Keith repeatedly phoned from Ireland, yelling, screaming, and whining until the woman was released, even though she was ordered deported and standard procedure would be to lock her up until deportation. The sources say Keith’s behavior and vehement reaction was that of a man who wasn’t merely the employer of an illegal alien, but someone with whom there was “much more” going on with this woman. And, they say, he got special treatment for his illegal alien chica, with her improper release from the Cleveland County, Oklahoma jail. The events, they say, happened in late 2009 or early 2010. Online records and statements on his own website show that, indeed, Toby Keith was
in Ireland in concert and on vacation with his family in November 2009
. Keith is married with three children.

The sources say that the woman was stopped by authorities when she was driving in Cleveland County, Oklahoma near Toby Keith’s home. She did not have a driver’s license and could not speak English. The woman allegedly told authorities–through a translator–that she worked for Toby Keith. The Cleveland County (Oklahoma) Sheriff’s deputies who arrested her, booked her into their jail facility, but she was ultimately released to freedom by Cleveland County Sheriff Joe Lester (whose opponent in a previous election was backed by Toby Keith). The sources say that, at the time, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in Oklahoma City were processing the woman for removal from the United States, but they were ordered by their supervisor to release the woman, even though she had previously been deported. A previous deportee is almost never released when caught again. But
Toby Keith–a high-dollar donor to the Republican Party and the George W. Bush
Presidential campaign
–apparently has clout.

Cleveland County jail guards contacted by confirmed that they remembered an illegal alien woman who identified herself as Toby Keith’s employee being in their lockup facility and recalled the story, but they said that they could not remember her name because, they said, so many Latino illegal aliens pass through their facility.

Cleveland County Sheriff Joe Lester allegedly notified Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Detention and Removal Operations (DRO–now ERO a/k/a Enforcement and Removal Operations) officials, as is standard operating procedure in such cases. Sheriff Lester declined repeated requests for comment and/or an interview with

Sources say that upon learning of her apprehension, Toby Keith Covel made angry calls from Ireland to his lawyers, one of Oklahoma’s U.S. Senators, and/or to Sheriff Lester, demanding the woman’s release. The sources say that Toby Keith put so much heat on the Sheriff and the Senator that ICE DRO subsequently allowed her to be released to “her own custody,” and she was given 90 days to leave the country. The woman was supposed to leave the country in April 2010, but it is unknown whether she, in fact, did voluntarily self-deport and leave the United States. The sources say that, on her deportation papers, the woman is listed as Toby Keith Covel’s “house maid.”

Toby Keith’s representatives–his spokespeople, officials of his ToKeCo, Inc. business, and his official website operators–declined repeated requests for comment, and a well-known entertainer in country music circles confirms that, during a visit to Keith’s Oklahoma home prior to the arrest, a woman who spoke only Spanish was working as his cook.

After initially expressing a desire to answer my questions, Toby Keith’s spokesperson, Elaine Schock of Shock Ink insisted upon seeing my questions in writing, then declined to respond to two requests for comment, both of which contained this exact text:
From: Debbie Schlussel
Date: Tue,
Jul 20, 2010 at 1:29 PM
Subject: Elaine, Press Inquire re- Toby Keith .


I am writing to inquire about the arrest of an illegal alien cook/housekeeper/maid employed by Toby Keith a/k/a Toby Keith Covel, several months ago in Oklahoma. Law enforcement and other sources state that the woman did not speak English and was caught driving without a license in Cleveland County, Oklahoma. Apparently, through an interpreter, the woman stated that she worked for Mr. Covel. I understand that when Toby Keith learned of her arrest, he was in Ireland, got very angry and contacted politicians and members of law enforcement to pressure them to release this woman. She was released. Do you have any comment? Did Mr. Keith file required forms and taxes for her under federal and state tax laws? Is he aware if the woman voluntarily deported herself from the country, as she was supposed to do in April? Or is she still employed by Mr. Keith? I look forward to your response, as my deadline on this is fast approaching.

ICE spokesman Carl Rusnok told me that ICE no longer responds to questions from media sources, unless they are major media outlets. That, according to him, excludes from all ICE comment to the press.
The most egregious aspect of this case is that it involves an alleged priority of John Morton and ICE, previous deportees. It is, in fact, Priority 3 on their list:
Priority 3. Aliens who are fugitives or otherwise obstruct immigration controls

In order to ensure the integrity of the removal and immigration adjudication processes, the removal of aliens who are subject to a final order of removal and abscond, fail to depart, or intentionally obstruct immigration controls, shall be a priority. These aliens include:

fugitive aliens, in descending priority as follows:

fugitive aliens who pose a danger to national security;
fugitives aliens convicted of violent crimes or who otherwise pose a threat to the community;
fugitive aliens with criminal convictions other than a violent crime;
fugitive aliens who have not been convicted of a crime;
aliens who reenter the country illegally after removal, in descending priority as follows:

previously removed aliens who pose a danger to national security;
previously removed aliens convicted of violent crimes or who otherwise pose a threat to the community;
previously removed aliens with criminal convictions other than a violent crime;
previously removed aliens who have not been convicted of a crime; and aliens who obtain admission or status by visa, identification, or immigration benefit fraud.

Again, more lies from the Obama Regime on immigration enforcement and special rules for the rich and well connected. Just ask Nicky Diaz.

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