Saturday, March 17, 2012

Words Have Gender

People and animals have sex.  That is what gender means.  The left however in the tradition of 1984 has manipulated it so as to replace sex.  It is an aspect of their power to change the meaning of words.  The typical RINO falls in line.  It is sad to see the stream of so-called conservatives use gender as they are instructed from the radical left, led by homosexual groups.

And speaking of homosexuals, they are at it again in the immigration arena.  U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the agency charged with ferreting out fraud during the application process for benefits, such as legal permanent residency, citizenship, refugee, and asylum status, has adopted the radical left's re-definition of words to suit not only the demands of homosexuals, but will be assisting and encouraging fraud in asylum and refugee applications.

ILW March 15, 2012 by Victoria Nielson

Recently, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services issued its first ever "Guidance for Adjudicating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex (LGBTI) Refugee and Asylum Claims." Following closely on the heels of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's historic speech at the United Nations where she declared that "gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights," the Guidance heralds an unprecedented commitment to protecting the rights of LGBTI people fleeing persecution.

The Guidance is a training module and so its audience is first and foremost Asylum and Refugee officers. For this audience, the Guidance offers basic definitions of sexual orientation, gender identity, intersex condition, and HIV. It also sets expectations that the officers be sensitive to the difficult nature of these claims:..

Actual scientific evidence, of course, will not be allowed.  Only the desires and opinions of homosexual activists and the deranged people who engage in genital self-mutilation.

The Guidance also gives officers specific directions on how to interact with LGBTI applicants, such as telling officers to ask transgender applicants which pronoun and name they prefer to us, and using that preferred language during the interview.

Like blacks, who were never satisifed with what they are called; Negro, colored, black, Afro-American, African-American, homosexuals also just can't make up their minds, first is was homosexual, then gay, then LGB, then LGBT, then LGBTQ (questioning), now it is LGBTI. Their lack of consistent terminology shows the shaky foundations of what they claim to be and a relentless desire to expand public perception of the rather small numbers.

It is also interesting in that they are shanghaing the hermaphrodites into their group.  Perhaps part of a claim to make homosexuality genetic rather than a mental illness.  But in any event, a hermaphrodite is a genetic dead end, much like homosexuals.

Even worse than accepting homosexual definitions that have no other basis than the political demands of a small group, USCIS has decided that detecting and detering fraud during an asylum claim based on homosexuality and sexual self-mutilation will not be a priority. 

With specific examples of appropriate and inappropriate lines of questioning, the practitioner now has a concrete basis on which to seek a supervisor's intervention if an officer asks inappropriate questions, such as graphic sexual questions.

Basically the USCIS training is designed to make detection of fraudulent claims impossible. The training has been deliberate designed to discourage attentive and dilligent officers from pursuing lines of questioning that will elicit information deragatory to the substance of the claim. 

The training even goes so far as to dismiss obviously pertinent information such as a heterosexual marriage.

For example, the Guidance suggests that the mere fact that an applicant is or has been in an opposite sex marriage does not undermine the applicant's credibility if he or she can explain the circumstances of the marriage.

So, there we have it.  Any person can now claim asylee or refugee status in the United States based on a claim of homosexuality, regardless of the actual fact that they are not homosexual.  This is quite similar to the pattern found after wife beating became a basis for asylum.  Many women who claim to be such victims and obtain asylum status, then sponsor their alleged "abuser" for derivative asylum status.  Yes, after winning the immigration lottery, they then bring their husbands who beat them.  Obviously they were working a scam, as USCIS does not require any evidence of victimization, just a claim.  Why, because they have difficulty speaking of it, the local police don't take reports, etc.  The same claims that homosexuals make now. "I was beaten because I am homosexual."  "Do you have a police report?"  "No, the police won't take a report because I am gay."

A cycle of claims that is self-supporting and not based on any evidence.  Even more incredible, homosexuals from Brazil of all places are claiming asylum here, as previously reported, and obtaining asylum, despite vague claims, no evidence, and in spite the fact that homosexuality is legal in Brazil and that the current President is a lesbian.

Also of note is that having AIDS or HIV are considered evidence that the alien in question is "identified" as homosexual, even if not homosexual.  And that goes for others thought to be homosexual by others.  So, in addition to false claims of homosexuality, aliens will be claiming asylum based on the claim that they are oppressed because others think they are homosexual, even if not. 

While the BIA has not specifically ruled on claims by other sexual minorities, many U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals have. Claims involving actual or imputed sexual minority status may qualify under the PSG category and may involve applicants who:

identify as gay or lesbian

are viewed as a sexual minority, regardless of whether the persecutor or society involved distinguishes between sexual orientation, gender, and sex.

are transgender

are "closeted" gays and lesbians

test positive for HIV, regardless of their sexual orientation
16 (note that even if a transgender applicant identifies as heterosexual, he or she may be perceived as gay or lesbian)  
are viewed as "effeminate" or "masculine" but identify as heterosexual

are not actually gay but are thought to be gay by others
And just how will USCIS officers determine the truth?  They won't.  The lesson is clear from this so-called training.  The intent is "encourage" officers to just approve without any meaninful review any application by a homosexual, a claimed homosexual, or someone who was thought to be homosexual. 

Let us not forget that most homosexuals are incapable of meaningful participation in society.  They obsession with sex gave us the AIDS epidemic, and they have an enduring hatred for Christians and will only be part of the emerging radical left-wing culture war on America.  Like amnesty for Hispanics, this training is nothing more than a recruiting tool for more Demoncrat voters.  The real reason for the training, besides waging war on heterosexual America. 

Hey, isn't that heterophobic?

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