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Homosexuals Announce There Is No Love That Shall Not Be Named For People Of The Gun

File this under "fail" for the homophiles among the People Of The Gun led by Robert Farago at The Truth About Guns. 

SFGate January 2, 2014 by Carla Marinucci 
Liberals Find Comfort Level In 'NPR Of Gun Clubs' 
Marlene Hoeber is feisty, tattooed, transgender, a self-described feminist, a queer activist - and a crack shot with her favorite "toys," guns of just about every kind.
One thing she's not - and proud of it - is a member of the National Rifle Association.
"We make ourselves a special place where we don't have to hear about the 'Kenyan Muslim socialist' in the White House," said Hoeber, a biotech equipment mechanic who says she's politically "somewhere around Emma Goldman," the turn-of-the-20th century anarchist. 
Instead, Hoeber - whose array of firearms includes an M1 carbine rifle from World War II and a custom-made .44-caliber pistol - and other left-leaning gun lovers have their own organization: the Liberal Gun Club. 
A good thing, says Hoeber, since she would never consider joining any club that has "Grover Norquist on the board," as the NRA does.

OK, one gets the Norquist issue, but his board membership is perfunctory and he doesn't, fortunately, make NRA policy.  And since he wants to flood the country with Democrats of color, what is his opposition?  Mexican homophobia?

The Liberal Gun Club backs a wide-open interpretation of the Second Amendment that lets law-abiding citizens possess just about any type of gun. But that's where its similarity to the NRA ends. 
"If I walk into a gun store with an Obama T-shirt - which I wouldn't wear, because he's too conservative - I don't fit," joked Eric Wooten, a longtime California Democratic Party activist and member of the Liberal Gun Club... 
The NRA is "a valuable organization" that has helped educate people about the safe use of guns, Hoeber said. But in recent years, its leaders "have attached themselves to reactionary politics," she said. 
"I can't put money into a group that gives campaign contributions to people who (say) how terribly wrong it is to walk down the street holding my girlfriend's hand," Hoeber said. 
Club members enjoy hanging out with like-minded leftist "gun geeks" put off by what Hoeber called the "current antics of the gun culture." 
The group's members are generally "consistently left of the contemporary Democratic Party" but include "Clinton and Obama supporters, and even Reagan Democrats," Hoeber said. 
And she insists there are many politically liberal folks in California who are eager to shoot, learn marksmanship, buy and collect guns - or even own guns for self-protection - except "they think gun people are people they want nothing to do with."

So, homosexual gun owners are big Obama supporters and don't like people who have been leading the fight for the right to keep and bear arms for the last 50 years.  Apparently protecting the Second Amendment is "reactionary politics."  So, these are the allies that Farago thinks with be part of the rainbow coalition that protects the Second Amendment?  They vote for Obama but claim to be supporters of the Second Amendment.  Talk about cognitive dissonance.  

And some more information for the homophiles among the People Of The Gun:

CBS News October 17, 2013 by Stephanie Condon 
Bloomberg Super PAC Supports Gun Control, Gay Rights 
After three terms in office, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has found a new way to influence American politics: He's using his vast wealth to fund a super PAC.
Bloomberg announced the move on his website today. He indicated that the super PAC will support candidates at various levels of government, including local and state candidates, as well as issue-based campaigns. The super PAC -- called Independence USA PAC, according to the New York Times -- will focus on issues like gun control, education reform and gay rights. 
The new organization will launch an eight-figure spending campaign supporting moderates on both sides of the aisle, as well as independents, over the next three weeks before Election Day. The Times reports the PAC will support former Maine Gov. Angus King, an independent running for Senate; Rep. Bob Dold, a Republican from Illinois who backs gun control measures; and California State Sen. Gloria Negrete McLeod, who is challenging a fellow Democrat, Rep. Joe Baca.

One question for the homophiles; are you going to demand that homosexual groups refuse money from Bloomberg on principle?  And if they don't, will you continue in your homophilia?  One thinks not, since the homophiles among the People Of The Gun live in a fantasy world, much like those who think immigrants don't come for the welfare and are natural Republicans.  Stupid is as stupid does. It is an interesting insight into human psychology where a person self-identifies with an issue as having a primary importance in his life, such as opposition to gun control, but acts in defiance of facts to subvert that self-proclaimed interest.  Truly, the Second Amendment, as well as the country, is doomed with People Of The Gun like this.

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