Monday, June 4, 2012

Green Cards For Strippers

Not content with green cards for prostitutes and fake victims of wife beating, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is on a campaign to expand their green cards for social undesireables.  Since there are not enough prostitutes and fake victims, ICE wants to extend the "victim" amnesty to strippers.

Yahoo/AP June 1, 2012 by Russell Contreras
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Strippers and owners of topless clubs are scheduled to meet next week in New Mexico with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials who hope to bring more awareness to sex trafficking, a growing problem some call "virtual slavery."
The special conference slated for Tuesday at the Elegante Hotel in Albuquerque is aimed at educating around 125 people in the adult entertainment industry about the dangers of sex trafficking and how to report it if they see it.

With the help of a female Homeland Security Investigations agent working in southern New Mexico, the arm of ICE is seeking to reach out to people who may be working alongside victims of sex trafficking without even knowing it.  [Did ICE use unlawful sex discrimination to assign a female agent to this case?  Ed.]

ACE National, a Washington, D.C.-based trade group that represents strip clubs and other adult entertainment establishments, is hosting the event as part of organization's nationwide push to help dancers and club owners identify sex trafficking and rescue victims.

ACE National's executive director, Angelina Spencer, said the group has trained 2,000 people nationwide, and club owners have an important interest in keeping any ties to sex trafficking out of their industry.

According to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, sex trafficking involves prostitution and other adult services that are induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or in which the person induced to perform such an act is under 18 years old. Often victims are drawn into sex trafficking by kidnappings, promises of a better job in another country, or being sold into the trade by family members...

Kevin Abar, assistant special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations in New Mexico, said the federal agency is in a big push to educate the public about sex trafficking.

"A lot people don't know that if you agree to a certain job involving sex and someone has to go across state lines for that job, that's sex trafficking," Abar said. "We're going to start being aggressive about going after sex traffickers, and people in this industry need to know what the laws are and how to spot trafficking."
And by education, ICE means that it wants illegal alien strippers to come forward and make a false allegations of coercion or force and then be rewarded with a green card.  That is the point of this program.  It is not education, it is part of the Regime's Administrative Amnesty.  This will obviously attract more illegals to the adult entertainment industry, and, like Bill Clinton's recent photograph with porn stars, it is the norming of sex industry with an immigration twist.  What ICE should be doing is raiding brothels and strip clubs, arresting the illegal aliens who work there, not educating them about their alleged victim status.


One who cares about our world, and puts their money where their mouth is. In NM! said...

Unfortunately, you fool... this event is not meant to encourage false claims to victimization of a heinous crime.

Homeland Security Investigations, along with other federal entities as well as non-governmental organizations focus on combating Human Trafficking, worldwide, not providing an easy in for illegals; as you imply.

Why not place yourself in the position of a parent.. one who’s son or daughter went on a foreign vacation, or who responded to an ad for employment in a foreign country of their dreams... only to have their identity stripped from them upon arrival. The child is then kept in squalor, and tormented by their captor. Then their child was forced in to an underground sex-trade industry... being raped by 25+ men or women per day.

Or maybe you can imagine a man convincing a female that the lifestyle that he and his “girlfriend” enjoy is threatened by a lack of income... then he convinces that “girlfriend” they need money and prostitution is the only way to provide for the continuance of their lifestyle. When she refuses, he invites some “buddies” over who sexually assault the woman... this happens over and over... oh did I mention the woman is a U.S. Citizen?

Your ignorance is disgusting, and your impetuous insistence that this is a program which encourages false allegations for immigration benefits is even more ignorant and frightening.

This outreach is targeted at this industry nationwide... why? Because only people in the know can provide information and tips to atrocities happening around them. This is incredibly larger than strippers and prostitutes!

I don’t suppose you would ever consider that possibility though... being as knowledgeable and worldly as you must be?

Some web references for people who would like to be truly knowledgably to the atrocities which surround us.. while we sit comfortably and safely behind our laptops.. and blog about topics we have no functional experience with:
or maybe this will help you understand why WE care about this heinous crime so much...

Maybe it’s time we think about thoroughly educating ourselves.. and yes, questioning the known and unknown before proclaiming knowledge on a subject. Take a real stand my friend.. fight for something bigger than your own ego!

Federale said...

Fuck you. Can't you make an arguement without insults? Your insults prove you are wrong.

Most illegal alien strippers and prostitutes come here freely and intend to do the work they are in. Most, though not all, that is true.

In any event, they need to go home, with the help of ICE.