Sunday, October 31, 2010

Race Card

A useless Korean lawyer, Jane Kim, who has done nothing as President of the San Francisco Board of Education, has decided to run for higher office as a Supervisor for the City and County of San Francisco. Besides the inane idea that a lawyer knows anything about education or any other aspect of public policy, the real issue is the fact that she is an open racist who is running an openly racist campaign based on Asian supremacy.

At these question-and-answer sessions, the whip-smart, Stanford- and UC
Law–educated Kim thrives. She could nail the salient points while
juggling and balancing on a unicycle: I was a community organizer. I'm now an attorney and president of the school board. I'm all about job creation, families and schools, and safe streets.

Nothing American about her and she is running an openly racist campaign.

Kim has good reason to be tense: The decidedly Asian-heavy crowd attending the forum put on by AsianWeek is her base.

There's plenty to like about Jane Kim, a shopping list of positives to which her supporters and detractors both readily admit. She is young, smart, attractive, and well-spoken. She is a natural on the campaign trail, able to connect with high school dropouts, Tenderloin SRO dwellers, and million-dollar-condo owners. She's a formidable fundraiser. She has earned her political stripes, rebounding from a defeat in the 2004 race for the board of education to be the top vote-getter in the 2006 contest. During her term, she sided with progressive allies in a failed bid to disband JROTC, but she has also proved pragmatic, voting to reform the district's byzantine student assignment system.

And Kim has a not-so-secret weapon that could propel her past better-established competitors, the same factor that could decide next year's mayoral election: She is Asian.

And nothing more. That is the total of her accomplishments, ability and achievements: birth as an Asian. Otherwise, Jane Whatever would be nothing. She has been successful in San Francisco only because of her race and the racism of the Asians of San Francisco.

Now the San Francisco public schools have benefited naught from her rule. Black and Hispanic test scores are at the bottom and Asian students spend their time at after-school cram classes. The one or two successful schools in San Francisco have Asian or White students, who's scores in tests are excellent, but have nothing to do with Kim. As an attorney she has contributed nothing to furthering education in San Francisco. Aside from riding a racial spoils system, she has no accomplishments in life. But given immigration, that is what she is riding to higher office, similarly to another politician. Imagine if she was white and ran on that platform.

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