Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Asians Working Hard To Overcome Model Minority Stereotype

The radical left and wannabe blacks in the Asian "American" ethnic group have long chaffed at the view of Asian immigrants and Asian "Americans" as high achievers and the problem the cultural Marxists had when decrying American racism and having to explain why racism hold back black, Hispanics and Indians, while East Asian and South Asian immigrants and hyphenated Americans do so well.  Call it cognitive dissonance.  With pride, neo-Marxists in the academy, like Ronald Takaki, a hyphenated American by accident of birth, point at Asian "American" failures, such as the Hmong, an immigrant group known for its spectacular failure in the United States, with gleeful pride.

However, the likes of Takaki are not far off, and recent news is tarnishing high flyers among Asian immigrants and their progeny.  It looks like Asians are assimilating into the crime ridden culture of black America, and I guess Takaki is beaming.

First, it looks like the children of Tiger Moms are cracking:

WBZ Boston December 17, 2013
Harvard Student Charged In Bomb Hoax
BOSTON (CBS) — A Harvard student has been charged in connection with Monday’s bomb threats which shut down four Harvard buildings and canceled finals for many students.
The U.S. Attorney’s office says Eldo Kim, 20, of Cambridge, emailed several bomb threats to offices associated with Harvard University, including the Harvard University Police Department and the Harvard Crimson, the student-run daily newspaper.
Kim will be in US District Court Wednesday.

In the second big news on Asian "American" fail, Charles Edwards, an immigrant from India, Acting Inspector General of the Office of Inspector General, Department of Homeland Security, was pushed out of his position due to corruption and other misconduct, but he apparently landed in already prepared sinecure in another Department of Homeland Security office.  He joins the other Asian "American" failures of the Obama Regime

The Washington Times December 17, 2013 by Phillip Schwartz
Criticized Homeland Security IG Charles Edwards Leaving Post
The top internal watchdog at the troubled Homeland Security Department has stepped down amid questions over his handling of a string of investigations involving department personnel and the management of his own office.
Charles Edwards was serving as acting director of the inspector general’s office at Homeland Security when he became embroiled in controversy. Members of Congress accused him of impeding an investigation into mistakes by the Secret Service, and he was leading a politically sensitive probe into accusations of wrongdoing and political favoritism by Alejandro Mayorkas, whom President Obama nominated to be the agency’s deputy director...
Mr. Edwards was the second-highest official at the inspector general’s office and acting director, but he requested a transfer to another position last week, Homeland Security officials said.

And he brought from India a major blight in corrupt Asian governments, nepotism:

Mr. Edwards also has faced allegations of nepotism. Ms. McCaskill and Mr. Johnson said they have received numerous complaints that Mr. Edwards hired his wife to a position in the inspector general’s office, then let her telecommute from India for seven months. The senators said several federal workers also accused Mr. Edwards of taking retaliatory action against employees who complained about the arrangement.

All hail Ronald Takaki, prescient he was.  He knew that Asian were models for nothing, except public corruption and bomb threats.  That will get them some street cred in the ghetto.

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