Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sergy Kirov And Gabrielle Giffords

There are eerie though telling parallels between the infamous murder of Sergy Kirov and Gabrielle Giffords. The most important parallel is Joseph Stalin and his imitators in the modern American radical left.

Kirov was an early Bolshevik, in fact, one of the Old Bolsheviks, and a follower of the man of steel himself. However, after Kirov became a power in his own right after aiding Stalin in his purge of Trotsky, he broke with Stalin, or more accurately, Stalin broke with him as Stalin could not countenance any power base other than his own. Of course, all this is Aliens v. Predators, Crips v. Bloods, but it is telling of the mind of the modern American leftist who is at heart a Stalinist.

Like Stalin, the left cannot abide by any opposition to the Dear Leader, the smallest slight or hint of opposition defines one as a Right Opportunist. As an aside, there is never any longer any Left Deviationism except for that of the Devil himself, Lev Bronstein. He is still cursed to this day by the left, and in times past by even his hagiographer, Isaac Deutscher, for the temerity of opposing Stalin's strategic alliance with Hitler, and, as claim, obtaining breathing space for the Revolution and trapping the German legions in Mother Russian.

It is said that Kirov placed a bulls eye on himself when at the 1934 Party Congress, he received fewer no votes than Stalin. Similarly, Giffords was "bulls eyed" by the Daily Kos and became dead woman walking with the radical left when the Daily Kos again identified her as "dead" to the left for daring to vote against Nancy Pelosi for the Minority Leader position.

The parallels continue with Giffords having her own Vania Zaporozhets in the clownish Sheriff Clarence Dupnik who blamed the "opposition" for a murder which the Stalinist left was responsible. Just as Stalin and his henchmen were to blame. Remember Loughner was a loser pot smoking hippie 9/11 Truther.

Initially, a Communist Party communiqué reported that Nikolaev had confessed his guilt, not only as an assassin, but an assassin in the pay of a 'fascist power', receiving money from an unidentified 'foreign consul' in Leningrad. 104 defendants who were already in prison at the time of Kirov's assassination and who had no demonstrable connection to Nikolayev were found guilty of complicity in the 'fascist plot' against Kirov, and summarily executed.

Similarly the shooting of Giffords is blamed on Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and right-wing hate rhetoric. The parallels are deeply disturbing.

In another parallel, Jerad Loughner was a mentally ill loser, unable to live in society and similarly, the Kirov assassin, Leonid Nikolaev, was similarly disposed; anti-social, a failure, and undoubtedly mentally ill as well.

Various accounts of his life agree that he was an expelled Party member and failed junior functionary with a murderous grudge and an indifference towards his own survival. He was unemployed, with a wife and child, and in financial difficulties.

Nikolaev was recruited. Perhaps Loughner wasn't, but the events are strikingly and disturbingly similar, and not beyond the evil of the left in this country. Remember, these Che Guevara fans murdered John F. Kennedy, another moderate Democrat that did not tow the party line on Communism.

The final parallel is equally interesting. Nikolaev was well known to the NKVD, just as Loughner was to law enforcement in Pima County, but inexplicably unmolested for his crimes, just as Nikolaev was.

Leonid Nikolaev was well-known to the NKVD, which had arrested him for various petty offences in recent years.

At first glance it seems strange that the NKVD tolerated Nikolaev's transgressions, at a time long before Kirov's crimes, when punishment was usually administrative, swift, and exceedingly harsh. Perhaps the NKVD was saving him as an asset for the future, perhaps just as Dupnik didn't like arresting fellow leftist pot-heads. Perhaps Dupnik wanted to save jail space for "Right Opportunists." Not fill it up with defacto allies like 9/11 Truthers.

Gun nuts like to speak to the left about "No More Free Wacos." Given the continued Stalinist tendencies of the left, they may get their chance to shoot it out.

Of course the goal of the left was the removal of any opposition from the public square, just as the Kirov murder was to be the beginning of the Great Purge, ending any opposition to the Great Leader. And it clearly exposes the true nature of the left in America; deeply hateful, mentally unbalanced, vindictive, and with murder on their minds.

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