Saturday, April 16, 2011

ICE Does Their Job

And get investigated. While illegal aliens are openly and publicly proclaiming their illegal status and ICE does nothing, ICE Deportation Officers in Detroit did their jobs and are now in hot water.

A Michigan state legislator accuses immigration agents of having “stalked” and manhandled undocumented immigrant parents in late March outside an elementary school where they had dropped off their kids, according to the Detroit News.

The newspaper quoted the legislator, Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who represents southwest Detroit, as saying: “Without warrants, they stalked parents from across southwest Detroit.”

Immigration officials said they had been near the Hope of Detroit Academy to arrest a “fugitive alien.”

ICE Director of Public Affairs Brian Hale said his agency is investigating the accusations, the Detroit News said.

"While a preliminary analysis suggests that certain requirements were followed, elements of the operation appear to have been inconsistent with policy and our standards and priorities," Hale said.

By inconsistent they mean inconsistent with the administrative amnesty for illegal aliens.

ICE officers are required to follow a policy that prohibits operations near schools unless approved by headquarters," the statement continued. "It is not clear that this policy was appropriately followed in this matter."

The incident drew an outcry by immigration advocates in Michigan, who held a news conference on Wednesday outside the elementary school to say that immigration officials were targeting their community.

Targeting their community? That is why ICE exists. To target, arrest, and deport illegal aliens.

Ryan Bates, Michigan director of the Alliance for Immigrants Rights and Reform Michigan, told the newspaper that immigration officials hovered around the school on March 31, apparently waiting for parents to leave after dropping off their kids.

"Some parents were trapped inside the school because they were too terrified and frightened to leave because they thought they would get arrested," Bates said to the newspaper.

Obviously not trapped, since they were not arrested. Just more proof of the Obama Regime administrative amnesty.

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