Friday, March 25, 2011

More Lies From The Left

The left is agog about an illegal alien who was deported recently. (h/t Stein Report) The illegal alien arrived in the United States via airplane was accompanied by his granddaughter, an anchor baby. He was subsequently deported and the child's parents refused to come get the child. What then happened is the subject of the lies of the left.

The feds deported a 4-year-old Long Island girl - who is a U.S. citizen - after officials detained her grandfather while he was bringing her back from a visit to Guatemala.

"I'm just shocked," the family's lawyer, David Sperling, said Tuesday.

"I think it's an outrage that Customs and Border Protection didn't do anything to reunite her with her parents....She is a U.S. citizen and she has every right to come to the U.S."

Emily Samantha Ruiz and her grandfather, who had a work visa allowing him to travel, were returning from seeing relatives March 11 when their New York-bound plane was diverted to Washington.

Officials at Dulles Airport noticed an illegal entry from the 1990s on grandpa's record and took him into custody, Sperling said.

He suffered what Sperling believes was a panic attack and was sent to the hospital. The lawyer declined to name the grandfather.

Emily was in federal custody for nearly a day in the airport while her parents in Brentwood wondered why the pair hadn't arrived home as planned.

When her father figured out what happened and spoke to a border control agent, the lawyer says, he was told he had two choices: Emily could be held at a juvenile facility in Virginia or return to Guatemala with her grandfather.

Worried she would be put up for adoption, he chose the latter option and has been trying to get her back ever since.

A Customs and Border Protection spokesman confirmed Emily was sent back but would not comment on her case further.

He said agents are instructed to tell parents in similar cases they can pick up their child, have the child turned over to child protective services or have the kid sent back to the country they left.

"We take every effort to reunite minors with their parents," said Steve Sapp. "The parents need to make the decision."

But he conceded undocumented parents like Emily's risk being detained if they show up. "They do have to face consequences," he said.

Rep. Steve Israel (D-L.I.) is asking Homeland Security to conduct a review.

"This bureaucratic overreach and utter failure of common sense has left a little girl - a U.S. citizen no less - stranded thousands of miles from her parents," he said.

Meanwhile, Sperling plans to have a staffer go to Guatemala and retrieve Emily.

"We hope there's a happy ending to this story," he said.

What really happened was this: This man and adult child and that child's spouse entered the United States either illegally or by fraud. They have been living here since then, at least 4 years. Now these illegals usually claim that this is now their home, but not really so. They have extensive connections to their real home country and like to travel back and forth. It appears that the grandfather had a visa and probably had one previously, but violated the terms of the admission to the U.S. and got caught on this entry. Because the parents either entered illegally or had a visa and were misusing it to live in the U.S., they could not risk traveling with a U.S. citizen anchor baby, as if a traveler with a U.S. citizen child is traveling with a visitor visa, that is suspicious, and they would likely be identified and refused entry. So they thought that grandfather could travel with the child and claim that the grandchild had come to visit extended family, perhaps meet aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. Perhaps he claimed to CBP that the parents had to travel back separately for some bogus reason or the child was in Guatemala because the parents had some financial setbacks or whatever and had to let grandparents take care of the child for a while. The reason is not important, but the lies illegals tell to game the system are predictable and their strategies to travel as they will as just as predictable.

But what usually happens when an illegal tries to enter the U.S. with a U.S. citizen child is that the custodian of the child is given two options, take the child back with them or release the child to someone waiting at the airport for the arrival of the child. Many times however the person waiting for the child is an illegal and does not respond to the inquiry from CBP for the child.

Previously, the legacy INS would do nothing if an illegal alien actually showed up for the child, as Immigration Inspectors at airports were prohibited from taking illegal aliens into custody who were already in the U.S. Now many times the illegal aliens did not know that and just refused to respond. Other times they would respond and that fact that they were illegal would then be evidence that the alien accompanying their child was inadmissible and abusing a non-immigrant visa and that alien accompanying the child would then be deported, but the child released to the illegal alien parents. This was not in the law, but just policy that the legacy INS had that encouraged illegal immigration.

Now this is exactly what happened with this child in question. In this case after telephone contact with CBP, the parents refused to appear to claim the child because they are illegal. Interestingly enough, the CBP spokesman implied that if they had appeared, the parents would have been arrested. Even more interesting is that, as usual, ICE has refused to go out and arrest those illegal aliens living on Long Island. As usual, more ICE fail. And do not be surprised by a very public reunion of this child after the Congressman's aide travels back with the child, and ICE, again, will make no effort to arrest the illegal alien parents.

But what did not happen was that a U.S. citizen was deported. The grandfather decided to take the child back to Guatemala. He had custody of the child and legally and voluntarily took the child back. The feds did not deport the child. But this is what happens when illegal aliens are allowed to set down roots in the U.S. and when the children of illegal aliens are given U.S. citizenship.

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