Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mexican School Official Retreats And Lies

Ed (Eduardo?) Parraz, Superintendent of the Denair Unified School District, has released a statement to the press about his attack on Cody Alicea, a student, for flying an American flag on his bicycle that he rides to school.
The claim is that there were threats by unnamed but obviously Mexican students against Alicea.

As most of you are aware, we’ve had a school issue that has risen to the level of national news coverage. This incident occurred on Monday, November 8th when a campus supervisor askedone of our middle school students to remove an American flag from his bicycle while he was on school grounds. This request was based on concerns for the student’s immediate safety, and to give school staff time to investigate a potentially dangerous situation, involving threats to this student.

While it is our responsibility to ensure that all students are safe at school, we also support every students’ First Amendment rights. We are dealing with the students who threatened to disruptthe school environment. And, the student involved in this incident is now again proudly displaying his flag.

We recognize that we live in the greatest country in the world and that we should all be proud todisplay the American flag. It’s unfortunate that the entire story of this issue has not been fullyportrayed in the media. Denair is a wonderful community, filled with hard working committed citizens who support our schools and our democracy.

I’m proud to lead the schools in this community and sincerely hope we can return the focus to our children and their education. We will be addressing the issue with our Board at our regularmeeting Thursday, November 18 in the District Leadership room located at 3460 Lester Road, Denair.
So now the American flag is a patriotic and unifying symbol. Just a few days ago it was a symbol of racism and hatred.
But aside from the obvious backpedaling, the real lie is that Parraz was concerned about Alicea's safety and the school district was investigating threats from Mexicans against Alicea. There may have been threats, it is quite common for Mexicans in California to threaten whites, blacks and other Americans. And it is just as common for Mexican school officials in California to support the Mexican terrorists who make those threats. Just witness what happened at Live Oak High School where Mexican officials disiplined the white American victims of hate crimes and endorsed the violent behavior of Mexican revanchists.
There is no evidence of any investigation by either Parraz or another Mexican DUSD official, Jody Jorge. The Stanislaus County Sheriff's Office has not been informed of any threats nor have any arrests been made. Nor has ICE been called to arrest the mostly like illegal aliens who made those threats. If there truely had been threats, those students should have been immediately taken to the principal's office, the Sheriff's Office called and the students expelled. In reality the only DUSD response to the alleged threats was to prohibit Alicea from flying his flag. And that was all that the Mexican revanchist Parraz was planning to do. However, just as in the Live Oak incident hit the internet and Fox News, it was made that impossible to ignore the crime. So Parra had to do the limited modified walkback. The only proof that Parra is telling the truth is if those Mexican students who threatened Alicea are expelled or arrested. Which is unlikely.

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