Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hey Bob Costas, It Isn't Only Young Male Athletes That Are Dangerous

Old Negros are dangerous as well: An older Negro has been arrested with a gun.  This time it is racist black legislator Donne Trotter.  He tried to bring a gun on to an airplane.  It is not known why he did this, the gun was concealed deep in a large garment bag, but hijacking and killing white people is the only logical explanation.  Alot of those evil white people on planes.

Chicago Tribune December 6, 2012 by Rick Pearson and Jeremy Gorner

Democratic state senator who is seeking former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s congressional seat was arrested Wednesday at O'Hare International Airport after trying to board an aircraft to Washington, D.C., with a gun, authorities said.
Sen. Donne Trotter, of Chicago, was expected to spend the night in a Northwest Side police lockup and appear in bond court Thursday. Police said they found an unloaded .25-caliber Beretta in his garment bag along with a clip containing six live rounds.
He "forgot" about it.

Trotter, who has the proper permits and licenses to carry a firearm for security work, told officials he forgot the gun and clip were in the bag.
Got to say that Bob Costas is correct.  Keep guns away from Negros.

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