Thursday, October 7, 2010

Obama Regime Fails To Meet Goal

But the NY Times and DHS are claiming victory despite the fact that ICE's budget has increased dramatically, but they were only able to increase deportations from the last Fiscal Year of the Bush Administration, 2009, by 3,862 illegal aliens.
Immigration authorities deported a record 392,862 immigrants over the last year, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Wednesday.

About half of those deported — 195,772 — were convicted criminals, also a record, Ms. Napolitano said, and an increase of more than 81,000 deportations of criminals over the final year of George W. Bush’s presidency.
Ms. Napolitano said the deportation figures, especially the criminals figure, reflected the Obama administration’s shift to focusing more closely on “removing those who pose public safety threats to our communities.”

The overall figures for deportations increased slightly from about 389,000 in the 2009 fiscal year, also a record at the time.
Remember, Fiscal Year 2009 included three months of the Bush Administration push against illegals. Since then John Morton, head of ICE, informed his employees that the previous goal of 400,000 deportations in FY 2010 was repudiated and replaced with an ongoing amnesty for certain groups of illegal aliens, like Jessica Colotl and Eric Balderas.
The real reason that there was an increase in deportations was the Secure Communities program that was instituted under the Bush Administration and resisted by the Obama Regime. But it was running on autopilot and there was not much the Regime could do about it.
The surge in deportations of criminals came in part as a result of a program called Secure Communities, officials say, which allows local law enforcement officers to check the immigration status of every person, including American citizens, booked into a county or local jail. The identity check is based on comparing fingerprints of people arrested against prints in Department of Homeland Security databases.

Initiated in 2008 in Harris County, Tex., which includes Houston, the program has grown to include about 660 counties and cities nationwide. Sheriff Adrian Garcia of Harris County said on Tuesday that since the start of the program officers there had identified more than 20,000 immigrants in the county jail system who were eligible for deportation.
In its annual report for 2008, the Department of Homeland Security revealed 558,000 fugitive aliens — those who fled court or disobeyed orders to leave — had avoided removal. Under the Obama administration, this number has grown. Some 715,000 people now reside in the U.S. that DHS refuses to deport. In one year, unenforced deportation orders have climbed 28 percent. And the numbers keep climbing.
“[M]illions of illegal immigrants,” one report states, “may avoid deportation” because DHS declines to enforce valid removal orders, discourages routine police reports and dismisses cases it was prosecuting. This failure of enforcement was underscored in an August no-confidence vote by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents against Obama officials. Appointees, the agents declared, had “abandoned [ICE’s] core mission of enforcing immigration laws.”
This DHS preening over a small increase in deportations is nothing more than boob bait for bubbas. But one hopes it will contribute to low Hispanic turnout. This is worth some walking around money in the Hispanic community.

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