Sunday, December 23, 2012

Treason Lobby Lies

The Obama media is laying the groundwork for the next Obama amnesty.  There was a puff piece regarding U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Victims Unit's (ICE SVU) policy of auditing employers of illegal aliens.  Half the article was about how disruptive the audits are for the employers of illegal aliens.

The award for chutzpah goes to Comrade Daniel Costa of the Economic Policy Institute, who decries ICE SVU's audits as "subjective," which is a strange allegation to make.

Yahoo News/Associated Press December 23, 2012 by Manuel Valdes
Audits Of Businesses For Illegal Immigrants Rising
The audits "don't make any sense before a legalization program," said Daniel Costa, an immigration policy analyst at the Economic Policy Institute, a Washington, D.C., think tank. "You're leaving the whole thing up to an employer's eyesight and subjective judgment, that's the failure of the law. There's no verification at all. Then you have is the government making a subjective judgment about subjective judgment."

One just does not understand the problem Costa has.  Unless of course one understands the real problem is that ICE SVU's audits are interfering with employment of illegal aliens and the purpose of employing illegal aliens, driving wages down.  But the problem is not the audits discovering illegal aliens.  Most would not consider the discovery of illegal activity to be a problem.   Except, of course, for those committing the crime.  There is the problem.  A business plan based on illegal alien employees.   It is a business plan well established in the United States, practiced by employers from Chipotle to Boeing.

But objecting to the audits as "subjective?"  Quite a strange argument.  Costa just could not bring himself to make the "racism" argument and had to find something to decry while lacking any more accurate argument.  In fact, despite the fact that audits do nothing to remove illegal aliens from the country, they do interfere ever so slightly with the standard business plan of hiring illegal alien labor.  And the audits are quite objective.  Companies are identified by either industry, ICE SVU concentrates on those employers in critical infrastructure, or by the tax and Social Security records of an employer that does not correspond to established tax and Social Security records.  ICE SVU then objectively analyzes the records of the employer in comparison to Social Security and immigration databases.  The result is an objective identification of those employees without employment authorization, e.g. those employees who are illegal aliens.  There is nothing subjective about the audit.  Auditors do not sit around balancing evidence as to an employees employment authorization.  The auditors have objective information about the information provided by the employer and the employee.  The usual result is a Social Security Number that is either not issued by the Commissioner of the Social Security Administration to the employee in question or the number itself has not be issued to anyone.  The audits are quite objective.  The employee either has a validly issued SSN or not.

The auditor then informs the employer, requesting action by both the employer and employee to provide further information that would solve the problem.  Obviously few do.  And there is Costa's objection.  He supports illegal immigration.  He wants illegals to remain and welcomes more illegal aliens.  

In fact, any legalization program should follow, not precede any audit or other work-site enforcement program.  Not auditing employers is acquiescing in the Chipotle and Boeing business plan and encouraging illegal immigration.  Costa is quite clearly a supporter of such business strategies.  But his strange argument that audits are "subjective," as if there is any dispute over whether any person identified as an illegal alien may not in fact be an illegal alien is absurd and unsupported by any facts.  

It is just an example of the argument by lie and innuendo practiced by the illegal immigration lobby, led by Costa.  It is the only argument they have.

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