Monday, December 17, 2012


Uncommented on and unmentioned in the ongoing War on Guns is that the Clackamas Shooter was of color.  (h/t The Truth About Guns)

The Truth About Guns December 12, 2012 by Robert Farrago 
Clackamas Shooter Revealed: Jake Roberts 

Click here for Clackamas killer Jacob Roberts’ Facebook page (while you can). According to The Huffington Post, a friend of Roberts says the Community College student was distraught after a break-up with his girlfriend who is [allegedly] pregnant. “Honestly he wanted suicide by cop is what happened.” The po-po say Roberts stole the AR-15 used in the crime from his roommate. Roberts’ FB page list shooting as one of his interests. 
Of note is that what we get from TTAG is not overtly race conscious, but Robert Farago does put Roberts face front and center, at least giving the reader the opportunity to learn the truth about a spree killer of color.  

This is a start.  And also more evidence that people of color cannot be trusted with guns.  All hail Bob Costas for breaking a taboo.

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