Monday, March 4, 2013

The Walking Dead War On Whites

Typical for Hollywood and the Bolsheviks (Cultural Marxists for the sensitive, but I like to call them what they are.) who run the media, white is evil and black is beautiful, as well as brown.  True to form, the Walking Dead has nothing but hatred and contempt for white people.

At best one can be Rick, the now bordering on mentally ill leader of the "nice" group of survivors.  But generally whites are nothing but a the focus of evil in the Walking Dead universe.

The most recent, Episode 12, Clear, is illustrative of the point.  The episode starts with part of the group, Rick, his son Carl, and Michonne, heading out to Rick's hometown to scour it for guns.  On the way down the rural Georgia highway in their little Korean crossover they deliberately pass by another survivor, called on the blogs the Hitchhiker, which themselves are full of DWLs justifying the failure of the group to assist him.  At the conclusion of the episode we see the group leaving Rick's hometown and the Hitchhiker's body torn asunder by the Walking Dead.  But race traitor Rick stops only to steal the Hitchhiker's backpack.

To heap racial calumny upon shear evil, the rest of the episode centers around Rick's failures and mercy to a black man, a throw away character at the begining of the first episode, Morgan Jones, who saved Rick's life.  Quite the contrast.  Evil white man abandon's fellow white man to inevitable dismemberment and horrid death for no reason.  But further into the episode, Morgan first tries to kill our trio.  But Rick in his obvious racial guilt, stay's his son's hand, like the Angel Gabriel staying Abraham's hand.   

It is not just the borderline insane Rick that is a racial problem to the writers.  The Walking Dead is filled with hateful white people.  The Governor is of course the prime example.  The embodiment of every leftists psycho-sexual repressed fantasy and subject of their projection, what they see in every white man, in every white male heterosexual leader, the Adolph Hitler they fear lurking underneath every bed.  

Of course the evil white man started with the despicable Shane, a shallowly written character who's only truth was the problem of sexual competition between white males.  Left out though in the real sexual conflict in any post Apocalypse world is the sexual predation by black males directed at white, and specifically blonde, women, such as Beth and Andrea, who herself is the embodiment of betrayal for her intercourse with the Governor.

The show is just chock full of one-dimensional black characters, generous to a fault, but sacrificed like T-dog  (WTF, was he some sort of rapper?) or Tyreese black leader of the group expelled from the prison by Rick.  That guy was just all about can't we just get along.  A one-dimensional Rodney King without the drug problem.

Then we have Merle, the stock Hollywood redneck white supremacist  southerner, whom the left love to hate more than babies yet born, who dared to try to do to some illegal aliens in Episode 10 what Rick later did to a lone white man with no compunction.  However Merle's brother is evolving like a RINO on the race issue and protects the illegals.  

The only thing missing is a homosexual, but I am certain that will appear soon.

But there we have it, no program is safe from the War on Whites.

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GreyWolf said...

Can't help but agree. I liked the show at first, maybe disliked the Southern & Racially Conscious stereotypes, until the white girl got on her knees for the Asian. I can't help it, that's #&%* disgusting, plus the father being okay with his little girl getting humped by the Asian.
The Hitchhiker scene disgusts me as well. The "sheriff" is content to let one of his own race die for no reason, but will put his entire white group (and the Asian.) in danger so that he can save the life of the Negroess. There are several other scenes with the female Negro, plenty of them her killing white men with a katana (WTF is a negro even doing with a katana? You wacist hollywooders.) I'm not going to watch some negro kill my people, even in fictional TV. I enjoyed seeing the blonde pulling the gun out on the violent, unruly Negroess to save her man, though. That was the only thing I enjoyed.
Well, it taught me a valuable lesson, well, it reminded me of a valuable lesson. Hollywood is filled with black lovers, race traitors, etc.