Monday, April 9, 2012

Desperate Communist Thugs Backpedaling Furiously

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, which organizes the illegal and often violent Critical Mass, has discovered that its killers have a public relations problem. Bicyclists in San Francisco are arrogant thugs and think they own the roads.  And they are engaged in a war on pedestrians and that is creating bad publicity for them.  And they are backpedaling, so to speak, furiously.

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition April 5, 2012 by SWPL Kristin Smith

In light of the March 29th crash at Market and Castro streets, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition would like to issue the following statements on street safety:
On behalf of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, we are deeply saddened by the news of Mr. Hui’s death. Our hearts go out to his loved ones.
“This tragic incident is an urgent reminder to all of us – whether we ride a bicycle or drive a car – that we must be careful on our roads,” says Leah Shahum, Executive Director of the 12,000-member San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. “We call on all road users to be respectful of pedestrians and watch out for their safety at all times.”
While we recognize that this case is still under investigation, we are deeply troubled by the just-released online account of the incident.

Then they go on to claim that the SFBC is all about safety and comity for all users of the sidewalks and streets.  Of course that is just lies.  They, as the New Black Panthers, Barak Hussein Obama, and Eric Holder are black supremacists and don't believe in equal rights, usually demand special privileges and practice violence against motorists and pedestrians. 

“As advocates working for safer streets, we condemn reckless behavior – whether on a bicycle or in a car,” says Shahum. “Those who put others in danger should be held accountable for their actions.”
While pedestrian fatalities caused by bicycle crashes are rare, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition reminds the growing number of people riding bicycles in San Francisco that we must follow the rules of the road.
The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition continues to work toward a culture of greater respect on our streets by actively encouraging safe behavior by all road users.

They only care for themselves, and the latest killings of pedestrians by bicyclists has put them on the defensive, sort of like the Cambridge Police incident and how the Trayvon Martin case have for Obama and his racist supporters.  Perhaps two pedestrians would be alive if the SFBC really believed in equal rights, not bicyclist supremacy.

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