Saturday, December 22, 2012

Time For Gun Nuts To Get In The Immigration Fight

Immigrants and their supporters have declared war on gun rights and the gun nuts don't realize the world of shit they are in.

Piers Morgan, immigrant, is leading the fight against the rights that Americans enjoy with the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution his leading target.  Anyone who owns a gun, much less an effective gun, is in his mind nothing better than an accomplice to murder.

Watch and learn:

The problem does not stop with annoying communists from the UK.  Hispanic voters, who are not "naturally" conservative, are big supporters of gun control, despite their violent criminal tendencies.

The Daily Beast December 19, 2012 by Adam Winkler
Republicans Face Gun Control Test With Latino Voters 
Republicans must show they support a variety of issues important to the Latino community. 
Gun control is one of those issues. 
Polls show that Latino support for gun control is greater than that of any other major ethnic or racial group, including African-Americans. A Pew Center study in April of this year found that when whites were asked which is more important, protecting the right of Americans to own guns or controlling gun ownership, 57 percent sided with the right to bear arms. Latinos, by contrast, were much more favorable to gun control. Only 29 percent of Latinos said protecting the right to bear arms was more important. 
Other polls show that 69 percent of Latino voters believe the laws governing the sale of firearms should be stricter. Only 24 percent say they should remain the same. Unlike many gun-rights activists, only 5 percent of Latino voters say America’s gun laws should be less strict.

The NRA, as well as other groups, usually more effective, such as the Second Amendment Foundation, the Citizens Committee for the Right To Keep An Bear Arms, and Gun Owners of America, thought mistakenly that gun rights is a single issue unaffected by other public policy issues.

They are wrong.  There is no convincing immigrants that citizens have God given rights, including self-defense.  Immigrants mostly come from communist run societies, whether those societies are run by actual Communist Parties or from nations run by cultural crypto-Marxists that control most of the world's political parties with the exception it appears of the Likud and the BNP, and have brought their welfare-state socialism and tyrannical agenda with them.  They don't come here for freedom but for filthy lucre; either a welfare check as in the case of Hispanic immigrants or the millions paid to spout their crypto-Marxism, as in the case of Morgan.

Immigrants and their progeny are the single greatest threat to the rights Americans hold, after, of course, our own domestic 5th column of blacks.

Time for the gun people to get on the bandwagon and work to control the influx of those who support gun control.

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