Monday, January 28, 2013

Let's Not Be Stupid, People

Alot of nonsense is out on the internet.  The latest is the paranoid fantasies of some on the right who think that FEMA and DHS are building armored fighting vehicles to put us all in camps.  Well, Obama does want to do that, eventually.  But his psycho-sexual fantasies have nothing to do with the Department of Homeland Security buying lots of .40 caliber pistol ammunition.  And while U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Victims Unit (ICE SVU) is buying armored vehicles, those are not for hunting down white gun owners, at least not yet, but for arresting child porn suspects, and not for arresting illegal aliens.  But they are not FEMA armored vehicles, they are ICE SVU armored vehicles.  Check out the episode of National Geographic's Border Wars where ICE SVU in Puerto Rico show up at a search warrant on a child porn suspect with an armored vehicle.

A recent posting on the usually good Gateway Pundit is quite weird, claiming that FEMA is also buying armored fighting vehicles.

Gateway Pundit January 28, 2013 by Jim Hoft
Obama Administration Repositioning Homeland Security Ammunition Containers
The containers (like those pictured) are usually painted olive drab and are unmarked except for indistinguishable numbers/letters probably for inventory, routing, etc.
Reader Don sent this in recently:
Jim – I passed a convoy of olive drab unmarked 40 foot tractor trailers each with four 10 yard ammo bunker boxes chained to them and unmarked armored Hum-Vee’s heading north on I-95 in Brevard County, Florida this past Thursday morning. The “govt” is positioning these ammo storage boxes, I have been told, in strategic places in population centers around the country. They are usually painted olive drab and are unmarked except for indistinguishable numbers/letters probably for inventory, routing, etc.
Obama’s Homeland Security Department has purchased 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition – that is not a typo — during the last six months.
ATK is one company that won a contract with the Department of Homeland Security to provide 450 million rounds of .40 caliber ammunition in 2012.
Previously it was reported that people around the US have begun reporting the site of strange, new, heavily-armed FEMA fighting vehicles this past year.
One set of images made available by shows trailer after trailer carrying these new DHS and FEMA armored fighting vehicles, complete with machine gun slots. They’re labeled with the usual backward American flag and the title, ‘Homeland Security’. Below that and the DHS logo, it also reads, ‘Immigration & Customs Enforcement’. Joining those markings, the black vehicles with white lettering also display ‘POLICE/RESCUE’ on one side and ‘Special Response Team’ on the other. 

Sorry Charlie...ehr Don, ATK does not deliver ammunition in 10 yard (30 feet) shipping containers, except perhaps to the military.  Deliveries to Federal agencies, including the FBI, as ATK is the largest manufacture of small arms ammunition in the United States using many brand names like CCI and Federal Premium.  

However, for deliveries to Federal agencies, ATK uses not olive drab shipping containers and unmarked DHS HUMMVEES, but by using brown shipping containers or as you see on the streets large brown panel vans.  Yes, ATK delivers to various Federal agencies directly to the Federal consumer, which means hundreds of Federal law enforcement field offices throughout the United States by Big Brown, UPS.

This is how DHS and other agencies' ammunition gets out to its agents:

Nothing sexy, nothing mysterious, but the most efficient delivery service in the world.  Now ATK does deliver by other means in large amounts, such as to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), Brunswick, GA.  Just off I-95 near the Golden Islands of the coastal waterway of Georgia. Now FLETC has other training centers and those go through lots of ammunition each year as the various FLETC training centers train almost all Federal law enforcement agencies, from the U.S. Border Patrol of 20,000 agents to the National Park Service Rangers.  Most carry a .40 caliber firearm, so that is alot of ammunition just for formal training, not including the quarterly qualification on issued firearms by in-service personnel.  Try a little multiplication.  20,000 Border Patrol Agents, qualify 4x a year and shoot a minimum of 100 rounds a qualification (usually at least two courses each qualification).  2,00,000 a quarter, times 4, which is 8,00,000 rounds a year just for the in-service training for the USBP.  This does not include any other DHS agency, like ICE SVU, ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations, Office of Inspector General, Office of Field Operations, Federal Protective Service, etc.  This is not initial training where trainees fire thousands of rounds in basic training. Now ATK might deliver in bulk to the FLETCs and that might be what the mystery reader saw, but DHS does not deliver to itself.  ATK delivers direct, so that might be their security. And those deliveries could be to any military base on the I-95 corridor. 

But the lesson folks is to not be stupid.  Barak Hussein Obama is an enemy of the United States, but it has nothing to do with lots of pistol ammunition or armored vehicles that ICE SVU uses to arrest child porn suspects.  Let's be smart people.  Dumb can be embarrassing and babbling about FEMA armored vehicles makes one look a bit loony.

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Finally! A voice of sanity. Let's not let our imagination run away with us.