Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another Explanation For Those "Folks"

The inestimably genial John Derbyshire recently wrote on Barak Hussein Obama's use "folks" to refer to people, attributing it to a desire by the 1%ers to appeal to the unwashed masses.

Radio Derb Is On The Air October 20, 2012
Race Enstupidates and More, Folks!
Not half as irritating, though, as Obama's habit of referring to human beings in the plural as "folks." I just went through the debate transcript counting occurrences of the word "folks." There were 22 altogether, with the breakdown: Obama 17, Romney 3, moderator 2. So Obama is nearly six times as völkisch as Romney. I'll leave you to research for yourselves the history of the völkisch movement.

While I have no doubt concerning the radical left's need to appeal to the masses, there is another explanation for Obama's use of "folks."  

Chi-town is a city beset by problems, and street gangs are one of its worst problems.  And one of the major street gang affiliates is the Folk Nation.  Unlike its rival, People Nation, Folk is predominately, but not not exclusively black, while People Nation is predominately though not exclusively Hispanic.  Mike Tyson is an example of a black associated with the People.  But Obama, by his continuous reference to "folks," might be telling us that he is even more like Stalin than most thought.  Remember Stalin got his start as a bank robber.  Typical street gang stuff.  Our Red Obama is just aligning himself with his fellow blacks, his "folks"...ehr...Folk.  Besides being our first black president, he might be our first black street gang president.

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