Monday, February 25, 2013

Home Is Where The Heart Is

In this case, despite an American passport of convenience, the heart is in Arabia.  In another case not of dual loyalty, as Saadiq Long is loyal only to Qatar and Islam, not America.

The Military Times February 23, 2013 by Ken Miller/AP
Muslim USAF Veteran Again Barred From Flight
OKLAHOMA CITY — A Muslim U.S. Air Force veteran who had trouble entering the country last year to visit his terminally ill mother was barred again Saturday from trying to return home to Qatar, the second time this month that he’s been prohibited from boarding a flight in Oklahoma City because his name appears on a government no-fly list.
Saadiq Long, an American citizen, told The Associated Press that he attempted to board a Delta Airlines flight at Will Rogers World Airport but was denied a boarding pass after the ticket agent contacted Delta officials. After that, Transportation Security Administration agents arrived.

It appears this second attempt to fly was deliberately staged to gain sympathy from a press sympathetic to Muslim radicals and immigrants.  But in the end, Long thinks Qatar is home.  Also note the headline, it does not read American Barred from Flight, but Muslim Barred from Flight.  Telling.  Clearly one does not need to wonder why he ever left Qatar if it is his "home?"  But clearly the best passport of convenience was one of his strategies in waging jihad against Christendom.  But again we see that terrorism is an immigration problem, not a military or foreign policy problem.  

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