Thursday, August 22, 2013

Attack Of The Lawyers

The unlamented departure of John Morton, who fronted the Obama Regime's Administrative Amnesty and attack on the Constitution, has been marked by what again is a lawless regime of lawyers.  This may appear surprising if one did not know that Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov was also an attorney and he was not know for his adherence to any legal principle, but only to the exercise of power by a small minority over what he once dreamed would be the world. Nikolai Lenin as he was later known was the prototype for the budding dictatorship nascent in the current regime, but extends back as far as our own Progressives who rejected both the Fall and Crucifixion, thinking they could order the affairs of mankind with a managerial elite.  One might think that the modern current of attorneys were just misguided, but given the war the current Regime has been waging on the Constitution and its support from the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA), the only reasonable conclusion is that the parade of lawyers in the Department of Homeland Security is Leninist in nature.

Which leads us back to John Morton and his proposed replacement by the Regime, John Sandwig, an Arizona attorney the protege of the Arizona attorney Janet Reno Napolitano.  

Center for Immigration Studies August 13, 2013 by David North
A New Immigration Policy Maker — John Sandweg, Acting Head of ICE
John Sandweg, 38, an Arizona lawyer and Napolitano insider, was recently named acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, following the resignation of John Morton whose extensive use of prosecutorial discretion led to heavy criticism.
Sandweg's record would suggest that he will not seek to turn around the Morton legacy at the unit that handles interior enforcement of the immigration law and the department's detention operations.

CIS' main concern appears to be the "acting" issue.  And it is not without some, but in the end, little importance.  "Acting" officials have predominated in the Regime because of confirmation problems arising out of the low quality and dangerous nature of Obama's nominations.

Sandweg also joins a growing list of "actings" in the front offices of Department of Homeland Security. The secretary is scheduled to leave next month and no one has been nominated to replace her; there is no confirmed deputy secretary (although there is an acting one); and the head of Customs and Border Protection (which includes both the Border Patrol and the ports of entry) is the deputy commissioner acting as the commissioner. The inspector-general is an acting, as are a batch of assistant secretaries.
This may, a month from now, leave Alejandro Mayorkas, head of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, as the only major immigration decision-maker in the department without an "acting" in his title. He, in turn, has been nominated by the president to be the DHS deputy secretary, and is facing a rough confirmation process, as we have previously reported.

This blog's long expressed concern though is the insidious infiltration of immigration law enforcement by attorneys to the detriment of actual enforcement of immigration law.  The parade of Leninist attorneys through the Department of Homeland Security began with Tom Ridge and has not ended, with attorneys infiltrating all levels to the apparent end that DHS, including its components such as U.S. Customs and Border Protection, will become a giant law firms, rather than a large, aggressive, and successful law enforcement agency.  Immigration law enforcement is being killed by lawyers and at the top, of course, is the lawyer Barack Hussein Obama.

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