Thursday, December 29, 2011

Latest Lies From A Dumbfuck Treason Bar Shyster

Treason bar hacks are desperate to blame all their troubles on evil white racists like Joe Arpaio and your average American who does not want his job given to an H-1B wage slave or illegal alien. They are, however, demanding masters, and Barack Hussein Obama's Administrative Amnesty has not pleased them. Obviously the Treason Bar does not enough money, for Obama, like the descendant of Muslim slave traders, has a price and it must be met. Goldman Sachs paid retail, but the Treason Bar pettifoggers only had enough to rent a President for a short time, but got short changed. Hey, money talks.

But the Treason Bar has an agenda, and it ain't money. It is electing a new people, and who to blame for the failings of America to surrender, but Dwight David Eisenhower? WTF you say?

Deportation and Removal December 29, 2011, by Matthew Kolken

Obama’s failure to lead on the issue of immigration reform resulted in the Democrats squandering a two-year super-majority. Immigration reform could have been passed without a hiccup in the President’s first 100 days in office. This is what he promised. So why did it happen? Obama expended every ounce of his political capital on his signature health-care legislation, throwing Hispanics under the bus in the process. Specifically, in order to get the votes required for passage, Obama lied to the Hispanic Caucus who was threatening to oppose Obamacare unless racist and anti-immigrant provisions were removed. His promise to the Caucus: to aggressively work with Congress to pass immigration reform. How did that work out?

So for those of you keeping score at home, Obama’s immigration reform efforts to date principally feature a lunch with Shakira and a Desperate Housewife. Change you can believe in?

The apologists respond with the fact that the Administration has recently introduced a “common sense immigration enforcement” policy involving the employment of a prosecutorial discretion memo. The reality is that this is nothing more than a public relations stunt. I know of only a handful of cases nationwide where prosecutorial discretion is being favorably exercised, and those cases are usually attached to embarrassing media coverage of individuals facing deportation to countries they haven’t been to since they were young children. The silent majority receive little, if any, reprieve from the Administration’s 400,000 deportations per year mandate.

As for the Administration’s recent constitutional challenge to Arizona’s immigration law, this President should be careful throwing stones in his glass White House. Persistent human rights violations permeate the Obama Administration’s handling of immigrants.

Here is the bottom line that the Obama apologists don’t want you to know: This President is the worst thing that has happened to the cause of immigrant rights since Eisenhower put Japanese Americans in internment camps. Only Obama’s internment camps are euphemistically called immigration detention centers, but just like Eisenhower’s these camps are being used to abuse immigrants and deny them of their constitutionally protected right to due process.

Someone might point out that it was Comrade Franklin Delano Roosevelt and RINO Earl Warren that hooked up the Japanese residents and a few Japanese-Americans on the West Coast. They also rounded up and interned Germans, Italians, German-Americans and Italian-Americans. That however is not convenient for the whitey hating Treason Bar. Blame everything on Republicans like Joe Arpaio and General Eisenhower. Perhaps Kolken was confusing internment with Operation Wetback. Kolken certainly didn't like that successful operation against illegal aliens. But that seems to be a theme here. No deportations are the Treason Bar goal.

I am certain Kolken is just an idiot, but the mendacity is comparing the legal aliens and Americans of Japanese ancestry who got the boot from the West Coast with actual illegal aliens who have no right to be here. Kolken also perpetuates the lie of the 400k deportees this year. As shown, in fact it was only 378,000 illegal aliens removed. Kolken also accuses the Regime of "persistent human rights abuses" while detaining aliens, meaning being "shoved forcefully" is a persistent human rights abuse. Not getting treatment for a blister is a "persistent human rights abuse." Getting tackled during a foot pursuit is a "persistent human rights abuse."

All though is just two steps forward, one step backward. Demand more than you can get and move the goalposts forward, never letting up on your demands. But the Treason Bar just does not appreciate the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty. Not enough for them. Of course, that is a good tactic as well.

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