Monday, March 12, 2012

Another Version Of Buy This Magazine Or The Dog Gets It

Recently Linda Thom has condemned Rush for his comments on the Georgetown co-ed who wants me to pay for her, or at least all the other hot, and otherwise,chicks at the once magnificent Catholic university on the Potomac.  She also agrees that feeding contraceptives to illegals is the smart way to go.  Unfortunately it was alot like do it or else.

I want to respectfully disagree with both their position on Sandra Fluke and birth control for illegals. 

First Rush and the slut comment.  First, if a shoe fits wear it.  Although I don't actually believe that Sandra Fluke is a slut, at least in the meaning that she sleeps around with men, or even fornicates outside of the Sacrament of Marriage, or at even a civil marriage.  Or even on the off chance her sexual partners are limited, to just one, or non-existent.  At least in the heterosexual meaning...wink, wink, nudge, nudge...say no more.

First Thom on slut and its special meaning.  Meaning it is a word not to be used, such as the "N" word.  Well, having lived among black Americans, I know that that word is in common parlance, even without referring to various rappers popular among blacks.  I want to speak of it among the common folk.  It is widespread and ubiquitous among blacks.  It is however discouraged among a subset of most serious black Christians.  A colleague is incensed when his fellow blacks use it.  And incensed he should be, but it ain't a slur, except when non-blacks use it.

But even if it is taken as the most despicable word imaginable, unlike cracker, or white trash, or peckerwood, slut is not its equivalent.  But it is clear that Fluke was playing the sexually liberated co-ed, at least on TV, and, frankly my dear, it fits, at least in the meaning that she wanted to be known as sexually liberated, which means she sleeps around.

To compound the error Thom claims there is no male equivalent.  Well, yes, there is, or are.  How about Lothario?  How about Satyr?  How about playboy? How about Don Juan? Or just plain perv?  In fact the cult of false accusations of rape, much more hideous than calling a woman who demands taxpayer subsidy of her and her classmates sexual adventurousness, to put it mildly, a slut.

Thom is correct to point out the promiscuous of certain immigrant groups, but that is unrelated to birth control.  In fact, most long-term and short-term birth control fails, or, more accurately, provides the opportunity to fail.  The fecundity of Hispanic immigrants is in spite of millions in birth control already provided to them.  It just ends up "failing" somehow.  Why, because giving birth is a better strategy for both welfare and amnesty.  Just read John Morton's memos, or my blog, on the amnesty and incarceration, pregnancy, nursing, child care, etc.  All are prime reasons for ICE to grant amnesty, and to attract more immigrants.  Add to that the welfare benefits of childbirth; housing, food, etc., and you have an irresistible call to pregnancy.  Trying to foist more birth control is an exercise if futility.  It does not serve an illegal alien or a low wage Hispanic any good.  They might practice it for a while if they have a good man, but the ultimate goal is either committing him to marriage or producing a welfare benefit if he doesn't. 

In any event, the principle of the thing is the most important issue.  Taxpayers should no more subsidize the sexual escapades of co-eds than that of illegals.  In fact, possible birth is a good reason to not subsidize it.  It will encourage women to not sleep around, therefore avoiding various venereal diseases rampant among the 20 something set and older. 

It is better for society if women don't sleep around, at least not that it is apparent.  A nuclear family is best for society and children, it is also good for women.  No man wants to commit to a good-time girl.  We are pretty smart.  We know what that behavior means.  It means possible cuckolding. 

While women may dislike the developing double standard, in fact, women generally support the double standard by letting themselves fall for the Don Juan, the playboy, the Hugh Hefner.  No shortage there of women willing to sell themselves short.  Just ask Izabella St. James.

There we have it, attacking more illegals with promises of free birth control will not benefit us, they won't really use them, sluts are not good for society.  In the end, Rush was correct.  Fluke herself may or may not be a slut, but the behavior was accurately described.  And it ain't all that hurtful, and it's generally true.  What women can do best to flight the slut slur is fight the slut culture.  And deport all illegals NOW.  Si Se Puede! 

Just as calling out BRA on their failings ain't racist.  It ain't when calling out Georgetown, or ASU, or Chico State sluts.  And don't subsidize it.  She is going to get pregnant anyway.  The only solution is what Hillary! practiced.  No more sex, at least not too much, just a little with Vince Foster.  Cankles are the best birth control anyway.

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