Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Proof Positive That George Zimmerman Was Arrested Based On Politics

The WaPo has inadvertently exposed the George Zimmerman persecution for what it is, a racist politically motivated show trial.  In a long and typical article blaming Trayvon Martin's deranged and criminal behavior on racism 50 years ago, the WaPo admitted that black people have a behavior problem and at the center is black-on-black crime.

WaPo June 23, 1013 by Dan Zak
On Eve Of Trayvon Martin Shooting Trial, Present Of Sanford, Fla., Is Shadowed By Past
A purple banner is strung between two trees in Judith Brown’s front yard in Goldsboro.
Its first line of text is “Justice for.”
A passing driver might assume its second line is “Trayvon.”
It’s not. It’s “Brian Jamal Robinson.”
Brown’s 24-year-old son went missing the afternoon of Nov. 3, 2011. That night his body was found in a wooded area in the next county over. Eighteen months later, his death ruled a homicide, no arrests have been made. Brown can’t help but weigh the attention drawn by Trayvon’s killing with the inattention given to her son’s, despite the difference in circumstances. Her son had a criminal record, with charges including burglary and battery, though he’d never been given jail time. A new father who was also caring for his ailing grandparents, he was getting his life together, says Brown. Then, as she understands it, he was abducted and killed by other young men who suspected him of stealing their drugs. Now his name is one of the nine on Goldsboro’s Trayvon memorial.

Left unmentioned of course is the actual similarity of Trayvon Martin and Brian Jamal Robinson.  Trayvon was on a long downward spiral of crime, drugs, and street fighting.  Very similar to Robinson's criminal record of burglary and battery.  The real blame lies with both their parents who refused to intervene and beat some sense into their wayward children.  It appears that the WaPo did not realize that they let the cat out of the bag regarding black crime.  It is good to see that the mainstream media is providing source material for patriotic bloggers.

Given that the black community itself did not consider the murder of Robinson by other blacks to be a concern, then why are they upset that Trayvon was shot by a white Hispanic?  Do blacks not care about black-on-black murders?  It is clear they don't, so the only motivation for the prosecution of Zimmerman is based on Zimmerman's race and the politics of the race-baiters in the black community.

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