Thursday, August 2, 2012

Who's Taking It Down And Dirty To The Jihadi?

Why the followers of the Lord Buddha.  The leadership of the counter-jihad appears to have fallen to the Buddhists of all people.  While John Boehner defends the Muslim Brotherhood, Buddhists in Burma reject Sharia law and the right of Muslims to "take" non-Muslim women for their sexual gratification.

Foreign Policy August 1, 2012 by Christian Caryl

Let's face it: Not too many people outside of Southeast Asia have been paying attention to the sectarian conflict in Burma. For much of the world, Burma (also known as Myanmar) is a remote and somewhat mysterious country, and it's been prey to internecine squabbles for about as long as anyone can remember. (As a matter of fact, its people have been at war with themselves for even longer than the Afghans.)

So it's possible to understand, if not to excuse, the world's relative ignorance of the bitter feud in Arakan state, where the Muslim Rohingya and the Buddhist Rakhine have been at each other's throats since a Buddhist woman was raped and killed there on May 28. The Rakhine blamed it on the Rohingya, triggering violence that subsequently prompted the government to declare martial law. Dozens of people have been killed, and some 90,000 have been transformed into refugees...

In one of the ugliest recent manifestations of ethnic Burman chauvinism, Buddhist monks have called upon the population to shun association with the Rohingya. There have even been reports of monks blocking the delivery of humanitarian aid to Rohingya areas.

No dhimmis in Burma.

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