Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hugh Hewitt: Master Of Deceit

Hugh Hewitt continues his lies, slander, and deceit in his relentless plan to bring amnesty and a Demoncrat majority to the United States.  

He recently had Nick Schultz from the American Enterprise Institute on his show and their combined program was one of lies and ignominious slander of Americans.  No link, just another of the episodes from his radio show that is not transcribed.

First the lies.  Hewitt follows the example from your typical communist to lie big.  As a journalist he puts Walter Duranty to shame.  Duranty at least was a communist working to advance communism, Hewitt is the arch-typical RINO, deceitfully weaseling his way into the conservative movement, pretending to be loyal but fighting ever so hard for the radical left, its causes, and its personalities, like Erwin Chemerinsky.  

Here the lie is that Hewitt is opposed to amnesty.  However he supports regularization.  Regularization is of course allowing all illegal aliens, other than terrorists and convicted criminals to remain in the United States.  It is no different from amnesty.  It is just using a word to deceive his listeners into thinking he is opposed to amnesty as are a majority of the American people.

Hewitt then goes on to define regularization as something that does not include citizenship for illegal aliens, but then immediately asks Schultz how long will those illegal aliens who get regularization but not citizenship will have to wait for citizenship.  Schultz of course ignores that question then states that there is an unlimited demand for access by aliens to the United States and that any resistance to immigration is inherently futile and any urge to resist will not be tolerated.   

Hewitt and Schultz then team up to denigrate every American.  Hewitt whines about what he calls the 10%ers, those who oppose amnesty in any of its manifestations.  The clear implication is that any refusal to support amnesty or what Hewitt calls regularization is racist. He refers to the majority of Americans who oppose amnesty as "just noise."

Schultz is more blatant. He just says that there is an unlimited market for immigrants, and he singles out Latin America, who want to come here and that America just has to lie back and enjoy it.  Of course Americans won't be enjoying paying for the welfare state that immigrants want and vote for.  He jumps from accommodating an indefinite demand by aliens for immigration benefits, but then states he is not for open borders, even though everything he says is to accomodate any alien who wants to come to the United States with no restrictions, because restrictions are pointless because the United States is a magnet for aliens.

So, for Hewitt and Schultz, supposed free enterprise and small government types, the solution is bringing in more Demoncrats on welfare.  Great idea there geniuses.  Geniuses only if you are intent on Bolshevising America.

Also of interest, note that the AEI is adamantly opposed to using E-Verify to control future illegal immigration, but Hewitt claims elsewhere that there should be a fence and E-Verify:

Hugh Hewitt December 6, 2012 
Thinking About Immigration 
1. The build-out of the border fence to an agreed upon length and on agreed upon areas... 
5.  Employer sanctions and E-verify should be greatly strengthened.  In an era when the computers of American Express refuses charges because they note "out-of-pattern" purchases, the idea that we cannot oblige employers to verify green card status post-regularization is absurd.  Make the penalties real and compliance will be accomplished.

So, how do you square the maximalist position from Schultz with Hewitt's?  Well, just go back to regularization.  To what purpose is E-Verify if everybody but terrorists and gang-bangers are allowed in?  Neither group is looking for a job.  Under Hewitt and the Ryan/Rubio plan, everybody gets in.  They are just the moderate foil to make the maximalist position of the radicals like Schultz look good, but in the end, everyone gets in. 

And the Republic is doomed.

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