Thursday, November 11, 2010

ICE's Amnesty

Jessica Cototl is back in the news. She is headed to traffic court this time hoping to get off charges of driving without a license.

Jerome Lee, the attorney handling Colotl's traffic court case, said he will ask that the charge of driving without a license be dismissed, because Colotl recently obtained a driver's license. She was able to do so because her deportation was deferred.
Lee said Georgia law regarding persons charged with driving without a license states that "if such person produces in court a valid driver's license issued by this state to such person, he or she shall not be guilty of such offenses."
But of more important issue is that suddenly, despite the fact that she is an illegal alien, she has obtained not only a driver's license, but also a work permit.

"Following normal immigration procedure and law, she is now eligible for a work permit, she has a Social Security card now and she has a driver's license," Lee said.
It appears that ICE is conducting its own amnesty program. After Colotl was arrested, ICE immediately released her so she could continue her education and she was also apparently given a work permit and a Social Security card. Basically she was rewarded by ICE for being an illegal alien.

A conviction would not affect Colotl's immigration status, since a federal immigration judge has ordered that she be deported after she graduates in the spring, according to her immigration attorney, Charles Kuck.
And you know that once she graduates, she will not be leaving. She will disappear, never to be seen again. Unless she gets stopped for another traffic infraction. And ICE will have to spend thousands to track her down again.

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