Tuesday, July 12, 2011

ICE: Missing In Action XV

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has missed another alien Muslim terrorist. The FBI, again, has ate ICE's lunch, and done the work that John Morton says is one of ICE's "priorities," finding terrorists. Even the Cleveland Police Department was more on the ball that ICE's so-called "Homeland Security Investigations."

CLEVELAND— The unruly passenger that caused United Airlines flight 944 headed from Chicago to Frankfurt, Germany to make an unscheduled stop in Cleveland was arrested Monday.

Stephen D. Anthony, the special agent in charge of the Cleveland Division of the FBI, and Chief Michael McGrath with the Cleveland Police Department announced Saleh Ali S. Alramakh, 21, was arrested after he repeatedly disobeyed orders from flight attendants Friday and his behavior eventually escalated to shoving, kicking and spitting.

Flight attendants asked that he immediately turn off the device and return to his seat.

At first Alramakh refused, but eventually complied.

Right after take off Alramakh returned to the restroom to use his electronic device once again despite the fact that passengers were required to remain seated with seat belts fastened.

When Alramakh refused to cooperate with fight attendants' requests that he return to his seat, the attendants unlocked and opened the door.

Alramakh became verbally abusive, investigators said, then returned to his seat.
But before long, Alramakh exited his seat for a third time and confronted a flight attendant in what was described as a 'belligerent, confrontational manner.'

He was accused of speaking in a loud voice and using profanity while standing just inches from the flight attendant's face.

Alramakh was asked to step back, but instead he allegedly shoved the flight attendant backward.

At least one passenger intervened and helped the flight crew restrain him as he tried to kick and spit on anyone nearby.

Cleveland Police Officers found Alramakh restrained on the floor when the plane landed at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport around 5:20 p.m. Friday.

A police K-9 unit was brought in to sweep the plane and screen the luggage.

Although the plane was refueled and cleared to continue its journey to Frankfurt, the aircraft remained grounded overnight because the flight crew had exceeded the allowed number of hours while on duty.

Alramakh was arrested by the FBI Monday for the federal felony charge of interference with flight crew members and attendants.

He will appear in Cleveland Municipal Court Tuesday morning then be taken to Federal Court by U.S. Marshals.

United Airlines says it is cooperating with authorities.

Just what is ICE HSI doing? Well, chasing fake Chinese Gucci bags at Fisherman's Wharf for one. Important work no doubt, for the former U.S. Customs Service Office of Investigations, but it is not anything related to the security of the United States.

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