Sunday, December 9, 2012

Google Working Hard To Keep Blacks And Hispanics Out

And there will be no consequences.  Google and other tech firms are notorious for demanding much of their workers.  And in the current legal climate they want to keep out the riff-raff.  Consequently they work hard during the initial hiring phase to weed out the useless dregs of society.  But while Google used the Microserf technique for years, long years of contractor status before hiring on as a regular employee,  it apparently found that inefficient.

It has gone all mathematical on NAMs, basically blacks and Hispanics, in an effort to keep from becoming the Detroit of high tech. 

SFGate December 8, 2012 by Caleb Garling
Tech Companies Use Tech To Hire The Best
But once a company finds the right candidate, there is still the question of making sure they integrate into corporate culture - especially considering how quickly tech companies fiddle with their products or develop new ones. Google, a company of more than 30,000 employees that releases some new feature or product almost every week, has turned the hiring and integration process into a science - literally.
Using tools typically reserved for statistics departments - regression analysis, T-tests, analysis of variance- Kathryn Dekas, who holds a doctorate focusing on organizational behavior, and her team in Google's People Operations (human resources) have put numerical values on a host of factors that contribute to making a new employee more productive from day one.
Their goal is to build mathematical models that answer the question of how to make Googlers perform at 100 percent - 100 percent of the time. Naturally, like most advanced mathematics at Google, the specifics are locked behind closed doors, but the idea is to effectively use qualitative measures so that they translate to the bottom line.
"We wanted to bake (analytics) into the fabric of the culture," Dekas said. (She stops short of saying Google has, in fact, distilled a precise business value of happiness.)

Consequently black, Hispanic and female employment percentages in Silicon Valley are declining, especially as high tech's demanding productivity standards and H-1Bs crowd out the lowest end of the IQ curve.

Of course, mathematics is mother fucking science, so it offers a little more protection than the obviously NAM and woman directed infamous Google interview questions:

Business Insider October 26, 2012 By Vivian Giang
Google-Like Interview Questions May Be Costing Employers Their Best Hires
Google is known for grilling candidates with brain-teaser questions like, "How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?" or "Why are manhole covers round?" during job interviews. 
These questions have no correct answers; the point is to test a candidate's ability to think on their feet. 
The "puzzle interview is being used with greater frequency by employers in a variety of industries," wrote Chris Wright, associate professor of psychology at San Francisco State University, in a recent study.

One can see the obvious jealousy coming from an obviously overlooked under-achieving Asian female and a looser professor from the 4th tier San Francisco State University.  It was clear they were aiming for an ACLU led lawsuit against Silicon Valley's leading corporations.  There are alot of these types in the Bay Area, especially young Asian-American women attracted to race based neo-Marxism, mostly because they don't want to work Google or Apple hours.  Alot easier to play the race card than do a 12 hour day making money for Steve Jobs or Eric Schmidt.

But just how did Google and the rest of Silicon Valley continue unhampered by the diversity police, not the rabble rousers like the Justice Brothers, but by the real diversity police, those with guns and Grand Jury indictments, the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice.  But Google and other campaign contributions and the upcoming nomination of Eric Schmidt as Secretary of Commerce, are probably part of the reason.  Although it must be pointed out that Microsoft was a big Bill Clinton supporter, but that did not stop it from being reamed by Janet Reno.  So beware you eggheads in the Valley. 

You might get Detroited after all.  Just look at Chicago, not even Rahm Emmanuel can protect the once great city of broad shoulders from the inevitability of the rising tide of failure.

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