Tuesday, March 1, 2011

National Origin Discrimination

The City of Seattle has decided that it will seek sentences in criminal cases based on the national origin of the perpetrator. It will discriminate against American citizens by seeking 365 day sentences, but in the case of aliens, both legal and illegal, it will only seek 364 day sentences.

In June 2010, Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes enacted a new policy which protects foreign nationals—including illegal aliens convicted of misdemeanors from deportation.

In the past, when anyone was convicted of a gross misdemeanor, prosecutors requested used a 365-day sentence, which meant that they could be considered an "aggravated felon," and Immigration and Customs Enforcement would review the case for possible deportation.

However, to better comply with Seattle’s ‘sanctuary city’ police, prosecutors now request a maximum of 364 days in jail, for both legal and illegal immigrants, so as not to tip-off ICE agents to the offending illegal alien.

That one day acts like a barrier between the feds and the illegal aliens.

A Seattle ordinance (Municipal Code 4.18.015) prohibits police officers from investigating a suspect’s immigration status, unless they have committed a felony.

City attorney Craig Sims, said of the policy: “If it’s a person’s first time every committing a crime, it may not be appropriate to ask the entire [sentence]...We are of the belief that we are compliant with the Seattle Municipal Code. If we receive any information that we are hindering ICE or any federal immigration laws...we will redress this issue."

So much for equality before the law. One might point out to the alleged attorney Sims, you cannot use national origin in sentencing persons to crime. It is a violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. Just think if the reverse were true, longer sentences were requested for aliens? The so-called U.S. Department of Justice and the ACLU would be all over that. And, since there are few white illegal aliens, then imagine if shorter sentence requests were the official and open policy of the Seattle City Attorney's Office for white people? That would not last one minute. But since it benefits non-white aliens, there is no complaint from Eric Holder and the ACLU.

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