Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Red Chinese Mayor And Immigrant Rent-A-Mob Welfare Cheats

Extort millions from a company wanting to build a hospital in San Francisco.  Comrade Ed Lee, Maoist mayor of San Francisco, successfully extorted $201 million in donations from  California Pacific Medical Center in exchange for the privilege of building and operating a new hospital in San Francisco.

SFGate March 28, 2012 by John Cote

Mayor Ed Lee has reached an agreement with California Pacific Medical Center officials over their plans to build five new medical facilities in San Francisco, including a massive new hospital on Van Ness Avenue, which will see the medical group contributing more than $115 million toward affordable housing, Muni improvements and other public benefits. That is on top of spending more than $86 million in charitable health care annually for a decade, city officials said.

But the predominately immigrant welfare class of San Francisco, also predominately Asian, is in high dander that a profit making medical care corporation will be building a hospital in San Francisco and only paying $201 million for the privilege.

SFGate March 28, 2012

Activists: CPMC Deal “Unacceptable” And “Glaringly Deficient”

Well, that didn’t take long.

The same day Mayor Ed Lee publicly announced he had struck a deal with California Pacific Medical Center to build a massive 555-bed hospital on Van Ness Avenue, rebuild St. Luke’s hospital in the Mission and overhaul their medical facilities around the city, more than 70 people took to the steps of City Hall to denounce the controversial deal as a giveaway that, among other things, fails to create enough local jobs.

Lee, whose campaign platform could be summarized as “jobs, jobs, jobs,” has touted the deal as a means to create 1,500 construction jobs, pump $2.5 billion into the economy and get two seismically safe hospitals built.

But skeptics of the agreement, including unionized nurses, affordable housing proponents, employment advocates and others, contend the provisions for permanent jobs only require CPMC to hire 40 residents per year for five years, or less than 5 percent of the total jobs created. The Sutter Health-affiliated CPMC is projecting over 4,170 new permanent jobs across its city facilities by 2030.

That Communist nurses' union, professional agitators, welfare cheats, and other community organizers consider the little disguised bribes to be insufficient is to be expected.  Also of no surprise is that their welfare rent-a-mob was the typical immigrant welfare cheat.  Just take a gander at the makeup of their mob.  Elderly immigrants who never worked a day in the U.S., a younger Chinese female immigrant living off San Francisco's generous free health care program for illegal aliens, and the assorted neo-Marxists who replaced the proletariat with people of color:

Ed Lee got his bones mau-mauing the flak catchers of San Francisco, and is quite an expert himself.  It is likely he stage managed the whole escapade, with CPMC none the wiser.  And I bet that all that money for free community health care will be going to those associated with his political supporters, much as occured with other city money during his recent campaign.

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