Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mexican War On People Of The Gun

Mexico...ehr...Mexicans in the United States are continuing their war on the Second Amendment and gun owners, some of whom, Robert Farago in particular, refer to themselves as People of the Gun. Sort of a cute way to refer to gun nuts, which they consider pejorative, which it is, but this blog is not one to give into that nonsense.  If Rachel Jentel can use nigga and nigger, and homosexuals can reclaim fag, then this blog says embrace the suck and take it back.  But back to the issue.  Farago thinks that the Second Amendment can be saved by a rainbow coalition of homosexuals, blacks, and Hispanics.  Of course that is just happy talk.  Owning a gun is implicitly white and heterosexual.  And blacks and homosexuals agree.  They want nothing to do with guns, except for blacks who prefer the illegal guns so as to engage in criminal pursuits, like killing whitey.  

Next up in the war on People of the Gun, a true rainbow coalition of gun control, is the Mexican version.  One of the leaders in imposing an illegal and unconstitutional gun control regime in California is State Senator Kevin De Leon, representing the 22nd Senate District, a rotten borough if there ever was one in the late, great, State of California.  It is a rotten borough filled with illegal aliens predominately from Mexico in metropolitan Los Angeles County.

The Truth About Guns January 18, 2014 by Robert Farago
Birth of an Anti-Gun Media Meme: “Ghost Gun”

A “ghost gun” is a firearm that isn’t registered with the government. Especially and specifically modern sporting rifles made from so-called “80 percent lower receivers”: parts that do NOT have to be registered as firearms with the ATF. Federal law says you can sell them, but not if your intent is to make money (go figure). State law says . . . different things in different places. [Click here for a quick trip down the ATF rabbit hole on 80 percent guns.] California’s civilian disarmament extremists (a redundant term but there it is) are looking to close this freedom loophole with SB 808, which would force “ghost guns” into their regulatory maw. Or, if you prefer, to turn their legal owners into criminals. Gun rights advocates are organizing opposition but how do you defend “untraceable guns”? By saying that guns shouldn’t be traceable, to guard against government tyranny. Good luck with that.

Standing up in public and denying Americans the right to own a gun, and Farago says nothing about the fact that immigration, legal and illegal, brought De Leon and the voters of the 22nd Senate District to America.  And the result was a war on the Second Amendment.  Time to end the war on the Second Amendment by ending immigration of those who support gun control.

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